mini guide to demolish (quelling blade)

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  1. scavy

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    Ohh ye u are right, so the conclusion is i guess, MOM + Scepter is megaimba on tiny. Cool. :D
  2. Ace_Tobi

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    Thanks for this information!

    I have a question, you stated that demolish stacks with pure buff placers, but not with all orbs(?), so what happened if I wanted to try Phantom Lancer with Feedback and Demolish? It should both work on illusions right?
  3. PEW_PEW

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    Yes illusion will benefit from both the feedback and demolish as long as quelling blade is aquired after the feedback ability is.
  4. Windsong

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    This guide should be update since SnY is no longer an orb.
  5. Absurd.cast

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    He no longer uses this, you should update.
  6. nix

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    Doesn't work on Familiars, should be included in guide.
  7. Guardian AngeL

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    Is there any way QB work with Life Steal? (Mask of Death, Dominator, Satanic)
  8. MauranKilom

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