mini guide to demolish (quelling blade)

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  1. antiweltteilchen

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    Miniguide to Demolish based abilities

    Table on contents
    • Introduction
    • Skills using demolish
    • Properties
    • Interaction with orbs
    • Interaction with buffplacers
    • Demolish on Images
    • Demolish interaction with multi-target attacks

    I. Introduction

    With the upcoming quelling blade in 6.60 i decided to write this miniguide for you folks so you get a better understanding how it works and use strategical benefits of it.

    II. Skills using demolish

    • quelling blade melee/ranged (1.32x/1.12x)
    • spirit bear level 4 (1.6x)
    • tiny with warclub (2.5x)

    III. Properties

    Demolish is a hardcoded ability used by Tinker in melee in his robo-form to increase the damage vs buildings.
    it only works on attacks so any triggered damage involved is not increased.

    The bonus damage calcs is dependant on our base damage, damage from stats and raw damage boni. In this matter it totally behaves like a critical.

    For quelling blade the moment you pick the item up is determining whether it will be a QB ranged or melee. that means switching from melee to ranged form or the other way around won't change the quelling blade just like the old basher.
    At the moment Terrorblade, Syllabear, Troll Warlord and Dragonknight can benefit from that.

    You can't carry more than 1 Quelling blade.

    Kunkka is not allowed to wield a Quelling blade.

    Allowed targets of quelling blade: enemies,ground,nonhero,organic that means it'll work versus:
    • all enemy creeps except catapults
    • all non-flying neutrals Roshan included
    • all enemy summons except hawk/greater hawk

    Allowed targets for demolish from spirit bear and tiny: enemy,structure ...i'll skip what that means. should be obvious.

    IV. Interaction with orbs

    When an Orb effect and a Demolish based ability would affect a unit which is an allowed target for both abilities the Orb effect overrides the Demolish skill fully, so no bonus damage. This is always true except for the Orb effect Feedback. This one stacks with demolish if the demolish is aquired after the feedback ability, else demolish won't work.(feedback damage isn't increased).

    1.) a hero with quelling blade and deso attacks an enemy creep. -> deso works, quelling doesn't
    2.) a hero with quelling blade and diffusal attacks a neutral with mana pool. -> both abilities work as long as QB was picked up after diffu
    3.) spirit bear lvl 4 attacks an enemy building -> demolish works because the entangle orb of spiritbear doesn't have buildings as allowed target.

    V. Interaction with buffplacers

    There is none. as long as it is a pure buffplacer and not an orb it will stack with quelling blade.
    worth mentioning here is that criticals are increased multiplicatively by demolish, bashs aren't

    example: i hit an enemy creep with melee QB and a crystalis. Final damage=standard damage*1.32*1.75.

    VI. Demolish on Images

    It works on images as long as the Images don't have any orb effect except feedback or lifesteal. the bonus damage by quelling is also reduced by the illusion's damage dealt factor.

    VII. Demolish interaction with multi-target attacks

    For most multi-target attacks the maintarget of the attack determines if the demolish based skill affects non or all targets.
    This is true for Psiblade, any kind of cleave, any kind of splash, bouncing attack, splitshot. Pulverize based skills (only relevant for Tidehunter here) are independant of the demolish based spell.
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  2. Saguine

    Saguine Well-Known Member

    Split Shot: if 2 arrows hit creeps and 1 hits a hero, will they ALL do +36% damage? Or does that depend whether I'm targeting a creep or a hero?
  3. antiweltteilchen

    antiweltteilchen Well-Known Member

    tbh didn't test and need someone for it but most likely there won't be bonus damage dealt to side targets because the maintarget isn't in the allowed list.
  4. Leq

    Leq Well-Known Member

    Weird, because, if it depends of the main target, heroes will be affect as well.
  5. antiweltteilchen

    antiweltteilchen Well-Known Member

    sure but that's the same with cleave. (dunno about splash, prolly too)
    e: see e4 in first post.
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  6. Rawful

    Rawful Well-Known Member

    Well, it would be impossible to do +36% damage, as medusa is a ranged hero :p
  7. N-RAGE

    N-RAGE Well-Known Member

    e4: no wonder you couldn't get it with kunkka. that would be ca-razy.

    EDIT: So out of curiosity, though you can't buy multiple quellings anymore, did it stack multiplicatively or additively? And another thing, because Anchor Smash is based off of pulverize, it's buffed by quelling as well, correct?
  8. antiweltteilchen

    antiweltteilchen Well-Known Member

    ah damn what did i write there... so sry my brain failed me. the pulverize damage is applied independantly and isn't increased. demolish based abilities stack multiplicatively (!)
  9. Leq

    Leq Well-Known Member

    awt, it doesn't work with Incinerate based spells either
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  10. SNOW37

    SNOW37 Well-Known Member

    What skills in dota use the demolish skill?
    Is it just quelling blade and the spirit bear or are there any other.
    Any than that useful mini-guide learned some stuff.
  11. Leq

    Leq Well-Known Member

    Berserker's Blood is based on demolish. But the skill is totally triggered and has nothing to do with demolish
  12. olaf the stout

    olaf the stout Well-Known Member

    so, if i give spirit bear a quelling blade, does he do even more damage to towers?
    or do the towers not count as units?
    edit: nevermind guys, i saw the other thread.
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  13. Window Washer

    Window Washer Member

    Does a ranged quelling blade stack with a melee quelling blade?

    I tried getting two on a Troll Warlord the other day.

    I dont know if it still works on 6.60b but it sure did on 6.60.

    *I bought a quelling blade on Troll Warlord, since he was ranged, Quelling Blade (ranged) was placed in his inventory.

    *I used Troll's skill "Berserker Rage" and he becomes a melee hero.

    *I bought another quelling blade and Quelling Blade (melee) was placed in my inventory.

    Maybe it was just because "I thought so they stack because I have two of them in my inventory at the same time" but i think they do stack.

    Do they?
  14. SoletLuna

    SoletLuna Moderator

    This should have been fixed since 6.60b.
  15. Window Washer

    Window Washer Member

    I hope so. I'll check it later when I will get my hands on a pc with Warcraft III in it.

    edit: Nevermind. I checked the changelogs.
  16. antiweltteilchen

    antiweltteilchen Well-Known Member

    you can't carry them at the same unit for 6.60b. in 6.60 they stacked multiplicatively.
  17. Leq

    Leq Well-Known Member

    -.-' I know you wrote that, I just posted that to simplify the guide. So, you could write something like this:

    "It doesn't work with Fury Swipes nor Caustic Finale, however it'll work if don't learn the skill"
  18. antiweltteilchen

    antiweltteilchen Well-Known Member

    i could write that with any orb effect (except feedback) but what for?
    it doesn't simplify the guide at all.
  19. shamelessn00b

    shamelessn00b Well-Known Member

    nice guide anti
  20. Leq

    Leq Well-Known Member

    ofc it simplifies. Take the edits you did, they are focused and concrete. btw, you're the owner of the guide, do what you feel better. :cool1: