Milikki Series of DotA Comic

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    moaar moaar moaar <3
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    These are nice. Must...resist...temptation to read them all at once.
  4. StefQuattro

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    cool man)more
  6. danieljonas

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    R u gnna make more lol
  8. nincrab

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    awesome comics!
  9. Frozenhate

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    I admit thats pretty good
  10. Scraby

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    Nice work!
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    Nice!!! Ty :)
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    Lol, these comics is so funny
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    NICE more please
  15. c313

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    Wtb moar, NOW!
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    Plz, never stop diong this.
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    great work dude
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    i want moar like these one!
  19. Favour

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    KEY KEY KEY !!!!!!!!!!!
  20. z0rP

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    loved the last one with kunkka in it :D