Milikki Series of DotA Comic

Discussion in 'DotA Media' started by xyf890228, Feb 20, 2010.

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    This seems great.
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    awesome, nice
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    :unworthy: love it .
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    so cute, love it.. :)
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    nice!!! :*)))
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    Sweet comics!
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    old but gold!!
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    want me xD
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    Awesome! I love her Chibi style art. Nice find!
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    This is Awesome :3
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    these are hilarious
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    These are funny! Would be funnier if she did not explain all the jokes!
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    They look really good, She is a talented girl indeed, Hope to see more from her.
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    nice comics , keep going :D
    love the cute version of load screen
    thanks 4 sharing it
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    Keep going :D Really good