Milikki Series of DotA Comic

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    Really nice arts *-*
  2. Member

    GOOD job ! )
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    very nive
  4. oil2

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    soo COOL :D keep it up! that fun! :D
  5. iran

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    really funny :D i like this so much.
    tnq guys,keep it up! very COOL ! tnx! :)
  6. Irina.

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    wow !!
  7. Tomi806

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    Very Good! I Need a key!!! :D :D
  8. JMFFajilan

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    Hahahahaha!!Sven wearing a boxer on the Loading Screen
    And I like all this comic especially from Windrunner!!
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    just found this

    really awesome
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    u r the BEST!

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    Very Good! I Need a key
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    never saw this until now Epic :D
  14. Satele_Shan

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    nice effort, well made drawings but on the downside i did not find any of them funny. (maybe its my problem)
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