Meepo as Top Tier Middle Laner

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Nickorama, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Recently since 6.79, Meepo's mid lane priority has skyrocketed to have one of the highest mid priorities in most pub games. As far as I can tell, they're only 4 heroes that should go mid before Meepo.

    Reason 1 of his Mid dominance: Gank Potential
    Because of him getting his extremely powerful ultimate before any other hero in dota, and because of his ganking potential he should be put mid almost all of the time. He is able to stay in lane and absorb experience WHILE AT THE SAME TIME roaming and ganking to keep pressure on the enemy team. Successful gank or not, he doesn't lose anything, and the enemy team does lose free space.

    Reason 2 of his mid dominance: First Blood Potential
    First blood can be done easily the second meepo hits level 4, and the faster he hits 4, the better, so thats why he should be put in the mid lane. He gets double the firepower, a 4 second (lockdown), 10% slow, DoT, and high nuke damage, all at level 4. Since most mid heroes are squishy INTs, this should be done without a sweat. The second after you FB is your time to start roaming your secondary meepo to gank.

    Reason 3 of his mid dominance: Hero Counters
    Meepo and Razor are the only heroes in dota that counter OD hard. Meepo is the hardest counter and will rape OD in the early-mid game. Meepo also semi-counters other hard middle laners such as:
    Shadow Fiend
    Shadow Demon
    And many more.
    The reason he counters so many INT in the early game is because of his innate 35% magic resistance. Pudge will actually kill himself should he try to rot chase a meepo, and heroes like shadow demon and skywraith will waste mana harassing meepo with spells.
    The only hero in the mid lane the actually hard counters meepo would be a TA, given she has enough skill. Storm Spirit and QOP of Pain may also be troublesome if they knows how to kite you hard. But I doubt it.

    Reason 4: Snow Ball Effect
    He is the hardest snowballer in the game and can 1v5 your entire team EASILY if he gets even a few early game kills. To help the snowball run faster, dominating your mid lane and first blooding like ^above^ told you easily would, you'll be able to carry your team in no time.

    Did I ever mention that Meepo is the hardest counter to OD? Thats right QQers and whiners, your QQing at "OD OP" days are over. Learn to play meepo and you'll have fun killing him in your lane and in the mid-late game.
  2. Maybe with a Lich babysit.
  3. Nickorama

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    Meepo is actually hurt if he has an ally in his lane. No. Please learn about heroes before making statements about them.
  4. VPPTrue

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    Wow, you're an uptight dickhead.
  5. Nickorama

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    He was trolling.
  6. Manlybug

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    Micro skills. I have micro skills.
  7. RadioCity

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    Meepo have to many counters thats the problem. If Team fights last longer then 6-8 secondes you are dead.
  8. Manlybug

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    You need macro scripts instead micro skills.
    Dagger and scripts = Overpowered
  9. BlizziC

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    Exactly how does Meepo counter OD?

    Meepo could be played as AA used to be in competitive, let him solo mid until he reach level 4-7 then rotate him into another lane and jungle. Might work excellent with certain lineups.

    And I think you're overestimating the +10% magic resistance, and since when was Pudge, Bloodseeker and Shadow Demon hard mid heroes?
  10. Manlybug

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    Pudge and Blutzeeker are always mid. What are you talking about. This 10% magic resistance is what keeps them viable for unique game play style skills.
  11. BlizziC

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    Pudge goes mid because he needs the exp to start ganking as fast as possible, not because he is actually good at mid. He doesn't need the farm either, so in a worst case scenario he can just stay behind and soak up exp.

    "This 10% magic resistance is what keeps them viable for unique game play style skills."
    What the hell is this supposed to mean? Its not like Meepo was terrible before the buff.
  12. Manlybug

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    Yes but it makes a difference. When you do the math you get numbers. Like real results.
    But i still say Meepo is unique in its own way. Meepo mid requires some crazy ass tactics. Like clone jungle gank while mid soak exp i don't see that happening. Even if you have 10% MR extra.
  13. Nickorama

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    Not really. All you need is level 4 and you can just kill the enemy mid, go gank...
  14. DrFrank~

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  15. BlizziC

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    Say, how do you plan to kill someone like Puck?
  16. Yoshitsune-sama

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    Any other squishy mid without an escape mech would just crack under Meepos' gank.
    OT: Actally Meepo has 16% if you buy Orb of Venom (which you should). And, as you said, he has crazy first blood potential.
  17. Gords

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    Because killing your enemy mid is as easy as walking up to them and netting them with your lvl 1 net, it's like saying "Pudge best mid, hook mid and kill"
  18. Nickorama

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    It really is as simple as netting them and they're fucked, unless you're playing against puck.
    Usually the enemy mid will be extremely cocky and think you are a baddie meepo and get in your face all the time, so nets should be ez.\
    Mid matchups meepo has an extremely high advantage over shadow fiend.
  19. Lyonic

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    I wish I could play meepo, but everytime I get him I am a suckzor
  20. BlizziC

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    So your mid Meepo's signature trait is that the enemy mid player is always a trashy low tier?