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  1. sefs

    sefs New Member

    useless hero Imho
  2. xEastwood

    xEastwood Member

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    Very strong hero , can clash and farm at same time
  3. darknite93

    darknite93 Well-Known Member

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    Insanely difficult to use. the only hero from the 6.70 era that i couldn't master because of the sheer amount of farm needed.
  4. eimeegaw

    eimeegaw Well-Known Member

    needs tons of creeps to kill before she can be useful
  5. Moonhunter1

    Moonhunter1 Well-Known Member

    One of the best heroes of the game.
    Extremely overpowerful.
    Just needs some time to pwn all heroes.

  6. nknaruka

    nknaruka New Member

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    She is best heros for me:)!
    .i choose her 70 times out of 100 in public game.
  7. Kyle_

    Kyle_ New Member

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    One of the most perfect Divine Rapier carrier. She just needs some items to be able to right-click,right-click,"GODLIKE" late game.
  8. niagra

    niagra Member

    Awesome hero!
  9. zeraeign

    zeraeign Well-Known Member

    Medusa seriously needs to be remade. Splitshot is good. Snake is good. Mana-shield is good. Ultimate is good. But the fact that she's made to farm early and mid game makes her, for me, totally useless. Snake does damage but as a supposed DPS hero, she just don't make the cut.
  10. hellkn

    hellkn Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Medusa nowadays is meant to push snake over another skills and she needs some remake on split shot and mana shield so she becomes less obvious while skillpointing her. I hope though that won't revoke her late game potential as she has nowadays.
  11. Walords

    Walords Member

    underrated hero rly!
  12. Dota2Gabe

    Dota2Gabe Member

    This hero need some serious rework, her stat gain are low for agi char str gain is usless too and so mana, she need much farm when other carries like sniper and traxex outcarry her.She got low dmg nuke , overall she needs buff for int gain , str gain and agi , and more powerfull skills, but she is now really usless. hope for rework at 6,75
  13. BogdanX

    BogdanX Well-Known Member

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    Treads / Dominator / Skady - into RAPIER
    Stats + Shield
    GG hero, I love her
  14. GrynSun

    GrynSun Well-Known Member

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    nobody likes medusa :/
  15. Diamond123

    Diamond123 Well-Known Member

  16. 1337Banned

    1337Banned Well-Known Member

    medusa needs to much farm to be powerful enough
  17. zeraeign

    zeraeign Well-Known Member

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    She's actually quite good if you play her with a cooperative team, i.e. they know you have to farm before you can do anything.
  18. peopleloveme

    peopleloveme Well-Known Member

    all of the people who think she is useless they suck she just need a good starting farming .
  19. harodase

    harodase Well-Known Member

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  20. Febrilian

    Febrilian Well-Known Member

    Perfect! This hero is not IMBA, just perfect. I like this hero, and I like this hero too when in the opponent's side :D
    Let's gank her