Medusa Item Build

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by fuctic12, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. fuctic12

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    what would be the best item build for medusa???
  2. Wesley-

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    Re: Medus Item Build

    BoT, Manta, Linkens, Divine Rapier, Skadi, Butterfly.
  3. supa_fly

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    Re: Medus Item Build

    I played her for the first time in a really long time yesterday and went a pretty simple build. Started off with Slippers of Agility x2, Ironwood Branch x2, Tangoes, Flask. Moved on to Perseverance -> Wariths & Magic Stick/Wand (TPs and needed consumables in the mix) -> Linkens -> BoTs and began building Skadi, game ended before I could finish it.

    The point of Medusa though is to build as a tank and dps hero, which is why Linkens, Skadi, and Manta are good items. Mana is very necessary.

    But like I said, first time playing her in awhile, so maybe someone should verify whether my build is good/bad. Still, worked out nicely for me. :D

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  4. jake2222

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    Re: Medus Item Build

    inb4 ToG's Bfury Medusa.
  5. Shadow-Seeker

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    Re: Medus Item Build

    BoT, Linken's, Manta then depending on the game Hex, Skadi, Orchids, BFly.
    Items with Mana work well, as she's a Tank/Dps.

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  6. bR0k3N

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    Re: Medus Item Build

    Wand -> Tread -> Linken's -> Manta -> Butterfly -> Buriza. have your teammate gank your lane whenever you can't farm it; lane hop with TP's as needed so that you're farming like a madman.

    EDIT: If you're farming like a madman, might as well go BoT as everyone is suggesting... However, it does depend on the pace of the game, and Tread may put you farther ahead in the first half of the game.
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  7. fodminah

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    Re: Medus Item Build

    Start with 2 Slippers, 2 Branches, Tango, Salve. Build a Wand + Boots, then depending on how well you're farming, you can get an Ultimate Orb (farming well) or finish Treads, Wraiths, and a Perse. Get Linken's whenever possible, then Manta/Bfury.
  8. wutwat

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    Re: Medus Item Build

    all i can say is: try to adapt to the game instead of following the same build blindly, and find your own style. this is especially important on medusa, since MANY items and itemcombinations are viable on her.

    i consider those items when i play dusa: treads/phase/bot, wand (core!), linkens (core in many games), battlefury (yes, battlefury), skadi (totally awesome on dusa, i try to get one every time i play dusa after at least another core item like linkens), manta, butter, orchid, euls, hex, force staff, hood, radiance, divine

    basically, my formula for dusa is: 1) get enough survivability to survive long enough 2) get some utility to counter your enemies if you need to 3) stack damage/stats

    if you want further advise or clarification, just ask.
  9. The Other Guy

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    Re: Medus Item Build

    I do hope you mean Butterfly, Battlefury is rushed as a first item to abuse Split Shot and to provide you with good damage and regen allowing you to farm up higher tier items much quicker than if you had gotten any other item first.

    If however you get any other item, whether it be Bloodstone, Linkens or any other item with some form of regen for that matter then getting a BF after that would be completely pointless as you lose out on higher damage items such as Butterfly/Manta and any extra regen would be wasted.
  10. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    Re: Medus Item Build

    If we're talking about maximum dps late game, nothing beats Divine Rapier, so you probably will have at least two of those, or even more.
    Probably something like this :
    Divine Rapier
    Divine Rapier
  11. findus

    findus Well-Known Member

    Re: Medus Item Build

    Go to lane. Attack ground. Go make some coffee. Come back. Buy BoTs and Yasha. Go to another lane. Turn on Mana Shield and Attack ground. Go watch an episode of American Dad. Buy Manta, Linkens and Skadi. Alt-A on enemy base. Wait for win. Finish with 12000 gold.
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  12. GeneralCash

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    Re: Medus Item Build

    don't watch american dad ffs, it's terribad.

    but the strat is pretty good tho. i micro her the same way
  13. EternityPala

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    Re: Medus Item Build

    Sad, but true.
    Medusa's just that boring to play, sitting in lane, last hitting and denying, rice farming till the player gets all the shit he wants, then proceeds to loliautoattackyou and win the game.
  14. Elements-

    Elements- Banned

    Re: Medus Item Build

    What would be the best item build for Medusa?
    1. Boots of Travel - Mobility
    2. Guinsoo - Support/Disable
    3. Manta - Push, Rax, Win/Stats
    4. EoS - Stats/Slow attack
    5. Butterfly - DMG
    6. Linken - Block Skill/Stats
  15. MX.2000

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    Re: Medus Item Build

    I personally think Medusa is a very hard hero to play effectively. You need to be very good at last hitting to utilize her potential. Linken's is obviously great for survival, but doesn't add much damage. Snake is an excellent in lane harassing/farming tool. So she has a strong early game, a non-existent middle/late game (ala Merlini's 0-0-0 Medusa) and an excellent late late game.

    She was great in the turtle strats of 6.64 but I don't think she's much use unless you want to intentionally drag the game out. No stun/no burst damage/no insane DPS until late late game. What do others think?

    OP - My build is usually a few clarities to help spam snake, some branches, circlet and some tangoes. I rush the RoH and boots first, then make perservance. After that its just rice rice rice until linkens, then rice rice rice for some for BoTs & some DPS item (e.g. Manta (<3 extra ms!!).
  16. SuicidalSausage

    SuicidalSausage Well-Known Member

    Re: Medus Item Build

    To be honest, most hero's need excellent last hitting to be utilized properly, her animation is not extremely terrible so is not that hard.

    Linken's is an effective item, but I don't particularly enjoy the low damage.

    I find a bfury to work wonders, but for 675 more I could have an early Orchid.

    Orchid you say?

    - +20 Int, Medusa is helped immensely by a large mana pool for tanking
    - +225% mana regen, this is 75% more than linkens/bfury, more snake, more tank
    - +30 attack speed, allows you to get your damage out faster
    - +45 damage, this is 20 less than bfury, but with the 30% attack speed..
    - Soul Burn, a 5 second pseudo-disable and damage amp, yes please.

    The only thing missing is the 6 hp/s regen of bfury/linkens, Linkens comes with "more" tankage by coming with 15 Strength AND Int and the spell block.

    The thing with Orchid though, along with Power Treads, it can be built completely at your side-lane, allowing you to imba rice farm effectively, while also getting items to farm more.

    I have found that an Orchid Rush followed by a fast Skadi works wonders.

    With just a Linkens your farming capabilities are gimped compared to Bfury and Orchid, while with a Bfury your tanking capabilities are gimped compared to Orchid and Linkens.

    I find that Orchid is the perfect balance when paired with Strength Treads.

    If you think you are going to have a bad lane, you can stick with pretty much all regen from fountain.

    Otherwise GG sticks, regen, clarity, circlet+wraith recipe etc. whatever you want can work.
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  17. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    Re: Medus Item Build

    ^They should just end my misery and make her main attribute INT already. To this day I don't see why she is a AGI hero.

    It wont change her role from being a tank/pusher/carry and opens up more item and playstyle choices than she currently has.

    EDIT: Doesn't even have to be that much, just swap her AGI with her INT, problem solved.
  18. SuicidalSausage

    SuicidalSausage Well-Known Member

    Re: Medus Item Build

    Hmm, Orchid could potentially be extremely imbalanced if INT was her main attribute, providing the same damage as Battlefury, but also way more benefits, only losing the hp regen. Costing only 675 gold more for 75% mana regen, 20 int, 30 attack speed. That is just LOL. IMO it is already just LOL and Orchid is very cost effective, perhaps moreso than even Bfury.

    To be honest, I like the option of having Butterfly as an imba dps item while also providing the tankage.

    Can you give me some examples of other builds you would use with INT?
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  19. carpet muncher

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    Re: Medus Item Build

    Unless Icefrog is brain dead he would never swap her agi to int. Changing her stats from agi to int opens up item and playstyle choice? Wtf are you smoking dude. Changing her to Int close of several items like butterfly and manta, which allows medusa to dish out damage. Whereas the current medusa can still work with guinsoo, orchid, eul or whatever.

    Whatever respect (or should it be pity) anyone had for the 2000+ post was lost in an instant
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  20. SuicidalSausage

    SuicidalSausage Well-Known Member

    Re: Medus Item Build

    Guinsoo rush would be quite fun tbh, the extra +25 damage as an int would be a nice bonus, but still out-shadowed I think.

    And an early orchid would be too OP in my opinion, but leaving late game underpar except perhaps Skadi.

    Not a good idea to change to INT in my opinion
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