Mall shootings in Munich

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    Blowing up their houses and fucking with their governments is why we have IS, which is a big part of the reason we get all this terrorist shit show. The mussies however get radicalized globally after that, and the people whose houses were blown up don't need to come here get revenge personally (they probably blew themselves up in one of the many middle-east bombings IS was responsible for, anyway)

    Careful, he was part-Iranian and killed people, so anything you say that suggests his actions weren't islamic terrorism might get you labeled as an apologist libtard
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    Apparently, he was a fan of Breivik, so that has something to do with him killing people yesterday, since it was the day Breivik killed 70 people 5 years ago.
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    I was going to open a thread about it, but the tittle would be "Are guns arguably the worst invention so far ?" I would cite this case as example.
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    That's a bit of an overstatement; but hey if you like the prospect of living in medieval times that's cool.
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    Nope..Without Gun, we have sword, Without sword we have stone..Without stone we have bare fist..The problem is not with the advancement of weapon.. The problem is if the person's teaching throughout his life.
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    Without gun we have swords, and stones and bare fists and therefore we can run away. Handing guns like candy to your average braindead ape is a mistake.
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    Having guns for self defense is really most justified when you have them at home and they're staying there. You can use it then against burglars and otherwise people who might want to come and harm you. You can't use it for self defense in many cases by just carrying it around because your attacker will have the element of surprise.

    Wouldn't really help if everyone around had guns as well. Imagine someone randomly opening fire and beginning to shoot people. If everyone around would suddenly pull their guns to defend themselves, they'd just see plenty of people armed and aiming at somebody, and likely unable to identify the person who opened fire. It could turn into a bloody Massacre.
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    Guns don't kill people. People kill people.
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    Yup, this. The idea is that at home at least you have the chance to surprise your attacker. You know your house, you know where to wait for the attacker.

    In public it's more like: he points the gun at you while your weapon is holstered, or he just directly shoots you.
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    It truly is 2006 again