Mall shootings in Munich

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    And why isn't this in the "Terrorist attacks" thread?
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    Intent is unknown.

    It also just happened so it deserves it's own thread for a day or so before getting merged (if it is a terror attack)
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    Because we don't know if it is one yet. Even though it's the most statistically likely option.
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    It's been a busy few weeks
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    Some news declared it a terrorist attack others said it's still unsure.

    Apparently at least 8 people were killed at the shooting and an additional corpse has been found near the site.

    The suspected 1-3 attackers are still at large with Munich being under lock down.
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    Yeah right.....

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    It was probably the Gamergaters and men's rights activists

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    Love that you're automatically assuming Islamic terrorism. You think you're different and special but you're really not.
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    so the terrorists have also evacuated the building as well. nice.
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    Got a feeling only white people evacuated
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    I never said it was Islamic terrorism, honey. It could be white man's terrorism.
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    They're keeping the identity of the shooter very secret. I read one report say he was a German born Iranian but I couldn't find corroborating articles. There is a video of the shooting right out of the McDonalds that shows the start of the shooting with him pulling out his gun on random pedestrians and the panic that spreads thereafter.

  14. Z01d

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    The munich stated that's a german born iranian but nothing more. Everything else is shrouded in silence, as the officials don't want to create further panics or spread false information.
  15. Petique

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    Or more like to just shrug the main problem under the rug and continue virtue signaling on twitter and facebook and color your profile pic to german/bavarian flags.
    At this rate, terrorist attacks will actually happen on a monthly basis in western Europe if ignoring the problem is the only thing they are able to do in terms of Islam and the radicalization of muslim migrants.
  16. Z01d

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    Just so you know, all current investigations point in the direction that it was not religiously motivated.
    He studied the shooter of Winnenden and other similar shootings. He was apparently in therapy for depression or something similar. Most of the people he shot were kids.
    There is also a video floating around that supposedly shows him on a roof claiming to be german and talking bad about immigrants.

    Source: ongoing police press conference.
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    The vast majority of the muslim terrorists in Europe were born in Europe and later radicalized. I think the migrants would rather stick to groping little girls in Sweden and Germany while others do the murderfest.
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    What do you mean "will"?
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    Just reiterating this. It will be interesting to see how this develops.
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    But wait, that goes against the narrative of all terrorists are poor, disinfranchized, uneducated Muslims out to kill westerners because we blew up their houses.