Magnus Build.

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  1. RuldineFox

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    I heard some people say that Magnus the Magnataur is a ok strength hero. I see people rarely choose him or use him in some public games. His abilities are above-average, though. His shockwave has a pretty long range, his Empower is really good for increasing attack power. Also Mag's Mighty swing is a great combo with Battlefury dealing 85% cleave damage. His ultimate can take care of escaping heroes, if you have battlefury, say goodbye to your opponents.

    For my build:

    I use Boots of Travel, Sange & Yasha, Cranium Basher, Vanguard, Buriza-do Kyanon, and Assault Cuirass. I think that is one a good build for him. He would able to defeat and own most heroes. If I replace Sange & Yasha with a Heart of Tarrasque, he will have more hp and regeneration.

    So, I think this is a recommended build for him.
  2. doomsheep

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    dagger. lothars in pubs.

    and skill stats on early levels instead of empower.
  3. pipser

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    Phase, Blink, HoT, Battlefury, Burisa.
    You can carry necromicon for your team if needed, rush blink if you need to initiate.
    If you get BoT then you might need a hyperstone by late game.
  4. kawumm

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    shh i know the ultimate dps-build for mag... first of all, u can easily solo mid with magnus, wave is pretty stronk with bottle and runewhoring, it costs next to nothing. dont listen to the tards claiming only ranged heroes can go solo mid. theyre wrong. so... start with some stat-stuff and let courier bring bottle asap (alternatively just get bottle from start, magnus has very nice starting hp so it isnt a big problem) and spam wave for farming. every 2 min get the rune. then farm ur way to victory:

    phase, blink, cleaver, armlet, helm of domi, crit, satanic. skilling some stats early on along with wave is recommended. if u get this in a reasonable time and are good with ur ult wiping their whole team single-handedly isnt uncommon. note that satanic aint the best dps item, but u need some survivability and new heart plain sucks. esp. on mag. u can start raping after armlet already though, its that awesome on mag.

    basher and sny is terrible, ur goal is to fuck them during ur ult, and not chase them to their base afterwards. vanguard is also not needed, magnus has very nice str, no need to tank him up with cheap stuff like that. bot is nice, but mag sort of needs attackspeed badly, matter of preference i guess.

    u do it like this: activate armlet, empower urself, blink-ult whack-whack-whack, shockwave to clean up the survivors.

    edit: and his ult does NOT take care of escaping opponents. his ultimate catches unsuspecting opponents and RAPES them. its not for chasing. its for initiating. like, u know, 3 heroes standing around, u dont run in like a retard and start autoattacking and ult when they run away (how u would do that is beyond my imagination anyway), u do like its described in the paragraph above. in theory ur team should follow with nice aoe-spells, but if ur farming good, u may not even need them.

    also: this only works for public dota games. well mb not only, but mainly.
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  5. 2 items you mentioned should never be purchased on any hero, SnY and Basher. Magnus needs the lifesteal of HOTD. The builds mentioned ^ are optimal. You would be suprised how effective a solo mid magnus with a bottle and obs wards is. Try it out.
  6. R.B.Economy

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    Is this build good? I usually rush dagger on him, but I'm not sure what else to get after that.
  7. nix

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    it rapes on Mag, I can't stress this enough.
  8. The Other Guy

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    Pub item. As Magnus your job is to land a good stun and rape the enemies making mjollinir kinda meh considdering you have empower. It IS good after your core but when it reaches that late in the game a HoT would probably be a better option.

    Core would be Blink/Armlet/(Vlads? for hax lifesteal with empower) and new Phase boots. After this go for a HoT or Mjolli depending on the lineup ( although Curias would be better than Mjol in my opinion ).
  9. EternityPala

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    Really bad build.
    First of all, to improve Magnus's damage, the best option is naturally STR items, because Empower benefits from stats, not pure damage items.

    Phase + Armlet + Dagger + HotD
    Follow up with Heart, then Satanic.
  10. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    ^^ not getting a cleaver on mag is a sin imo ;) sure str items improve empower dmg, but having eightysomething percent cleave is reeeeeeally nice if u happen to have reverse polarity. and empowered crits are just so very sexy.

    as for mjollnir.. didnt try yet, but the orb seems fairly useless on mag. static charge is cool ofc.. but doesnt justify mjollnir. there are other ways to get AS.
  11. 3955elits

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    SnY for heroes other than Terrorblade:fail.
    you don't need the new heart.satanic will do just fine.hyper stone before satanic because you need AS so much.
    oh and bfury too before it.85% of cleave with empower and armlet on.
  12. djrd1100

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    I think not alot of people get him in pubs because his ult is hard to land everytime without a dagger. I usually rush a dagger on him. I think Armlet is good then get Satanic. I think a battlefury is good but i would get it later how your paying alot for an item when you already have cleave and Empower. Also Empower can help your carry if your playing a competitive game.

    I think since Admiral and now Sven you dont see too many other Str carries. I think Admirals skill set is better and Sven has an AoE stun with a short cooldown.