Magina and Terrorblade are Furion's sons?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Emo_Rules, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Emo_Rules

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    they are the sons of the Great Prophet as it says in their background story,and as i know its possible cause in campaign Furion and Illidan are brothers so i think its true that those blind Retarded blade users can be relatives with prophets
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  2. Emo_Rules

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    guys hello?
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  4. blithe.

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    quite possible..
  5. Wizard

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    Campaign's story =/= DotA's story
  6. blithe.

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    yeah.. but in DotA, AM and TB are still brothers..
  7. l1k3m1k3

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    I think weapon's dealer is a brother of Zeus Lord of Olympia!
  8. LulzYeah

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    Yeah, but AM and TB is DotA is still AM and TB in DotA's story and not AM and TB in Warcraft's story.
  9. Emo_Rules

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    Great prophet is furion,who esle it can be?
  10. Kingvoker

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    Furion = Prophet. Not GREAT Prophet.
  11. JusTaTin

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    Death prophet
  12. D4rKAv3nGeR

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    They are the sons of Furion. The family consists of :
    Father : Furion
    Sons : AM & TB
    Mother : ??
    As you can see, the question is who is there mother???
    But then again, Furion is based on nature and is probably unisexual.Thus he fathers both TB & Am who lack a mother
  13. safetybreak

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    imo mother is potm, as far as i figured for war3 campaign.
  14. Emo_Rules

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    Lol? :rofl: how can a undead give birth to night elves?

    i also think mother is PotM ;)

    furions titiles:
    Great prophet
  15. u8my8log

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    I thought this was basic knowledge?
  16. ggR.Duck

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    Makes sense. Perhaps the missing matriarch in the family is the reason they joined the scourge. Theres a lot of pain north of river.
  17. LeGoLaSSS

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    and they share Sena the accesorizer as their wife
  18. SUperPhat

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    In DotA
    Furion is the father
    Magina and Terrorblade are the twin sons, with one being evil

    In Warcraft Campaign/Story
    Furion is the brother of Illidan (closest in DotA is Terrorblade)
    Furion is in love with Tyrande Whisperwind (closest in DotA is Mirana Nightshade)
    Illidan was good before, but becomes evil after (closest in DotA is Magina transforming into Terroblade model-wise)
  19. Nox.knight

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    Also, Shendelzare and Mortred are sisters.
  20. Pinopi

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    Yeah , they are not his son, Ilidian StormRage and MalFurion StormRage are brothers ,
    Magina is the old terror blade form, b4 goin to Naga