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    Is magic wand a must on every hero ?

    What are the heroes that really needs it and on what heroes magic wand is not worth on?
  2. Phantom_IV

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    It's worth it on nearly everyone. A few exceptions can be made when you're rushing an item or already start with absurd base stats (hello Dark Seer). Otherwise, it's great in terms of both stat and HP density, considering that a full Wand is worth ~15 Str in HP and 20 Int in mana.

    For those that say the recipe isn't worth it, just consider that you've doubled the price of your branches so that they're 100 gold each rather than 50 - they're still better stats per gold than any other item in the game.
  3. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Stick is more or less a must, wand is often wasted gold.
  4. SirIsaacNewton

    SirIsaacNewton Well-Known Member

    you should buy a stick from sideshop since it is only a 100 gold investment.
    upgrading to wand really depends on how many branches you are holding.

    i'll upgrade the stick if and only if im not playing a carry who will need the item slot 5 min later, and i have 2 or more branches in my inventory.
  5. PepZ

    PepZ Well-Known Member

    If you have extra gold to spend, why not buy it?
  6. Apparentlynew

    Apparentlynew Well-Known Member

    Because you could get more utility out of spending that gold on a different item.
  7. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Because compression is only valuable once all of your other slots are filled with more efficient items and there is no more room for improvement.
  8. MaDuiN

    MaDuiN Well-Known Member

    I think concidering having or not having Magic Wand depends the most on the opposite team's heroes, not on your hero or your team's heroes.

    If you are against one or two of these heroes, concider Wand very cost-efficient item early to mid game:

    Bat, BB, Zeus, Necro, Shadow Demon

    If you are against one or two of these heroes, and you are not against any of the above heroes, concider Magic Wand a good item, and very cost-efficient item at mid-game, but there are still other items that might be even better:

    Gondar, Gyro, Puck, Thrall, Tinker, Rhasta, Rubick, Lion, Invoker, Dazzle, Meepo, Undying, Axe

    If you are against any other heroes than above mentioned, Wand can still be cost-efficient and different stages of the game. Sometimes it is excellent even against 5 str heroes, if you are having mana troubles yourself, sometimes it is good for the cheap stats.
  9. TulginZ

    TulginZ Well-Known Member

    It's not like you'll throw the game 'cause you upgraded it, but as mentioned before there are often more pressing matters to attend to (item wise that is)
  10. L0rdL33t

    L0rdL33t Well-Known Member

    Personally I only get it on heroes with choked mana pools.
  11. GodlyKha

    GodlyKha Well-Known Member

    Don't buy a magic wand ever unless your inventory is already full, and don't waste courier trips on it- only buy it at the fountain. Stick, costing only 200 gold for its effect and being purchaseable at a side shop, is very efficient and convenient. Wand, costing 509 gold for more or less the same effect is not efficient or convenient, and 309 gold for +3 stats isn't a great deal.

    You can always get more utility from other items than the wand upgrade, and once your inventory is full, wand is probably the one item you want to clear out to buy more items anyway.

    Hence the only use for wand really becomes bracer-god heroes like CM where you know you'll never get any farm and are just stacking your HP as much as possible. You should not buy magic wand on most heroes.

    When I see something like an SA with nothing in his inventory but boots, QB & magic wand, I want to slap the shit out of him.
  12. WHIT3FOX

    WHIT3FOX Well-Known Member

    A stick can usually give you the mana and hp regen you need, but seeing as most heroes grab 2 or 3 GG branches at the beginning it just makes sense to compress all 4 of those items into one slot, ie: a wand. It's not too hard to farm aswell so it won't affect your item-progression too much. Against a spell-casting team it's a must have though as their spell-spamming equates to free heals for you, much-needed heals.
  13. darewin

    darewin Well-Known Member

    Depends on your lane opponents. In trilanes it is usually worth it especially if you are playing 4 or 5 since you will probably be filling your item slots with gg branches.
  14. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    This tends to be what I play. Wand is usually one of my better items, and getting 15 charges instead of 10 actually matters. That doesn't contradict the body of your post though; most heroes can get a real inventory of items that give you more than Wand.