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    Just went through the search function and thought this is the most appropriate existing thread to ask some questions:

    What is the technical difference between amplifying magic damage and reducing magic resistance?

    How does that apply to non-hero units? I guess they can take more magic damage under amplified damage from magic, but they don't have magic resistance, so will reducing magic resistance give the same result?

    If there's an orb effect item, which is more powerful? Reducing magic resistance or amplifying magic damage?

    How will it respond with other magic amplification/resistance reduction spells/items?

    How will that orb item affect Pugna's secondary attack?

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    I took the liberty to split your post, as it is better dealt in its own thread.

    1) Well, first off, there isn't really an ability that directly reduces magic resistance. You are probably talking about Natural Order and Veil here. While the description of both depict a different way of achieving increased damage, both work the same. For both an ability is added to the affected units that basically grants them negative magic resistance, thus increasing damage.

    2) If they can be affected, the amplification will work. As previously stated, there's no direct magic resistance reduction.

    3) The above.

    4) Every magic resistance changing ability stacks with each other.

    5) Not at all.

    Sidenote: Natural Order and Veil of Discord use abilities to achieve their goal, the other amplification abilities: Holy Penitence, Orchid's, Plague or Soul Catcher use a triggered system which utilizes the already reduced damage for their amplification.
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    Ancient Seal and the ethereal state (granted by Decrepify, Ghost Scepter, and Ethereal Blade) also belong in that category. Sprint (Berserk) and Maledict (triggered) do not.

    Spell resistance abilities all stack multiplicatively now, but there was a time not long ago when some completely overrode others.