Magic Immunity

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  1. Nutsy

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    What about Repel dispelling GA buff... does that mean that being magic immune dispels some buffs... is it similar to purge?
  2. MauranKilom

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    Awww Yeah!

    It is indeed similar to purge.
  3. GoldenSun

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    May I add a little update that Charge of Darkness no longer give Magic immunity?
  4. mcgwire

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    I've noticed that Repel does not dispel things like the slow from Panda's thunderclap or Ogre's flame slow (i.e., target is slowed, omni casts repel, DoT stops but slow is still active). Can you explain the mechanics behind this? Thanks.

    On the same line of thinking, I've noticed that Aphotic Shield can debuff even stuns after they connect, but Repel cannot.

    Also, how does magic immunity interact with silence? I think Thrall and Silencer's ultimates > magic immunity.

    Also i've noticed that AA's ultimate cannot be dispelled with Repel after connecting (not sure about before).
  5. EebstertheGreat

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    1. Gaining magic immunity only removes magical buffs. There is a guide on this.

    2. Aphotic Shield removes all negative buffs via triggers.

    3. Ultimates go through magic immunity, as stated in the guide. Non-ultimate silences (like Drow's) and Soul Burns (like Orchid's) cannot target magic immune units.

    4. Part of the ultimate can be removed and the magical damage can be stopped. This has already been discussed in a couple threads.
  6. mcgwire

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    Can you provide links? Thanks.
  7. EebstertheGreat

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    There are hardly any threads in this subforum. Can you really not be bothered to look fro the one called "mini guide to Purge"?

    As for Ice Blast, here's the post you want:

  8. mcgwire

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    What does purge have to do with the original question regarding magic immunity and buffs?

    Regardless, thanks for the AA info.
  9. EebstertheGreat

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    In its most general sense in WC3, "purging" is the act of removing buffs.
  10. AmaTecBat

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    Is Attack Type Spells identical to Attack Type Magic?

    When i use the GUI function Unit - Damage target with the settings Attack type Spells and Damage type magic and convert it to custom text, it becomes ATTACK_TYPE_NORMAL, DAMAGE_TYPE_MAGIC, which would be a pure damage spell.

    Nevermind, what is referred to as AT Normal in the table is actually ATTACK_TYPE_MELEE or ATTACK_TYPE_HERO.
    Attack type Spells really is ATTACK_TYPE_NORMAL.
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  11. MauranKilom

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    Blizzard never fails to confuse everyone.
  12. EebstertheGreat

    EebstertheGreat Forum Manager

    What the World Editor calls ATTACK_TYPE_MELEE, all other literature (including tooltips, etc.) refers to as "Attack Type: Normal." What the World Editor calls ATTACK_TYPE_NORMAL, all other literature refers to as "Attack Type: Spells."
  13. Hanzou

    Hanzou Well-Known Member

    [table]WorldEdit Value | Jass Value|Equivalent
    Spells |ATTACK_TYPE_NORMAL|Spells

    Blizzard sure knows how to do it the hard way
  14. MauranKilom

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    ^I'll save that in a bookmark. Removes another bit of confusion in the world editor.
  15. Hanzou

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    ^ I robbed it from =|
  16. oulay

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    once i was playing spirit breaker and i took a double damage rune then i used my 1st skil to attack an opponent then i used the ulti but after i used it i realised that there is no double damage so the ulti's magic imunity made it go or what???
  17. EebstertheGreat

    EebstertheGreat Forum Manager

    Yes, magic immunity removes the buff granted by Roar, which is what the DD rune uses.
  18. oulay

    oulay Well-Known Member

    soul keeper's ulti doesnt effect magic immune heroes although it is hp removal and not magical damage why???
  19. Black Isle

    Black Isle Well-Known Member

    Skill is coded in a way that the each HP Adjustment effect is triggered by the Storm Bolt spell that's cast by dummy units. This Storm Bolt ability which you see as mini-stunning skulls in game, is not an ultimate ability therefore dummy units fail to cast it if target or Terrorblade is Magic Immune.
  20. kevs926

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    life break provides magic immunity also