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    well hi there people,
    just wanted to ask if anyone here knows a good/successful tower build for mafa td cazy and mafa td queen??
    Cause i just cant rly get it done u know:crybaby:
    Oh i nearly forgot... anyone knows what to do against huge lags from lvl 20-30 on??? Or am i the only one who has those??

    thanks in advantage
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    Hey people, don't we have some kind of other maps thread?.
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    well where to post then?
    where is this thread?
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    It's okay post here.
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    this is /rc/.
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    well i beat mafa queen td many times. u need a reliable team. and its doable with only 3 ppl. but the other ppl that are not red need to bank at the bottom corners and only bank. first if ur red, build 2 houses lvl 2 at the center of ur lane at the bottom. next build 8 tanks, 4 on each side on the lane. after build a cannon on each corner. outside of each cannon build an ice tower. build like 3 more houses, so 5 total next to each other all lvl 2(dont pass lvl 2 for houses its a waste and almost no AOE). build one lighting and upgrade. get ur castle up. for lvl 7 u nee both of ur cannon towers to be lvl 5. at this point upgrade ur tanks to the max. before lvl 11, ur teammates that bank need to stop making/upgrading banks and build venges in the middle behind all ur crap(closer to the portal). from this point after u pass lvl 11, give all the wood u have from the bosses to the best banker u have. also u need one banker to save up gold for fuji for lvl 12 which is the invisible level. make him save up for a ship and build it behind ur middle house. he needs it before 14 or u lose because dragonhawks have fortified armor(ships deal siege damage and splash). if not a ship u need 3 red alerts in the center to kill them all. after this get ready for lvl 21. here u need to have at least 3 heros ready(which can be hard but with lucky man and pooling players its possible). at this point u should start saving for ur hero as ur tanks and your teammates venges will finish the leaks. keep going for red alert. id say the best hero to get is queen of love (2x the damage of all other heros and easier to get). but if u are able to pass lvl 21 u basically win as long as u keep getting items for ur heros.

    and the lag is only a problem if u have a slow computer that cannot handle all the colors and explosions. if its unbearable just leave ur hero in the center and rack up the kills. basically after 20 its all heros
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  7. sup BugUser,

    i dont know if you stupid or what. but this maps is a game and a game belongs on video games forum. i reporting this thread now.

    may the light shine upon your stupidity,
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    Any forum site for Mafa TD??
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    _/(.-. )\_