Lycan is Imba

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  1. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    Lycan Is Imba. No I didnt get pwned by a Lycan, I am the Lycan.

    Lycan is one of the most imbalanced heroes in DotA as of now. Not only can he easily stomp pubs (I know this doesn’t say much) but he is a top Pick/Ban in the competitive scene.

    The Problem with Lycan is that his core is very very cheap. Treads+Vlads total only 3500. This wouldn’t be that big of a problem BUT Lycan can quickly and efficiently farm the jungle from level 1. For an experienced jungler this core can be gotten within 7 mins (with teamwork, neutral stacking, and ofcourse getting vlads first). Even an unexperienced Lycan being ganked can pull with off at about 15mins (that’s only 233 GPM) and at that point he can 1v1 almost any hero, Roshan, and rip towers apart.
    Sure if we gank him we will be fine, but HOW? He has max movement speed using shapeshift, solo ganking is dangerous because his wolves are no joke, and if you do dedicate a ganker there is an open lane that’s free to farm. And again how much of his farm are you going to stop? Lycan has to be retarded not to get his core before 20mins and even at that point he can gank, push, and kill better than most heroes.

    Once he gets its BKB its truly over. Max Movement Speed, Cant be Killed, Lifesteals, and Has 2 Wolves that are stronger than many supports. He is just too damn good.
    There isint even a clear counter for Lycan. You can get your ganking lineup but he can just cautiously farm, push towers at will and try to rush his BKB.

    Warding his jungle is a waste imho as he can counter ward and make up that 200g a lot faster than a support. Hell with some team collaboration he can even get a support to counterward.

    With smoke he can get to roshan without anyone knowing. Since we expect him in the jungle we don’t even know hes missing from lane.

    The fact is there is NO hero who can farm this effectively, has such a cheap core, comes online faster than any other carry, and can carry throughout the game this well. Not much of an issue for competitive as they can just ban him, but for AP pubers something has to be done.

    tl;dr Lycan OP, nerf him please.
    Lycan can
    -Can Farm Safely
    -Has a great Escape/Chase Mech
    -Comes online faster than any other carry
    -Pushes better than most pusher
    -Can gank very well
    -Has a very cheap core
    -Can Carry from midgame all the way to late game and can compete with all other carries easily.
    -Is OP.
  2. blastLead

    blastLead Well-Known Member

    Please tell me, how can Lycan do any of what you said with an Enchantress in his jungle?

    Besides, Lycan gets easily outcarried by a handful of heroes. Just pick a N'aix for example, and come late-game no BKB is going to save Lycan.
  3. Whitefang

    Whitefang Well-Known Member

    Why do I always get a deja-vu in DC?
  4. Louie.

    Louie. Banned

    Lycan is a beast, but Beastmaster could counter him.
  5. zalzakoss

    zalzakoss Member

    Oh boy here we go again.
  6. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    Game will be over before late-game gets a chance to come.
  7. ToNeS1337

    ToNeS1337 Well-Known Member

    I do know a hero that can farm/jungle very well. His name is Ursa, has a sort of cheap core, can roshan between lvl7 and 11 if he rushes vlad's and gets maxed fury swipes, also a BKB wielder, he can kill enemy heroes very quickly with fury swipes plus enrage and I believe Ursa can at least fight head on against Lycan.
  8. SoLbadWolfie

    SoLbadWolfie Well-Known Member

    If it's really true in pro games.

    You watched too many pub stomps.
  9. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    Yeah I know that hero too, love kiting the shit out of him.

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    No I pub stomped too many times with Lycan.
  10. zalzakoss

    zalzakoss Member

    Where is your Lycan score from dota2 profile then? Proof.
  11. thric3

    thric3 Well-Known Member

    so much better and more useful than any other carry or semi-carry. Doesn't need a lot of items to cause havoc. Insane pushing ability too.
    Way way too good
  12. FGBgaming

    FGBgaming Well-Known Member

    god this again, lycan is str taht gives him potential tankines, has crit and AS buff witch gives him chance to fight against agi hard carryes in lategame and is fucking immune to slow, don't compare slowpoke enchantress to this beast

    Lycan is baned in comp because pros don't want to deal with hero that can be stopped only by hexing and stunning and guess what eveyr kid knows that and goes bkb

    lycan is not overpwoered but compared to same tier heroes hes more powerfull, just like furion so stop downgrading heroes that are powerfull

    and btw enchantress is stronger than lycan only first 10 minutes
  13. agricola

    agricola Well-Known Member

    Game is only over before late game if he pushes, which tons of scrub pub lycans don't do. They build all carry items and just try to gank people instead of picking up a necrobook and raxing the enemy team when they try to get his tier 1 tower.

    There are plenty of counter pushers that you can pick to deal with lycan. The problem with him in competitive games is that he is retardedly overpowered when you have other pushers on the team like brood, furion, enigma, etc. Pubs don't generally pick massive push line ups so picking people with strong counter-push mid game like tinker or something works very well. Late game you auto win.
  14. SoLbadWolfie

    SoLbadWolfie Well-Known Member

    I must agree, show me your lycan stats in dota 2 as proof.
  15. Louie.

    Louie. Banned

    It's seems you're gonna be dogged with a lot of "replay or didn't happen".
  16. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    I dont understand what they want to see? I played Lycan in DotA 2 owned the game, there is not much else to say....

    Do you disagree with the fact that Lycan is Imba?
  17. Dagguh

    Dagguh Well-Known Member

    I agree with OP. I've been playing with my 5men team for about 6 years now, so we're kinda experienced.

    Despite the fact that we were ward-blocking, ganking and checking Roshan, we lost to an enemy Lycan often (8697157, 8702098). We got MAD and my teammate started picking Lycan for the first time since like... 2 years. We friggin steamrolled these games (8845935, 8848773)

    It seems obvious that Lycan is overpowered in both pubs and high-skill play.
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  18. acf3passion

    acf3passion Well-Known Member

    Lycan sucks.
  19. Louie.

    Louie. Banned

    They want proof cuz maybe they don't want a boy who cried wolf.
  20. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    To be honest I think its even worse in DotA 2 because pubs actually try. This means they buy a crow and ward the runes, but thats normally as far as this goes. A lycan that gets an early crow and can see the runes (and people coming to gank him from it) has even MORE of an advantage.

    He was OP in DotA 1, but the slightly better level of support play in DotA 2 just pushes him over the top.

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    So the logic is that I lost with lycan and now I want him nerfed even more? If a hero is hard to play with and im losing with him wouldnt I rather he get buffed?