Lycan Build

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Boss_Kobra, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Boss_Kobra

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    What's the basic build for jungling?
  2. Ari~

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  3. blastLead

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    The standard, and easiest, way to jungle him is with RoB + Tango. It's also decently fast (level 6 around 6:10, bit later if very bad spawn luck, bit earlier if Golems/Big Trolls). Things like QB into two Sobi or Bottle+Crow can be faster, things like Gloves of Haste into Midas can work, but they take a bit more effort to pull off.

    That guide is not even close to optimal. And I don't mean in the Necro 3 way at all.
  4. Yoshi-

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    qb into double sobi mask into moc into vlads
  5. Manlybug

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  6. DrSamuel

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    Stout Shield X2 +tango.

    Stout Shield + quelling blade + tango.

    focus Ring of Basilius. armo + will sustain your mana.
  7. GodlyKha

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    noob builds.

    real men build soul ring -> dagger
  8. Shadowlurker

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    Quelling Blade -> Ring of Basilius + Medallion of Courage -> Vladmir's Offering -> Power Treads

    Wolves whenever possible, Feral Impulse next. And Shape Shift when available.
  9. Zeibi

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    Tango + 2 Clarities + QB + Ring of Protection


    Basilius + Tango. :]