Luna Moonfang Item build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Cristiano375, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Cristiano375

    Cristiano375 Member

    Hey, whats moon raider's item build?
    so far people say PT, radiance, lothars, HoT, BKB, Butterfly or Buriza.... is that right?
    and what some defensive stuff and hp regen items?
  2. Idx

    Idx Well-Known Member

    PT and dominator are core imho, the rest is pretty much up to you
  3. Lulzicon

    Lulzicon Well-Known Member

    Radiance on Luna is like asking to get killed faster with her already low HP.
  4. woozie how

    woozie how Well-Known Member

    Treads bkb manta. Then get what the situation requires.
  5. Morlic

    Morlic Well-Known Member

    The build I put her up at CWs is the following:

    PT > Bottle > Wand > Wraith > BKB > Agha > Manta > HotD > Butterfly

    This is assuming to solo mid. runewhoring and gank. As for the runes... If your supporter placed uphill wards at both sides of the midlane (which in our opinion helps the easily-gankable Luna quite a lot), 90% of common midheroes can not follow you to the runes when you decide to go for them after Level 6 (yammy, solo hero eats Ulti+2 single Casts...). Therefore, you can obtain a decent rune control and controll the game ganking-wise while maintaining a good farm at midlane.

    However, if we feel like the lineup needs Luna to carry a little bit harder, I go for HotD before BKB (though getting the Ogre Axe before maybe) to convert a neutral creep to keep stacking those ancients which are more or less made for Luna to take out (cmon those bounces rly hurt).

    The build gives you quite good survivability (BKB+PT+Wraith+PB+Ogre Axe... c'mon) which allows you to cast a lot in teamfight and also bringing that Ulti through. Which is your main task. Obviously.

    AS for pubs... I still go the same build. It is just too good. If the enemy team lacks disables/spells, skip BKB but thats it. Probably you want a HotD for insane ancient stacking before as well, so you end up fed by hero kills and cs-wise. However, sometimes the rest of the team just gathers "lol, watch this!! COME!" and takes out the ancient spot I stacked 6 times with 4 man, leaving me without that farm... Well, at least, they didn't feed meanwhile.

    So for pubs:

    PT > Bottle > Wand or Wraith > HotD > (BKB) > Agha > Manta > Butterfly
  6. deaded

    deaded Well-Known Member

    agah is a bit poor on her, manta/bkb are the essential items.
  7. Morlic

    Morlic Well-Known Member

    As of 6.68c you are perfectly right, however with the recent buff of Aghanims in 6.69 aline with the Manta-Nerf, I feel like Agha is way stronger to get.

    When going for BKB first, Luna will not have that much agi/basedmg anyway so the Manta Illus will increase your dps only very slightly. Of course it adds much needed survivability but Agha (and the buildup via PB+Ogre Axe)offers you tons of HP as well. The Spelldodge is nice but not that much needed at that time of the game either since you will still have a BKB with more uptime than 5 sec quite likely.

    Potentially 1,8k magic Dmg on a hero via 1 spell is no joke and Luna's Ulti can completely force people not to go for teamfights other than the lane-based ones (where the creeps will eat some nukes). Teamfights at rosh can really be screwed up by Luna when all beams hit heroes exclusively. Now of course the enemy supporters could just engage later, keeping distance. However, this gives you much needed time to turn the tide of the battle / to initiate.

    Assuming you are planning to push heavily, Manta>Agha might be worth it, but don't forget that Agha helps you a lot (more) to win those teamfights which is definitely needed to proceed pushing.
  8. Val

    Val Well-Known Member

    PT, HotD and BKB are your core if you plan to DPS.

    I find caster builds with Agh's underwhelming. I don't see why you would want lothars (to cast your ult?) and much less radiance (which gets you focused).

    After your core, it used to be that manta was the clear luxury of choice. With the recent change, it may be that butterfly is a better alternative, but the build-up is a pain. You have to realize that Luna's damage is quite powerful without spending gold buffing it so things like an early BKB are great. Anyhow. I'd get 1 damage item after the core and then work on a satanic. Luna needs to survive, but that's about all she needs to do.
  9. 3.2_Sky_Dive

    3.2_Sky_Dive Well-Known Member

    What about getting Wraiths and Agha on her-->massive hp&mana, as well as ok dmg and ias, so you can deal dmg with your attack but primarly you dont die too fast and you might even skip bkb and go for butterfly/manta directly.
    This would go for caster/ulti luna early and with your good farming/ganking tools you can get enough gold to farm the dps items.
    I know skipping Bkb is usually not an option, but with enough hp it seems redundant, as well as there will be bigger threats dps wise during midgame, and when you go dps you´ll get Manta-->it wont be too easy to focus you.
  10. chuavechito

    chuavechito Well-Known Member

    Wand Treads Dominator
  11. deaded

    deaded Well-Known Member

    id still say manta before butters mostly because it still gives you massive damage in team fights thanks to glaives.
  12. r3dman

    r3dman Well-Known Member

    If u want to have fun, go PT, Agha, Refresher (dont forget it also gives +40 dmg) and proceed to get DPS items AND EB (Domi can be gotten earlier if u want). Example of a teamfight:

    1.Position yourself close to battle but not too close.
    2.Wait for initiator to initiate
    3.Are all enemy creeps/summons dead? If yes, go to 5. If no, go to 4.
    4.Clean all creeps with glaive bounces or (if its just 1 or 2) with a manual lucent beam (i know its a waste, but unless u have to stop channeling, its nut much of a problem).
    5.Cast your ult in the middle of the battle.
    6.Use refresher.
    7.Cast your ult again.
    8.Autoattack enemies.
    9. ???
    10. Profit!

    Well, this build is just if you are overfed xD
  13. hajasmarci

    hajasmarci Well-Known Member

    wraiths phase hotd bkb

    treads is the standard but phase is just insane rite nao.
  14. Mordax

    Mordax Well-Known Member

    Omfg my eyes hurt when I read how the trolls suggest to buy HotD right after treads...........
    You probably never bought a bkb in your life.....
    I dont know why everyone follows this shit built, my theory:
    50% of the pubbies think they lifesteal from all glaives and 50% saw it in 2year old pro replays, where it was common that luna as carry STACKS ANCIENT SPOTS......

    In early game dominator is serious fail, what does it help you in a clash when you run in with your ulti?
    You do 2 hits and die.
    Wow you stealed 50Hp thats awesome, and the 5 armor reduced 5% of all dmg since most of the dmg that killed you was magic.
    You are dead and HotD helped alot.....

    At the start you do DMG with your ulti -> the longer you live and tank the more dmg you do.
    It is the same as with razor, the fact that both heroes are agi does not mean that you have do buy dps and lifesteal and nothing else.

    So at the start get Treads and a tanky item, mostly Bkb.
    If you play pub and your enemys picked agi shit only, go vanguard.
    After that it depends on the game. You can get pretty much everything, Zepter, HotD, butterfly, manta. (illus have moonglaive)
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  15. hajasmarci

    hajasmarci Well-Known Member

    5armor and stealing 50hp is like a ranged vanguard that has the awesomistic helm of iron will component, which is broken as hell, and can be bought at the sideshop unlike vitality booster.

    hotd is the standard item after treads since like the introduction of luna. sometimes its even rushed before buying treads. it has nothing to do with trolling. you can easily wipe out creepcamps with it and it helps you to farm up bkb relatively fast.
  16. deaded

    deaded Well-Known Member

    this pretty much - at the early stages of the game you shouldnt really be entering teamfights unless your ulti is up. Hotd means you can farm your bkb much quicker though in serious games i would be tempted to get bkb 1st.
  17. Mordax

    Mordax Well-Known Member

    omfg srsly are you.....
  18. Blackguy19

    Blackguy19 Well-Known Member

    Power treads, manta , hotd ?
  19. RaiKay

    RaiKay Well-Known Member

    Am I the only one who plays her as an early game caster, then moves to a semi-carry build towards mid game?
    I go for 2x bracer, arcane boots then aghys (maybe get an urn as well). Play her as a roaming ganker/pusher and continually harass the lanes my carry is in. Then I start going for HotD, butter, manta, whatever.
    I think playing her as an early carry is wasting the potential for a spammable high damaging nuke with a ministun.
  20. mxt

    mxt Well-Known Member

    THreads -> bkb -> yasha -> dmg+ item -> finish manta

    Edit: Yes, THreads. It's the new name now in .69c