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  1. BalcroN

    BalcroN Member

    I love his skin in Dota 2.
  2. Alllef

    Alllef Member

    Great hero
  3. KurouT

    KurouT Active Member

    doom is super gold rusher... i think that even more than alche
  4. yoahl

    yoahl Member

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    now that TerrorBlade is in cm mode, Doomy is a good counter against him specially counter against saunder
  5. _avengersasuke_

    _avengersasuke_ Well-Known Member

    Needs Purge haha
  6. UnknownStar

    UnknownStar Member

    A fun game would be 5 doom vs 5 doom.
  7. aaron9080

    aaron9080 Active Member

    doom ftw !
  8. ka_chow88

    ka_chow88 Member

    you're DOOOM

    1500 second....
    frist blood
  9. Warchief337

    Warchief337 Member

    Dont see luci played much anymore would like to see his new form on dota 2 wish i had a beta key
  10. SwordMaN-

    SwordMaN- Active Member

    counter of mages :)
  11. nincotin3

    nincotin3 Well-Known Member

    i never play with this hero.. i didn't like name of his
  12. aeedx

    aeedx Member

    lucifer is so goood at dota2 atm.. :D
  13. Silfvro

    Silfvro Well-Known Member

    one that cannot be stopped from farming
  14. Tiuleasing

    Tiuleasing Well-Known Member

    Doom's ulti DOESN'T disable LC's Moment of Courage as well as Naix's life steal skill. Sux!!!
  15. Ghosen

    Ghosen Active Member

    Best Tank...Best Disabler...
  16. SaneCaz

    SaneCaz Well-Known Member

    dun ulti me
  17. dr.drzt

    dr.drzt Member

    Imba hero, usefull in CM -> get babysitted
  18. FinessePlay

    FinessePlay Member

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    the worst mistake of Icefrog
    Why does he make this hero with it's name? Does why others don't like him . He is good just rename it.
  19. Milleniumm

    Milleniumm Member

    nice hero
  20. Master8JM8

    Master8JM8 New Member

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    Run 4 your life!