Low pooling system in dota 2

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by d3monul, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. d3monul

    d3monul Member

    Someone please do something about the lowpool system...If someone reports you even if you didn't do something, you are getting lowpooled based on the reporting...it's just stupid...2-3 isn't feeding and saying "picking sniper instead of support is stupid" is not swearing...

    I cannot open my mouth anymore because if someone reports me for dunno...talking I might get lowpooled...It's just stupid...Get some admins that inspect this reports...not a stupid bot that bans random.
  2. Typhox

    Typhox Well-Known Member

    Never happened to me, and I'm getting reported a lot (unjustified of course, thank god CvP isn't moderating ingame).
  3. almassokk

    almassokk Well-Known Member

    ^same as me, i often flame and trashtalk and get some reports, but i never got in low pool what means there is no automatic system
    you probably picking sniper and flaming every game, you deserve the lowshit pool
  4. KarmaKarma

    KarmaKarma Well-Known Member

    You do not get in the lower pool for single instances of reports. Either you're abandoning games or you are being a colossal dick in all your games.
  5. LysanderXonora

    LysanderXonora Well-Known Member

    I would say the latter. The dude picks sniper for god sakes.
  6. Thunderbolt

    Thunderbolt Banned

    its already enough if you end up as 5th person in a 4 stack. if they decide to trollreport you for whatever reason, nothing you can do.
  7. d3monul

    d3monul Member

    i wasn't the one picking sniper...I was the one saying that picking sniper over support in a 3 carry game is stupid...And I had 3/6 score this in a game were we all had 2/6 --- 2/7...Someone reported me...got in the low pool match...Sry but i got in the low pool for doing absolutly nothing....and I keep my point...If you get in a match were there are 3 friends and one of them picks sniper and you say something stupid about him and get reported you are definatly in the low pool after that game...

    That's what I am saying...The system is rather stupid and should be rechecked...since I don't deserv about 3 or 4 days of low pool...the other ones I do deserv them for beeing a dick and trying to test the system.
  8. d3monul

    d3monul Member

    k it's getting stupid...today i started playing after my 8 hours of low pool passed...and after one match were I didn't say shit...i got lowpooled again for 9 hours for doing absolutly nothing...This system is stupid.
  9. oblio

    oblio Well-Known Member

    I really, really doubt that, "demonule".
  10. d3monul

    d3monul Member

    you can doubt whatever you want...call me when this happens to you.
  11. KarmaKarma

    KarmaKarma Well-Known Member

    Look, I get what your saying - and it would indeed be retarded if the system worked that way. But that simply isn't true, and you, by the way, have no way of knowing why you got into the low priority pool. I've been reported (at least people claimed to do so) and not been put in matchmaking hell. What's your explanation for that?
    It's confirmation bias on your part. You being put in low priority is easily explained by you getting not just one, but a shitload of reports. And the most obvious reason for that is bad conduct on your part.

    I'd be amazed if Valve wouldn't apply the really simple solution to the problem of unjustified reports by only putting those in the low priority queue that have an above-average amount of them. I mean, seriously. What's more likely - the whole system being engineered by idiots or you maybe kinda having to change your habits?
  12. d3monul

    d3monul Member

    I didn't do anything...that's the thing...I have made some mistakes in the past, that's why it didn't bothered me beeing put in the low priority because I deserve it....but now It's just idiotic...I bearly get out of the low priority system , play a match were I don't do anything, and again I am beeing put there...I didn't say the system is made by idiots I am just stating that something is wrong that's all. And should be at least checked...
  13. Krytone

    Krytone Well-Known Member

    i would say post it in dev.dota.com. they can help you there is you really didnt do anything and post your match id. I get reported too i believe but i dont get into the low priority pool.
  14. d3monul

    d3monul Member

    i have 1 more hour of low pool...so no biggy...hopefully it won't happen again...i don't really care about bp.
  15. DreamKnight

    DreamKnight Well-Known Member

    That's not really true , actually people are abusing so much of reports that you get into low priority for no reason, someone says in all chat "report x person", everyone reports him and goes to low priority, it's how it works now, if you get 5 + reports in a short time you are done, and this doesn't mean you are guilty of your acts, report system is broken and needs to be fixed as soon as possible, otherwise dota 2 will get a worse community than it has now. If someone really gets hate on you in a game , they can say to their friends to report you , and your done.
  16. Hobbax

    Hobbax Well-Known Member

    I don't care what you said you should stay in low priority with me so i can pick wisp and teleporting everybody to enemy base and buying more than 10 couriers while i scream im mic and troll in chat text.
  17. Kasma

    Kasma Banned

    I think its a great idea honestly. I love this report system as it is and it should stay. It will teach those noobs/idiots a lesson. The noobs that buy vlads on luna or pick bone clinkz when there's already two carries. The noobs/idiots that feed(intentional or not), enter an MM game not knowing how to play their heroes SHOULD be in low priority. If you do something stupid, if you feed, whether intentional or not, if you come into an MM game not knowing how to play your hero, I am going to report you and do my best to get everyone else on my team to report you in order to send you to low priority where you belong.

    Bottom line is this. If you stop being stupid, you won't get reported.
  18. DreamKnight

    DreamKnight Well-Known Member

    I've seen cases where people who owned others got reported to low priority, so it's not about being stupid or not, system is broken.
  19. Typhox

    Typhox Well-Known Member

    Guys, it's confirmed that every report gets looked into by a Valve employee.
  20. Hobbax

    Hobbax Well-Known Member