Lord Voldemort

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    You know who

    You know who
    Hard caster
    Inspired after seing Shadow fury (GoD)'s Harry Potter



    Model should be black

    The Dark Lord

    Background Story: no advertising
    Strength - 18 + [1.2]
    Agility - 17 + [1.4]
    Intelligence - 30 + [3.4]

    Starting HP/MP:|492/390
    Attack Range:|550 (range)[/table]

    [note="Move"][​IMG][/note][note="Stop"][​IMG][/note][note="Hold Position"][​IMG][/note][note="Attack"][​IMG][/note]
    [note="Patrol"][​IMG][/note][note="Master of Dark magic"][​IMG][/note][note=Horcruxe][​IMG][/note][note="Hero Abilities"][​IMG][/note]
    [note="Crucio"][​IMG][/note][note="Serpensortia"][​IMG][/note][note="The Dark Mark"][​IMG][/note][note="Avada kedavra"][​IMG][/note]

    [tab]First skill | Snake stats
    [tab]Serpensortia |Crucio is unlocked once you get passive lvl3
    Serpensortia - (active)
    [table]__________[​IMG]|Target an ennemy, throwing a snake at him. The snake (summon) will perform a melee snare: channeling like shackle but only disable attack and movement and blink. Is controlled by Voldemort. Can target the ground to summon without entangle.[/table]
    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|110|30|600|-|2.0|20 dmg/s
    2|130|30|600|-|2.5|40 dmg/s
    3|150|30|600|-|3.0|60 dmg/s
    4|170|30|600|-|3.5|80 dmg/s[/table]

    • Snake ms while flying (projectile) is 800. The snake can be stunned during the snare, prematurely stopping it. The snake last 25s
    {|}Crucio - (active)[table]__________[​IMG]|Target an ennemy, making him feel true pain and silencing him. If target is below 50% hp, it will also be slowed, and the buff will be renewed at the end of the duration (=twice). Effect ends if target get out of sight.[/table][​IMG][table]__|____.|________.|_______.|___.|_______.|__________________________.
    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|110|32|600|-|1.5|70 dmg/s, slow by 10%
    2|130|28|600|-|2.0|70 dmg/s, slow by 20%
    3|150|24|600|-|2.5|70 dmg/s, slow by 30%
    4|170|20|600|-|3.0|70 dmg/s, slow by 40%[/table]
    • Life is checked every 0.25s to update buff.
    [/tab]{|}Snake - (summon)
    [table]__________[​IMG]|Here are the stats. Poisonous attack prevent target from any heal or health regen. Affects automatically shackled target and last 1s. [/table]
    1|200/100|320/1.6|150(melee)|30-35|2|Melee snare
    2|300/150|360/1.5|150(melee)|45-50|4|Melee snare, Poisonous attack
    3|400/200|400/1.4|150(melee)|60-65|6|Melee snare, Poisonous attack
    4|500/250|440/1.3|150(melee)|75-80|8|Melee snare, Poisonous attack, Nagini[/table]
    Notes :
    • Melee snare have a cd of 25 and cost 100 mana, meaning that the snake can cast it one time during his life. When the spell is cast on a target ennemy, the snake will automatically cast melee shackle. Snake lvl 4 can be targeted by Ulti if passive is lvl 4. See at Ulti's for more details

    The model should be green

    [tab]The Dark Mark|Avada kedavra is unlocked by passive lvl 4
    The dark mark - (active)
    [table]__________[​IMG]|Create a scary mark in the sky, revealing the area, lightly damaging and disarming enemy heroes. Automatically spawns when Tom kills an enemy hero.[/table]

    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    2|90|12|800|350|2/6|80 dmg
    3|100|12|800|375|2.5/8|120 dmg
    4|110|12|800|400|3/10|160 dmg[/table]
    • Enemies are disarmed upon cast
    • *Duration of disarm/duration of reveal
    • Useful for aiming Avada kedavra and gaining sight for Crucio.
    {|}Avada kedavra - (active)
    [table]__________[​IMG]|Shot a deadly spell in the targeted direction. First ennemy hit takes heavy damage. Ray travels up to 900 range at 1200ms.[/table]

    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|140|20|900|-|-|75+0.5*INT pure dmg
    2|170|18|900|-|-|75+1*INT pure dmg
    3|200|16|900|-|-|75+1.5*INT pure dmg
    4|230|14|900|-|-|75+2*INT pure dmg, 10%chance to deal double damage[/table]
    • Casting would be like tinker laser, but is targeted on ground.
    • Display globally the sound of the spell being casted when double damage procs "Avada kedavra!!!!!" followed by "Catch him ! Catch him ffs ! Catch him!" if target is not killed[/tab]

      Master of Dark Magic - (passive)
      [table]__________[​IMG]|Passivelly increase all of Voldemort's spells. Every level reduce his basic spells cd by 1sec, and give him 5 INT.[/table]

      |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
      1|-|-|-|-|-|For every kill he gets, add indefinitly 8 dmg and 20 AoE to The Dark Mark.
      2|-|-|-|-|-|+100% mana regen
      3|-|-|-|-|-|Unlock Crucio
      4|-|-|-|-|-|Unlock Avada kedavra and Nagini[/table]

      Horcruxe - (active)
      [table]__________[​IMG]__________|Voldemort put some of his soul into an allied non-invulnerable tower. Tower take less damage and can be controlled by Voldemort. As long as the tower is alive, when Voldemort die, his death will act as an aegis, with him respawning at foutain faster than normal. 2 sec channeling to create horcruxe. The process rips apart his soul, lowering his STR but increasing his INT.[/table]

      |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
      1|200|300|150|-|-|+2 INT, -1 STR for each horcruxe made. Tower take -30% dmg. Respawns 30% faster
      2|300|260|150|-|-|+4 INT, -2 STR for each horcruxe made. Tower take -40% dmg. Respawns 40% faster
      3|400|220|150|-|-|+6 INT, -3 STR for each horcruxe made. Tower take -50% dmg. Respawns 50% faster[/table]

      • Does NOT die
      • Stats last indefinitely, but cannot drop str below 1.
      • Horcruxe are not noticeable by ennemy, he can only discover it with the odd behaviour of the tower.
      • Can be cast on lvl 4 Snake, see below.
      • Cannot target the same tower multiple times

      Nagini - (summon)
      [table]__________[​IMG]|Nagini last until dead. Passives works the same. [/table]
      1|1500/500|520/0.8|170(melee)|100-105|10|Melee entangle for 4s (mc 100, cd 25s), dealing 125 dmg/s. Poisonous attack and 30/40/50% damage reduction from Ulti.[/table]

      • Nagini looks similar to other snake to enemies, but a buff is visible for allies.

      Ok so his four spells and passive makes him into a spell machine gun, that can be even stronger by getting kills.
      His ulti allows him to not fear being killed and to keep ennemy underleveled. For example he can rush into a gank, kill one guy, die, but after the short duration of his death he should still be stronger.

      Remember that he needs all of his skills maxed to reach his full potential, so by the time everyone is lvl 14, and around 1000hp, Voldemort spells should be able to kill no more than one guy alone. But ofc in 1vs1 Voldemort must win.

      [​IMG]BoT would be a core on him so that he can keep on getting kills
      [​IMG]Late game a heart will make up for all the str he would have lost with his horcruxes.
      [​IMG]BkB to allow him to live !
      [​IMG] would be perfect on him !!
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  2. gilvert

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    I lol'd.

    I like the ult, compared to other suggested Horcrux ability. But it's too situational.

    BTW no synergy.
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  3. God of Death

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    Dammit, you beat me to it!
  4. Subotai

    Subotai Well-Known Member

    Most of spells reworked. Should be more like a death machine now
  5. Zambash

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    I don't get the subskills, do they just allow you to cast the skill twice?
  6. Flame13

    Flame13 Well-Known Member

    ^ Yep they do...

    Well there is a slight synergy between the first two spells and passive...you can use Avada Kedavra to damage someone then stun or slow him so you can aim another Avada Kedavra and Crucio him again...and so on until he dies...and ulti grants some intelect to be able to spam...
  7. GorEhuntEr

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    Avada kedavra is too weak
  8. MR-President

    MR-President Well-Known Member

    Avada kedavra should have a chance (something like 5%) to instakill a unit. I mean, that's what the spell does, right ?

    Also, lol, he has only 3 spells ? He needs to have a spell book at least as big as Invoker's.
  9. Subotai

    Subotai Well-Known Member

    ^Uprading lvl3 of passive allow you to cast your spells twice.

    Hm thought of a new idea will update soon (For more spells)
  10. Subotai

    Subotai Well-Known Member

    I don't have the book with me right here.
    If some people have cool idea of Voldemort's spells in mind, plz make suggestions.
  11. MR-President

    MR-President Well-Known Member

    Just watch the Harry Potter movies. He uses a shitload of spells.

    Some examples:

    Make him summon that giant flaming snake and make him raise objects in the air (like trees or rocks) and throw them at enemies.

    Make him summon a giant basilisk, since he speaks reptomite.

    Give him the Imperius skill (mind control). You already gave him Crucio and Avada kadavra, why not this as well ?

    Give him a disarm skill (Expelliarmus).

    Give him a portal/waygate ability, like, I don't know, make a portal between two allied buildings or two heroes.

    Just some examples. I'm sure you'll think of something.
  12. Subotai

    Subotai Well-Known Member

    Ok, I added serpensortia because i didn't like the double crucio.
    I don't think I ll give more spells, I ll leave that to God of Death who will surely come up with an epic idea. For now the concept of this hero is a caster glass canon that doesnt fear death and grow from killing heroes
  13. King Murdoc

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    Just saying that this is INSANELY overpowered.
  14. LegendTroll

    LegendTroll Well-Known Member

    2nd skill is an instant OVERPOWER!

    360 PURE damage, and had a medium chance (20%) to deal 720 PURE DAMAGE!
    with low cooldown, low manacost, and high MISSILE SPEED! YOU CAN RAPE AT 7th level!

    Nerf the 2nd skill. Just about 65/130/195/260 damage, or whatever number you want.
    Its imba ATM.
  15. Subotai

    Subotai Well-Known Member

    ^low cd will come at higher levels, since you want to uprage all of your skills.
    I've increased the mc but it was actually way more than a hook/elune's arrow. 20% chance = +72 dmg, so it would deal a lvl 1 Finger of Death.
    Missile speed is high but range is being nerfed.
  16. aghaye_vala

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  17. God of Death

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    Dear whoever thinks this is overpowered,

    Strength gain.

    'Nuff said.
  18. LysanderXonora

    LysanderXonora Well-Known Member

    Oh my.

    I actually like this hero.

    Rename the skills and we can actually make a proper hero out of this!

    Nerf avada plox LOL
  19. Subotai

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  20. Nevfigalo

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    Hmm, too much sense and logic in one post.

    Well, despite the fact that this hero is based on Voldemort, has passive forced synergy, is "a bit" op, ulti becomes worser with each level and allows you to troll around, it is quite nice hero suggestion.

    Btw, do you mean missile speed by casting time?