Europe Looking for Danish people for DotA 2 Clan!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by TrickeyD, May 10, 2012.

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    Hiya, im Mikkel, i've been playing the orginal DotA on casual level, jumped to HoN and stayed there for a while. HoN became something - which i can't say without getting punished. Got my lovely DotA 2 key and been playing since December.
    Im looking for Danish people who are interested in forming a DotA 2 team, my goal is to get into tourneys etc.

    1. Good humor - I like to be able to laugh even though we just lost a game where we all had 400 gpm.
    2. Don't rage - Raging makes everybodys morale go rock bottom, and when that is rock bottom, things happen to go to shit.
    3. Be able to give and take criticism - Because having a big epeen doesn't help you win or learn!
    4. Have a mic - We are going to use skype untill im arsed to make a VT or TS3 server.
    5. Be open, don't be shy - This is really important if we want to be able to talk to eachother
    6. Speak Danish, duh.
    7. Play to win, because winning is everything! - We play to win, but you can't always win.
    8. Be dedicated and avaible to play atleast 1-2 games each day!
    9. I will only accept people who know their way around DotA, positioning, hero build, map awareness etc.
    10. Be mature, age doesn't really matter.

    Thats it, just write a little bio about you, and which roles you play (Look at mine below) and i will take a look at it!

    Kind Regards
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    Oi! My name is Frederik, called Futte, and i'm from Denmark (duh). I started by playing dota for a year, before i switched to HoN when it got into Closed beta. Around when HoN went into Open beta i started watching both HoN and Dota competitively, and started wondering when i was gonna try to break through. Now i have played HoN since that but switched into playing Dota 2 when 1 of my friends got a beta key in december. I'm only 15, but since i just stopped to a sport i have been playing for 7 years i have a lot of sparetime, other than if i study, going to lan or if i do physical training. I am of course gonna fix my schedule if we are gonna play in Tourneys or if we really need to train. I would describe myself as hardworking. I like to play hard-carry or the solo off lane, but i can really play what the team needs.

    Steam account name Kartoflen
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    There is a lot named Kartoflen, add me, TrickeyD
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    My name is Mads, I'm 22 years old and live in Aalborg. I have played some LoL before, and now I'm almost only playing DotA. I don't mind criticism and advises, because I'm always looking to be a better player and get a better understanding of the game. I mostly play support heroes. My mic is broken atm, but I'm looking to buy a new one or get it fixed really soon. (But I have the mic in my laptop - which is crap, but use able)

    My steam username is Kamds.
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