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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Judah93, Apr 19, 2013.

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    ------- DOTA 2 --------

    I've been playing for a while , and I wanted to develop teamwork with a certain team , but there's a huge handicap , I'm currently serving in the army, and having around 4-5 hours a day , although I've got 2 free days in the week ( Friday & Saturday )

    v Standard time zone: UTC /GMT +2 hours
    v 19 Years old.
    v Got mic.
    v Friendly & a mature Team player

    Alright then...

    I'm usually playing :
    Invoker ( most of the time - my main )
    Meepo ( still training - but I'm preety good by now )
    Phantom Lancer

    These are the heroes I'm best with, Although , Theoretically - I can play all of them efficiently after a single game ( that didn't work for Meepo though...).

    Either reply here if you're interested or catch me up on steam ( ID : JudahIL )