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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Sulfuron, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. Sulfuron

    Sulfuron New Member

    So, I have been playing LoL for the past six (6) months or so and have just recently heard of DotA. I know it is a RTS but what are the defining differences between the two RTS'? I enjoy LoL for its simple game style but I have heard from some friends that this game is much more complex than LoL so I am really interested in what players from DotA have to say between the two games. Thanks,
  2. Q__Q

    Q__Q Banned

    Search is your friend.
  3. Claire Farron

    Claire Farron Banned

    This proved that new member is not aware of search function and PD should do something for this. Eg: Reminder about Search when member is registering.
  4. Starcraft2Korea

    Starcraft2Korea Well-Known Member

    Thumbs up!

    Want to play a casual Dota genre game with a limited hero pool?
    Play League of Legends.

    Want a competitive game where you can access all heroes right from the start?
    Dota 2 is the game for you.
  5. Sulfuron

    Sulfuron New Member

    Thanks, that is helpful. Now I would assume the learning curve on the heroes will be a lot higher then the ones a LoL player would be use to?
  6. Skyforger4.0

    Skyforger4.0 Banned

    Basically the difference between the two is that LoL is better.
  7. KuroNeko

    KuroNeko Moderator

    I think a good analogy would be MSPaint vs Photoshop. Both are programs that allow you to edit images. MSpaint is simpler, easier to use, and more intuitive, but doesn't have as much "stuff" to offer. On the other hand, Photoshop is more powerful (with layering, enhancing, etc), but it's likewise more complex, and one might take a while to learn how to identify and use these functions, yet alone truly appreciate them.

    Both have their merits; I use both of them.

    For actual discussion, search the playdota forums (even googling "playdota dota vs lol" if you don't want to use the search function) or simply google "dota vs lol".
  8. Khgint

    Khgint Well-Known Member

    The biggest differences between LoL and Dota I noticed after 20ish games of LoL so far:

    LoL has a higher regen/cost ratio, so even agi carries can spam their spells. Picture sniper having enough mana to spam shrapnel for harass.

    Dota towers are weaker, tankier heroes can tower dive as early as level 5. Try that in LoL and you die in 4-5 hits.

    Creep aggro is different, but not hard to pick up.

    Dota juking is much harder due to trees being destructible, millions of qb/tango spots you should know.

    Boots first will get you rage from everybody in Dota.
  9. B3yondL

    B3yondL Banned

    Not really. In LoL you have 6 skills to worry about in total (including summoner skills).

    In Dota, you only have to worry about 2-3 skills because the majority of heroes have at least one passive. Some even have 3 passives.
  10. InvokerofTime

    InvokerofTime Forum Manager

    k seriously

    LoL has no denying, meaning that farming is harder to gain a decisive advantage in LoL
    Dota involves summoning more additional units
    In Dota, barracks (inhibitors) don't respawn
    in Dota, Carries are far far far more important, and so are roles
  11. ShowThemHell

    ShowThemHell Banned

    Next time, use search.

    Ok, about LoL vs. Dota things. There are many differents.

    1)Every heroes in Dota are free. You can't buy Runes. "Rune" in-game are power-up which is accessible for any player.
    2)Dota map is much bigger than LoL.
    3)LoL has free "Return to base", While Dota has to buy "TownPorter scroll", But TownPortal can be used to teleport to any ally building/tower.
    4)Jungling is a little bit harder. Not any hero can jungle, and jungle does not give you buff.
    6)There is no bushes, only fog of war. You can't see the the units too far from you and can't see units behind trees.
    7)Invisible heroes are not imba, because you can buy anti-invis items with cheap prize.
    8)Last hit/Deny is way more important than in LoL.
  12. anachus

    anachus Member

    And then I bought 6 items in dota with active abilities.
  13. Skyforger4.0

    Skyforger4.0 Banned

    On Chen.
  14. Snifnix

    Snifnix Well-Known Member

    oh look, it's this thread again.
    Happy to see that people still don't have anything better to do than humor themselves that other people have passion about their computer games.
    Thanks for creating this thread, we had almost forgot these kind of threads was made on daily basis for a while there.
  15. Khgint

    Khgint Well-Known Member

    On Invoker.
  16. slence

    slence Well-Known Member

    Mana Poison lol :rofl:
  17. ShowThemHell

    ShowThemHell Banned

    I forgot how to write clarlity.
  18. Razer.Cyberias

    Razer.Cyberias Graphics Crew

    This thread should be closed before it sheds blood
  19. kevil4613

    kevil4613 Well-Known Member

    On Meepo, actually make it 5 active items and aghs.

    Dota is often perceived to have a higher learning curve than LoL.
    You get all the current heroes and any additional heroes for free.
    Most heroes have only 4 skills, 3 regular skills and 1 ultimate skill.
    LoL runes are different than Dota runes, Dota runes pop up in either one of two specific spots at regular 2 minute intervals that any player can get during the game, LoL runes give players custom powerups before game starts, you will have some disadvantage if you dont have one while the other team does.
    Killing allied creeps and towers are allowed in Dota and is called denying or deny, killing allied units while in presence of enemy/ies causes them to get
    lower experience and no gold gain.
    The barracks in Dota does not respawn after getting destroyed.
  20. iFishO_o

    iFishO_o Well-Known Member

    It seems alright so far :p
    OT: All I can say is that in DotA, item choice is extremely important and it makes a huge and obvious difference according to how you spend your gold.

    From my experiences in LoL, items don't really have that much of an obvious effect, your enemy just looks tanker, or does more damage.

    Also, dying makes you lose a percentage of your gold, and as said before, inhibitors (barracks/rax) don't respawn in DotA. So DotA is seen to be less forgiving when you make mistakes compared to LoL.
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