locks of the Viking Princess

Discussion in 'Studio D'Art' started by abdo1234, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. abdo1234

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  2. Destiny

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    hmm maybe make the color of the hair uhh white as snow? Imo you should target valkyrie accessories instead of viking chick. More suitable with rylai ;)
  3. carlvic

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    Actually, I like it.
    I really like sets that make heroes look a little bit realistic/battle-ready and not look like someone whose about to join me in the pride parade.
    I don't care which pride.
  4. InvokerofTime

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    Can we have some shots from in game, from usual playing view against radiant and dire terrain?

    Also, I'd personally make the horns a little more detailed.
  5. Captain Planet

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    Need more golden or white for the hair colour, IMO.
  6. Lycan

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    Bake a normalmap with xnormal to solve this it's not a lot of work unless you stacked your uv's
  7. abdo1234

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    Update :) almost ready for release after i remake the textures and improve the horns.

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    and thank you.
  8. Sven2k

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    Looks kind of weird and not really fitting her theme. Sorry, but T-down from me on its current design.
  9. Lycan

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    I've looked at it a couple of times feeling there's something wrong, so i did some googling.

    The horns are currently not attached to anything. So you'd suggest CM grew horns or it';s attached to the crown underneath her loose hair.

    Loose hair as a warrior that fights head on which is what you're portraying with the horns since their use is to strike fear into the enemy. Since from a longer distance it won't be shown.

    However long lose hair in close quarter combat is a big problem vision wise and thus limits her dexterity. So i'd suggest to braid her hair and actually some where the horns are attached the the tiara that i would also favor to do somewhat more subtle .

    Laghertha's hair from the Show viking is a good example of how i would consider braiding it. I also think you need to make her a bit more blond on the hair color but since it's a wip i think you'll be planning that anyway but it's easier to work with bigger color contrasts. You can do more with the shape of the tiara if you bake some normals for it or make it simple and more subtle with some gems in a circlet. Anyway these are the changes on the design that i would consider.
  10. Eli_Green

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    would be fine without the horns i think