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  1. TheKindlyOne

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    Coz everyone seems to love chucking SAO spoilers around (coz they've all read the novels), you guys now have a special place to discuss them.

    You may discuss ANYTHING sao related, be it light novel anime, or other stuff.

    From now on, if you have spoiler material, please chuck it in this thread.
  2. [AirCoN]

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    does this include alicrization arc? cause i haven't read it
  3. Mr. Foxxie

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    What the fuck.

    Seriously, just discuss it in the LN thread instead of making a new one. Don't clutter the forum with shit threads that don't even need to be separated.

    Or better yet, don't discuss regarding spoilers to currently airing anime.
    If you must then put them in spoilers, it's not your fault if people can't resist the urge to open it.
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    Alright I need help. I've watched the anime up to episode 6 and the LN is really confusing. Volume 1 Chapter 1 starts from beginning, floor 1 and then straight forward goes to floor 74 and it looks like the main story. Why are the side stories after volume 1? Am I supposed to read it in that order? Does the main story finish in the first volume? Are volumes 3-9 continuations to volume 1? This is so fucked up D:

    Edit: Volume 1 kinda continues where episode 6 left off, the rabbit, Kuradeel and so on. Is it alright if I continue reading it in that order?
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  6. -Eight Wonder-

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    That's just the author's style of writing, The side stories are in volume 2 but the events there happened within the timeline of chapter 1. It didn't change anything except that you might feel weird about the sudden time skip. Yes, Volume 3 onwards follows the chronological order of the story and you are free to read it however you like.

    Also, The anime followed the chronological order of the story, which means they animated the side stories first in order to match the right order of events.

    You do perfectly know that's impossible right?
  7. Mr. Foxxie

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    It was worth a shot loloololol

    Meh, I just don't like cluttering the forum with duplicate threads.

    If people just stopped asking to be spoiled or stopped feeding spoilers it would be fine.

    Just post like me. Mostly troll posts, even when I spoil I don't even know that I spoiled. It's like I'm just predicting what will happen that's all.