Little secret of the bush ---- 6.60 New Path

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by HowToMakeLove, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Ok , poor english ,ohhhhh
  4. راضیه

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    Awesome post, thank you for this. :heart:
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    Here comes the noobie translate :p
    (but sorry for my broken english, hope you can understand = =)

    等等(wait a moment)就来(coming),不会(dunno)传(pass)地图(map)
    It should be
    "Wait a moment, it's coming later, dunno how to pass the map"
  6. Ripshock

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    Nice find, Ill keep those in mind
  7. ydraliskos

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    Oh cool it wasnt an exploit after all, thanks for the intel on those screens :)
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    good we know how to avoid ns =O
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    Nice! Thanks for the screenshots!
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    Good Job! Thanks for this :D
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    New juke spots are always welcome. Thanks a lot :)
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    I love jukespots. Thanks for the pics!
  14. DaveForsaken

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    not really with his ulti improvement by scepter :X:
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    Great post ! Good job !
    That was pretty fast to find all of these!
  17. Sasquatch

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    Great post, should deserve a sticky. It's nice to know where all the juke spots are.
  18. Dark Mizuki

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    New jukespots, I guess Balanar has a new job to do, juker hunting ^^
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    Niiiice, more juke spots for teh lulz.
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    wow,, new map with new secret path,, how did u know these ?
    thanx bro,,