List of spells which dont use cast animation

Discussion in 'Advanced Mechanics' started by myashssi, Apr 6, 2010.

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    And I have no intentions of arguing.
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    From the very beginning I am consquently completely ignoring the fact that Blizzard mixed up field names as this is completely irrelevant.

    Metamorphosis ignores casting point.
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    EDIT: I'm sick of this, so let's just shut the hell up. Both of us :3
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    No. Now clarification tiem.

    Regular active spells (so no arrow skills and the like) can be divided to three groups.

    1. Using Cast Point
    2. Ignoring Cast Point
    3. Lulz
    1. When such spell is cast its Casting Time is used first and the unit plays its 'Stand Channel' (or 'Stand') animation. Then Unit's Cast Point is used and unit plays animation defined in the spell. During that time no mana is used and spell doesn't go into effect, unit will stop casting if it is issued another command (other than move, patrol and the like), it is interrupted or the unit moves out of Cast Range + MBR.

    2. These spells only use time and animation defined by the spell itself (or 'Morph' in case of transformation spells). If there's no Casting Time the animation will play but it is possible to cancel the whole of it.

    3. Lulz can be further divided.
    • Channel
    • Spells that do not have cooldown (Call to Arms, Defend)
    • Windwalk
    But there's no point talking about these spells here.
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    Sry for digging up this thread, but I've got another question concerning cast animation:

    Does Blink (AM & QoP) belong in that category (not using cast point AND having a certain cast delay > 0 defined by the spell itself)? Afaik, it always has a 0.33 sec casting delay and does not use the units cast point. Is that correct and if yes, are there any other spells except transformation spells which behave like that (having a fixed delay until the spell goes into effect) ?

    (edit: made my point more clear)
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    Yes it's under second category in Cáno's post.

    Blink ignores cast point of the caster. And there is two fields to edit casting time of it, Duration - Normal and Casting Time. Duration - Normal has a default value of 0.33 which defines casting time of Magina's and Akasha's blink. 0.33 seconds is actually Warden's Spell Throw animation time, which makes her vanish, kinda like Techies' spell animation but shorter.

    Furion's Teleportation is also a Blink, which uses Casting Time field instead of Duration - Normal.
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    Hi there, I'm confused with the casting point/backswing thing.

    I really appreciated if someone could help.

    Q1. For a channel-based spell, there shouldn't be backswing unless the follow through time>0, right? Examples: all Kunkka, Ezalor's channel-based spells.

    Q2. Also for a channel-based spells, there shouldn't be cast point, but why does Kunkka, Ezalor have? Is there something to do with the "Base order ID" or "art duration" time, or where to check/edit the data? (same as the hero's cast point?)

    Q3. As Black Isle said, "Furion's Teleportation is also a Blink, which uses Casting Time field instead of Duration - Normal", I checked the casting time of Teleportation, it's 3/2.5/2/1.5 but not 3/3/3/3 from lv1-4, and why?

    Q4. Zeus's Arc Lightning, the hero's page says "• Has a 0.2 second cast point instead of Zeus's usual 0.4 second cast point.", how does this happen?

    Thanks in advance.
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    channel forces unit to play backswing animation, this skill literally one of the worst. exception, as always, item-related

    cast time being cached on first cast and cannot be changed later, blizz's oversight (bug). I described few caching bugs before on Hive

    last patches "frogo" reduced hero's CP and gave casttime to spells which shouldn't have decreased CP.
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    This thread is six years old . . .

    Please just start new threads for new questions in the future.