List of spells which dont use cast animation

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  1. myashssi

    myashssi Well-Known Member

    ... is there any?
    Are only the FoK-based spells on that "list" or is there anything else?

    Btw: Are there any other (new) Items which Rearm doesnt refresh besides
  2. Zangetsu2201

    Zangetsu2201 Well-Known Member

    Refer to Küken's post.

    Linken's and BKB.
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  3. antiweltteilchen

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    linkens is refreshed, but doesn't have any effect. windwalk doesn't use castpoint. there are more but lazyness beats me
  4. BBQ

    BBQ Well-Known Member

    Defend (the one used by the Footmen), Windwalk, Hex, Polymorph (basically the same as Hex), Bladestorm, Mana Shield, Fan of Knives, Berserk, Immolation, Divine Shield, Metamorphosis, Blink, Bear Form, Chemical Rage, Storm Crow Form, Avatar, Burrow, Blink, Essence of Blight and Spirit Touch (the ones used by the Obsidian Statues) ignore the cast point to a certain degree as well.
    There may be some others. I'll edit the post if they get on my mind.
    EDIT: Come on people, there have to be some more.
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  5. Zephirdd

    Zephirdd Well-Known Member

    Actually, invoker DOES have a casting animation, but for the sake of the concept it is not used at all.

    Well, assuming that invoker's model is 100% based on the blood mage's model, that is.
  6. Soulfly

    Soulfly Well-Known Member

    I don't think it works that way. The mountain giants which tiny is based upon also have a casting animation when they use their taunt in ladder.
  7. Küken

    Küken Well-Known Member

    You are confusing the cast animation a model has (purely cosmetic) and the cast point/backswing of a unit (no relation to the cosmetic animation a model possesses).

    Tiny and Invoker have a Cast Point of 0, so they are able to cast most spells instantly. Spells like FoK, which ignore cast point can be cast instantly for every hero, but can still cause a spell animation, if the hero stands still after (however issuing another command immediately will cancel the spell animation).
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  8. Clogon

    Clogon Well-Known Member

    What about True Form, Chemical Rage and the skill Shiva's/Mord's Active are based on?
  9. xbox619

    xbox619 Well-Known Member

    Ability Type: Active
    Targeting Type: Instant
    Ability Hotkey: R
    Instantly reloads the Tinker's weapons.

    Level Mana Cost Cooldown Casting range Area of Effect Duration Allowed Targets Effects 1 150 0 N/A N/A N/A Self 3 seconds to rearm 2 250 0 N/A N/A N/A Self 2 seconds to rearm 3 350 0 N/A N/A N/A Self 1 seconds to rearm Notes
    • Rearm works on all items except Black King Bar, Arcane Ring, Helm of the Dominator, Hand of Midas, Refresher Orb, and Necronomicon.
    • This spell uses mana when cast, but will not refresh abilities until finished casting. This means interrupting Rearm while it is casting will waste mana but have no effect on ability cooldowns.
  10. HolyPanda

    HolyPanda Well-Known Member

    it got changed in one of the more recent versions the dota wiki isn't updated for that yet
  11. Cáno

    Cáno Well-Known Member

    Transformation spells don't use casting animation indeed.

    As for Item Agility Gain it can't even be used as a skill since it doesn't show icon. Used as item active ability it obviously doesn't use casting animation.
  12. BBQ

    BBQ Well-Known Member

    As I said in my post, they use the Duration - Normal field instead. Read - Metamorphosis.
  13. Clogon

    Clogon Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the answers. What about Phase Shift? Since it can be auto casted before at the damage even I assume that it bypasses Casting Point too right?
  14. BBQ

    BBQ Well-Known Member

    I thought about Phase Shift as well, but tested manual cast only. Silly me. You're probably right though. I'll test it out as soon as I'm able to. Or perhaps somebody else can do it.
  15. Cáno

    Cáno Well-Known Member

    Transformation spells don't use casting animation indeed.
  16. BBQ

    BBQ Well-Known Member

    Tested Phase Shift. It uses the Cast Point even if set on Autocast.
    Wat u ?
  17. Clogon

    Clogon Well-Known Member

    Eh? Then how does Puck gain Invulnurability before the damage then?
  18. Küken

    Küken Well-Known Member

    Just a theory, maybe the trigger works on cast, not on spell effect and is cancelled when giving puck an order. The spell on autocast seems to trigger before the damage event in this case.
    However I doubt this, because you could avoid mana costs and cooldown in ths case. I cannot test it currently, but I am fairly sure, phase shift should ignore cast point.
  19. BBQ

    BBQ Well-Known Member

    Puck is made Invulnerable / is added Marker at the moment the "phaseshift" order is issued. This is hardly noticeable due to his low Cast Point (yes, he's made invulnerable before the spell goes to effect). The order is executed just when he's about to take the damage, but the triggers will register the issue of the order before the damage is dealt and do their job. (there are other similar cases like this one)
    I used roughly the same triggers as those in DotA, and even if the unit had a Cast Point of 10 seconds, it'd become invulnerable before the damage is dealt and Phaseshift will go into effect 10 seconds later.
  20. Cáno

    Cáno Well-Known Member

    We are obviously talking about spells that ignore unit's casting point (OP called it casting animation, w/e). Metamorphosis ignores casting point and goes into effect immediately, just as Hex, for example. Obviously if we set its casting time to be higher than 0 it will have casting time, but how does it make sense.
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