Lina Item Build.

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  1. Elements-

    Elements- Banned

    Guys I want you to help me. I don't know what are the items of Lina Inverse.
    Please explain why are those items viable to Lina Inverse.I will play a serious game between 1 internet cafe and 1 internet cafe. My brother is in the team so I joined. they said I would choose Lina for support.
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  2. aiceball

    aiceball Banned

    get meka, Dagon and Vanguard. then go Aghanims, followed by Hex
  3. Elements-

    Elements- Banned

    Can you explain why would I get those items? I like to see the reasons not just trying those items then losing.
  4. aiceball

    aiceball Banned

    meka = heal up your hp and help your team
    Dagon = finish up the combo
    Vanguard = not die in 2 hits
    Agha = improve ulti
    Hex = no comments
  5. Baconnaise

    Baconnaise Well-Known Member

    Don't ever get meka dagon and vanguard. On any hero. Start with cheap stats and later get boots and bottle and magic wand. These really don't need explanation...

    After that buy a point booster as max health and mana helps a lot as you should be constantly ganking during midgame, and lina's ulti has a pretty big mana cost.

    From there you can get an optional scepter (natural upgrade to point booster) or you can go straight for guinsoo. The disable is really helpful for your team and setting up other spells such as her own stun. Scepter is a nice stat and health/mana pool boost. The damage on her ulti is just a bonus.

    Also my boots of choice on her are travels as she wastes the attack speed and damage on phase, and doesn't require the large int on treads. You could use str treads if you want though.
  6. Elements-

    Elements- Banned

    Is Bloodstone viable for Lina?
    BTW I like your reply to me Baconnaise GJ
  7. Witchking

    Witchking Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't try to build her as a semi-carry with dagon, it's just bullshit.

    Get treads (str or int depending on situation), bottle, point booster. finish agha. Get void stone, finish guinsoo. Shivas afterwards. Then the game should be over already.

    That way, your survivability is decent enough (scepter gives you enough) and you have lots of mana and mana regen to perform dragon slave and light strike array several times without any problems.

    Meka is decent on hero if there's no one else getting it.

    Dagon + refresher only for the lulz.
  8. rayMi

    rayMi Banned

    If you play support lina, you won't have much gold, you will need to provide team's courrier and some wards. Items for your hero will be cheap : Aim for treads in intel mode, because it's cheap, gives decent ms and +16int which is goldike for early int heroes like lina. Without that she will be short on mana quite often for her combo. Besides that, a mix based on your preference but based on cheap stats, like branches or bracers, bottle, magic wand with the early branches. Because you want to be effective fast, not farming. So a bit of mana, a bit of hp, a bit of regen, that's what you need.
    Then if you can actually get some gold, best bets are : dagger, or point booster. The point of dagger is to surprise engage with your stun, or to follow blinking mate. It's very versatile if you can use it. But if you're not confortable with it, the best is to get a piont booster for the hp and mana, then you can get what you want. Agha is nice, not especially for the improved ulti which is a good bonus, but mainly for the stats provided

    Also, always carry a tp scrolls

    But don't forget you're supposed to ward etc
  9. DISaS73R

    DISaS73R Well-Known Member

    Bottle, magic wand, a couple bracers, treads and a dagger. Don't forget to buy lots of wards.
  10. Magical-Trever

    Magical-Trever Well-Known Member

    Hmm. Treads/BoT, bloodstone, hex, aghanims...

    and dagon or refresher if your a cunt.
  11. XeL

    XeL Active Member

    Dagon - Adds another destructive nuke
    Aganims - Makes our already destructive laguna blade even stronger
    Ref.Orb - Makes you use dagon and laguna blade AGAIN (and hex)
    Guinsoos - Hex... to counter blinkers
    HoT - What can I say... + Hp for tanking
    BoT - You're a spellcaster what do you need Phase and Treads for?
    The ff items are optional (you may choose any of them or replace any item expect the boots dagon aganihms and ref orb)
    Shivas - Slow is good
    Another HoT - More tanking capabilities
    Bloodstone - Same as HoT(most recommended)
    Never get
    Divine Rapier - Are you really that stupid?

    Overall: Lina is a SUPER nuker:nuke::nuke::nuke:
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  12. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    You are a ganker and should never in any half serious game be able to get those items.

    Spot on, nothing to say much realy. The ideal would be to maximize your early mid game ganking without being gimped by your limmited income, although id rather get a single Point Booster in the place of Bracers since if the situasion allows it they can be upgraded to Aghs later.
  13. Balcas

    Balcas Well-Known Member

    Trolls, he asked for a support lina build, not a pub lina that can own with mom and mkb.
  14. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    There is no support Lina build. She "supports" by playing aggresive. Its like asking for a support Batrider or a support NA build.

    That being said, DPS items on her is retarded, and she should stick to builds that actualy benefit your team like the one posted by DISaS73R.
  15. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    Vlads, SnY, Lothar, Treads, Bfly, Vanguard.

  16. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    Blink Dagger + Bottle + Point Booster + Magic Wand + Boots is sufficient.
  17. PaTaPoNn

    PaTaPoNn Well-Known Member

    Get 1 lv of stun and wave, max your 3rd skill asap. take ulti whenever u can.
    y? because when u stun and hit, the dmg dealed is way better den max stun+wave when u hav some decent dmg item.
    first get stat item either bracers or nulls, get phase boots. aim either deso or mkb but i prefer deso. once u get deso and max 3rd skill, wave and stun grants u +100 atk spd, together with phase boots u can easily take down almost every int or agi hero in few seconds.
    if your opponent hav plenty disable, get bkb. if not, go buriza.
  18. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    Fixed that for you.
  19. Relax

    Relax Well-Known Member

    I used to buy Nulls but with her recent buff on Int I go Bracers for survivability then Treads Int, you'll have enough mana pool.

    But you must consider Phase, as a nice boost to Fiery Soul and a little hand to land your stun before getting Dagger.

    Aganhim is an ok boost on hp/fiery/dmg and easy to build but if you get some early kills, Guinsoo will help better later on.
    If you have trouble surviving, try Linken but Dagger should help you avoiding some stuns.
  20. i start off by grabbing a ring of protection(if going bot or top), 3 branches (if going for magic wand depending on other heroes), magic stick (if going bot/top and getting magicstick) and then stacking clarity/tango/pot whatever you like. If you go top after farming a bit buy sobi mask to get rob that will help with regen & armor & attack and then finish your magic stick recipe. then split ringofbas at circle and make arcane, grab boots/treads. the rest of your items are situational but usually blink dagger is taken choose if you rather aghanims or refresher first or get bracers if you find yourself dying or losing hp too fast to finish your combos but most of the items that have been repeated are viable. really just need to assess your situation and prioritise whatever item would benefit you and your team the most