Lina build? (skill+item)

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by KuroNeko, May 7, 2010.

  1. KuroNeko

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    Well I've only played this hero once to some success, but I'd like some advice. I saw a video on lina with euls+dagger. In the game that I played, I went 9-6. I only laguna'd to shut down troll, stop luna's ult, or gib a runner.

    -DS (because DS is more reliable)

    -sobi & RoR
    -stick--> wand, gauntlet--> bracer
    -str treads (I was squishy...)
    -that's as far as I got, they gg'd it a few min after.

    Holes in my build? Tips? Advice? etc.
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  2. LightburneR

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    Skill build is alright.

    My personal preference for items are Bottle, Aghan, Dagger, Boots/Threads (depending on game), Wand, Bracers/Nulls (if I need the mana/hp)

    Refresher works pretty good (you have a way to use that +40 damage) if its dragging on verrrry late and you need to Semi-Carry.

    Guinsoo, Forcestaff, Eul, Orchid, ROB/VO, Ghost Scepter, Blademail, Urn, Dagon (if you can farm it up early), Shiva etc. etc.. Depends on the game. Situationally useful.

    BOT and Phase are also viable.

    Courier/Wards/Dust if noone else gets it.

    As a general rule of thumb, I take Aghan though. I don't like dying very much.

    (I think Lothar is shit on her >___________>)
  3. PandamannD

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    Get Blink, never foce staff
  4. Kouganei

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    Put 1 level of LSA it has low scaling damage and increases manacost per level up but the stun duration doesn't increase.
  5. 1nF

    1nF Well-Known Member

    You should have gotten BoT for better ganking and farming. All linas should do it unless they are used as wardbitches. Other than that everything is fine. If being squishy was your main problem you could have compensated it with stats after LSA and DS are maxed out and getting Fiery Soul later (probably you did so as you have not specified).
  6. Heeg

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    Why did you get a RoR?
    Were you roaming or making a lane inhospitable to the enemy?
    Did you have an ally who could back you up after you dagger'd (or that ally going in first, ES/Sven/Tide)?
    What were your enemies/allies?

    Your skill build is just dandy, unless you had an ally with a reliable disable laning with you.
  7. мusịĸ

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    Ulti../LSA/Slave/Stats/Soul (amidoinitrite?) for skills for me usually, the reason why I level LSA over slave is that I'm pretty confident on landing it pretty much always and in my opinion it is very mana conservative to max it first if you can land it, that is.

    As for items; Boots and wand are core. Optionals include wards, bottle, soul ring, urn etc.

    As a luxury Eul's/dagger is a pretty solid choise, cheap'n'effective. If you are swimming in cash get that damn guinsoo.

    Force staff is a good additino to your arsenal too, though I've yet to try that item out. I'm too stubborn when it comes to new items.
    In pubs Dagon is also perfectly fine, ensures you double, triple kills. Laguna someone and use burst one someone else...

    EDIT: As for boots upgrades; all three options are legit. Phase boots can help immensely in landing your spells if you don't have Dagger, treads provide extremely important str/int and BoT are a good late-game addition.
  8. Kris

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    Always has been fun to play xD
  9. Xmarksthegank

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    It is AoE, the damage increases moderately, and most importantly, if you skill it to max you'll get a skill that you can combine with dragon slave to clear out creepwaves much faster. Besides lina had a +5 starting int boost buff so mana is not as much of a problem anymore. It is a much better idea to skill it up for increased damage than it is to skill stats/fiery soul.

    On a hero like Lina I would not set the builds into stone, dagon can be good, early BoT can be good, or sometimes you just stick to some Urn/Wand/Bottle/Treads and supportwhore.
  10. hajasmarci

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  11. Kris

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    S&Y Vanguard
  12. JerkCo

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    well most of this is right.
    except few OBVIOUS SHIT TROLLS.
    re topic:
    skill build is alrite.
    i rather take wand/bottle over ror sobi.
    burst regen counts for alot with lina.
    after burst regen comes mobility i.e. forcestaff which i dont really like, blink, bot.
    then comes disable i.e. euls/guinsoo
    pretty much covers it. anything else is situational.
    pick up a couple of bracers/treads if you ever find need to do so.
    you wont need nuls becox of your rather high manapool.
  13. bountyface

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    dagger->agh. get some teleboots in this bitch too and gank your face off.
  14. niloy

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    Starting: 2 set of tangoes, 2 circlets, 1 gg branch

    2 nulls :- so that you can pull off your entire 3 skill combo at lvl 6 and general skill spamming

    Str Power treads:- Gives more HP, IAS goes well with Fiery soul, low cost

    Point booster:- more HP and MP

    Ghost scepter(situational):- if facing invi heroes(riki, clinkz, gondar) or physical dps (ursa, mortred, davion) and they are specifically targetting you

    Aghahims scepter:- more HP, MP and imba ulti

    Hex :- Disable + More MP/MP regen

    By now, game should end.