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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by S.Rebel, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. S.Rebel

    S.Rebel Well-Known Member

    I'm not a Lich player but I would like to learn so I have a few questions in minde.

    Why is it I see in almost every replay I watch with a Lich they get Str Treads?
    Is it viable to skip Aghanims to get other supportive items?
    Is dagger an absolute necessity?
    Bracers, good or bad?
  2. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    Power Treads: Cheap, nice stats and fits his aggressive play style.

    Mek > Aghanims. Skipping Aghanims is certainly viable but still a good item in it's own right. I generally tend to get it after Mek/Wards.

    Dagger: Not necessary but certainly useful, in both escaping and in positioning.

    Bracers>Nulls>.......Wraths: Getting at least a combination of Bracers/Nulls/Wand is good but I find bracers to be better overall as he has near unlimited mana anyway.
  3. S.Rebel

    S.Rebel Well-Known Member

    I see but what about Phase Boots? Good or not?
    And follow up on bracers, is it a must in most or all games?
  4. Jay.J

    Jay.J Well-Known Member

    Mek + Ritual = Can stay outside of base for ever.

    Get a crow for your team. Get wards for your team. Get Mek for your team. Basically - play for the team. After that, if you find yourself with the gold, feel free to get Blink or Aghs depending on your own usage of blink and the need for the increase in damage - though, I think a Guinsoo would serve you better overall.
  5. S.Rebel

    S.Rebel Well-Known Member

    Other items to consider aside from Mek, and yes wards/courier is always a must he is a wardbitch.
  6. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    Personal preference. To me, Phase Boots are awesome, while others might find it underwhelming. Lich doesn't really need it tough.

    As for Bracers, I tend to get a combination of 1 wand and 1 Bracer/Null on most heroes. In Lich's case I'd get it in almost any game. It's not like he needs any items anyway.
  7. S.Rebel

    S.Rebel Well-Known Member

    I see thanks :)
  8. leeoku

    leeoku Well-Known Member

    crow+wards+mek+wand is core. optionals include dusts/sentres/gem if needed. you can save team members money by buying them healing items/tp scrolls. if u want to get any additional item, pipe could be good if u guys need it. else i woudl go book/sheep
  9. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    @^: Pipe should be given to someone else, since every team will likely have hood users. after the Mek, and you still have spare gold, go for a Guinsoo's or an Aghanim's.
  10. lhh

    lhh Well-Known Member

    Basically i will try to get 2 bracer and boot early to keep ganking and ward. For me this few items is enough for lich. I had a few games ended with these items only but of course team coordinate play a great role in those games.

    If I am playing in pubs, then dagon will be my choice. Just for fun anyway. Aghanim + refresher can rape everyone in the fountain:cool1:

    Lich is pretty easy to play with. Just practice to aim the ult properly. Item comes second when playing lich.
  11. S.Rebel

    S.Rebel Well-Known Member

    Most of the replays of Lich I watched all go Aghanims or Dagger. is Mek an absolute must?
  12. Jyveyu

    Jyveyu New Member

    Mek is great because of ritual but I've skipped it sometimes. I always go for phase boots for the cheaper MS boost, since I don't bother with bracers/nulls if I feel I needed some of that I would just take treads then. Dagger, I always hit up a dagger a.s.a.p after Meka or after bos, great help for landing immense ultis. Afterwards, really depends on the income, usually shiva as the slow helps your ulti pinball or point boosters as a cheap hp+mp boost if needed.
  13. BorisPeace-

    BorisPeace- Well-Known Member

    I usually start with 2 gaunlets 2 branches and tangoes..

    My core is usually 2 Bracers Meka BoS Wand TP Scroll..

    Then .you could hit up to anything, it's true phase gives you cheap ms boost, PT gşves you cheap HP but I always wait for BoT as TP is invaluable. Aghanims is ok but, dagger is meh imo; I'd get Hex if gold keeps coming..
  14. Syaska

    Syaska Well-Known Member

    Core build:
    Stick+1 Bracer
    Tons of wards

    Luxury items:
    Point booster (Aghanim)

    Lich is a support and should not farm. In most games, you will not be able to get your agha. Wards, wards and even more wards.
  15. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    Don't forget how powerful a fast Dagon can be.
  16. S.Rebel

    S.Rebel Well-Known Member

    In my opinion Lich is kinda like Lion and Rhasta whereas both are able to get Aghanims but still stick to the typical boots, bracer, etc.. setup the only reason I made this thread is to try and find out what is his real core since in most replays I've seen he goes Agha instead of Mek
  17. Küken

    Küken Well-Known Member

    Well, lich is maybe the most item independant hero in the game. With any decent team you usually buy chicken, crow, wards wards wards. Don't get hero kills if another hero can get them (dont let someone escape, thought), you usually play an aggressive babysitter so dont get many creep kills as well, almost only if your (most likely melee) lanemate can not reach it in time. Deny like crazy (start attacking them at half hp, its not that important to get the actual deny, just prevent the lane from pushing), harrass, play agressively, place wards.

    Core would be bracer+boots, maybe wand, maybe meka. Luxury is pipe, if needed. If you have many melee heroes, consider getting vlads for them. Point booster cannot hurt, just like str or int treads (guess str make more sense).
    Dagger is situational but can be very good, if executed properly (need the right team for this; for example earthshaker with blink also; he blinks in, clears creeps, you follow-up blink and clear the heroes ;) )

    You can carry flasks for other heroes, dont forget warding. If you happen to have enough money, you can finish aghas. If you have enough money for guinsoo, you are probably doing it wrong (or the game lasts 70 minutes+).

    Use your ultimate early in a teamfight, dont wait for THE perfect situation. Later on you just die too fast. Abuse its 60 seconds cooldown on lvl 16; dont hesitate to use it (not on a full creepwave, thought, but dont wait for THE 2 heroes without any allys nearby; those situations are too seldom if your enemy plays well)

    Constantly armor your team (the armor is a big factor nowadays, with the removal of many cheap armor items), use meka/pipe when needed

    Later on, it is okay for you to die much; if you did your job well, your carry should have good farm on your lane and, due to wards, not be very vulnerable to ganks.
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  18. leeoku

    leeoku Well-Known Member

    im guessing they got aghs and skipped bracers and stuff. aghs covers pretty much all he really needs
  19. TheAmerican

    TheAmerican Well-Known Member

    Watch Demon play Lich. In the match against MYM. Priceless. It was just a fantastic played Lich overall that really answers all your questions.
    I suggest 2 Bracers/Treads/Mek/TP Scrolls/Wand + Chicken/Wards
    Guinsoo or Aghanims as is appropriate