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    Krobelus the Death Prophet
    Written by Piejonk​

    Krobelus spent her living days as a fervent member of a cult of Death Sayers. Her belief in the ways of death and the perfect harmony it brings has given her dead spirit a chance to wreak havoc among the chaotic living. She uses her abilities to call upon carnivorous bats and long dead spirits to lay to rest all who still pump blood through their veins. She augments her powers through the use of witchcraft, and she is able to make opponents gape in fear, losing the focus needed to cast spells. She is devoted to death in all it's aspects, and would see all turned to ash.​
    Welcome to my guide on Krobelus. I noticed that there are not very many guides dedicated to this hero on playdota.com so I decided to write this guide. This guide is also not meant for competitive use as I do not play competitive dota, however some if its concepts might apply to competitive play and strategies.

    [anchor=Table of Contents]topofpage[/anchor]

    I. [goanchor=100]The Alt-Tab Mini Guide[/goanchor]
    II. [goanchor=000]Hero Statistics[/goanchor]
    III. [goanchor=001]Hero Introduction[/goanchor]
    IV. [goanchor=002]Skills[/goanchor]
    V. [goanchor=003]Skill Build[/goanchor]
    VI. [goanchor=004]Item Build[/goanchor]
    VII. [goanchor=005]Gameplay and Strategies[/goanchor]
    VIII. [goanchor=006]Friends and Foes[/goanchor]
    IX. [goanchor=007]Conclusion[/goanchor]
    X. [goanchor=008]FAQ[/goanchor]
    XI. [goanchor=009]Replays[/goanchor]
    XII. [goanchor=010]Credits and Changelog[/goanchor]

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    [anchor=The Alt-Tab Mini Guide]100[/anchor]

    Skill Build:


    Early Game Items:


    Mid Game:

    [​IMG] or [​IMG]

    Core Item Build:

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] or [​IMG]

    Optional Items:


    Luxury Items:



    1. Take part in team battles.
    2. Early game, concentrate on farming your core.
    3. Push whenever not fighting or farming.
    4. Never sit around doing nothing.
    5. Use your ultimate a lot, but only when needed.

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    [anchor=Hero Statistics]000[/anchor]

    Level 1 Statistics:

    STR: 19+1.8
    AGI: 14+1.4
    INT: 20+3.0
    HP: 511
    MP: 260

    Level 25 Statistics:

    STR: 62+20
    AGI: 47+20
    INT: 92+20
    HP: 1708
    MP: 1456

    Advanced Statistics:

    Affiliation: Scourge
    Attack Animation: 0.56 / 0.51
    Damage: 39 - 51
    Casting Animation: 0.5 / 0.83
    Armor: 1
    Base Attack Time: 1.7
    Movespeed: 285
    Missile Speed: 1000
    Attack Range: 600
    Sight Range: 1800 / 800

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    [anchor=Hero Introduction]001[/anchor]

    For a long time Krobelus has been considered a very good hero capable of carrying, pushing, nuking. She is an excellent AOE and team battle hero. She is easy to use and will appeal to the new players. Krobelus is a very fun hero to play and I'm sure you will come to like her too.

    When to pick:

    • Your team needs more AOE
    • Enemy team has a lot of spellcasters
    • Your team needs a solid late-game carry
    • Your team is using a pusher strategy

    When to not pick:

    • Enemy team has lots of gankers or high burst damage heroes
    • Your team has other better carries that need lots of farm


    [+] Strong, spammable nuke allows for easy farming and pushing
    [+] 6 second AOE silence with a 11 second cooldown
    [+] Excellent in team battles
    [+] Excellent carry and pusher
    [+] Excellent AOE potential
    [+] Very strong ultimate
    [+] Strong mid-late game


    [-] Weak early game
    [-] Fragile
    [-] Mana dependent
    [-] Item dependent
    [-] Awful attack animation

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    More detailed information on Krobelus' skills can be found here.

    [nqb]Carrion Swarm
    [table][​IMG]|_______.|Sends a horde of bats to damage enemies. [/table]

    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|105|8 sec|600|700|N/A|100 damage per unit
    2|120|8 sec|600|700|N/A|175 damage per unit
    3|140|8 sec|600|700|N/A|250 damage per unit
    4|165|8 sec|600|700|N/A|300 damage per unit [/table]

    Skill Notes:

    • Damage type: Magical

    Skill Usage: This is your main and only damage nuke and after Witchcraft is maxed out, it is easily spammable, providing you have enough mana, and therefore it allows us to clear creep waves quickly which allows quick farming. You have to aim this skill and it damages enemies in a 700 AOE cone in front of you.[/nqb]

    [table][​IMG]|_______.|Stops all enemies in a target area from casting spells. [/table]

    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|80|14 sec|900|200|3 sec|Silences units in a target area
    2|80|14 sec|900|275|4 sec|Silences units in a target area
    3|80|14 sec|900|350|5 sec|Silences units in a target area
    4|80|14 sec|900|350|6 sec|Silences units in a target area[/table]

    Skill Notes:

    • Targets can still use items while silenced.

    Skill Usage: This skill is excellent! This skill is what makes Krobelus scary in team battles. A six second silence is no joke, and if well placed, your team can easily obtain the upperhand and wipe out the other team while they are busy smashing their buttons. The extremely low cooldown also means that you will be able to use this skill multiple times in battle, if needed.[/nqb]

    [table][​IMG]|_______.|Increases the potency of each of Krobelus' spells. [/table]

    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|Improves spells, increases movement speed by 3%
    2|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|Improves spells, increases movement speed by 6%
    3|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|Improves spells, increases movement speed by 9%
    4|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|Improves spells, increases movement speed by 12%[/table]

    Skill Notes:

    • Decreases Carrion Swarm mana cost by 5/10/15/20 and cooldown by 1/2/3/4 second.
    • Decreases Silence mana cost by 0/10/20/30 cooldown by 0/1/2/3.
    • Increases the number of level 1 Exorcism spirits by 1/2/3/4.
    • Increases the number of level 2 Exorcism spirits by 1/3/4/6.
    • Increases the number of level 3 Exorcism spirits by 0/2/4/7.

    Skill Usage: A great passive, that improves the abilites of Krobelus. The upgrades are very significant, and we need this skill to be an effective farmer and pusher. Now since the buff in 6.65 this skill is great. In fact just because of the movement speed buff, Krobelus will probably see some future competitive play.[/nqb]

    [table][​IMG]|_______.|Unleashes evil spirits to attack your enemies. [/table]

    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|200|100 sec|N/A|700|30 sec|Summons 5 evil spirits
    2|300|100 sec|N/A|700|30 sec|Summons 10 evil spirits
    3|400|100 sec|N/A|700|30 sec|Summons 16 evil spirits [/table]

    Skill Notes:

    • Spirits do 43-48 hero type damage.
    • Area of Effect specifies the area around Krobelus where spirits will choose new targets.
    • If a spirit gets 2000 range or more from Krobelus, it will be destroyed.
    • After the spell ends, the spirits will heal Krobelus for 25% of the damage dealt by them, up to a maximum of 1000.

    Skill Usage: Once activated, your enemies have two choices. One is two run like hell, and one is to stay and fight and most likely die. Towers also go down in no time at all. Each spirit does 43-48 hero damage which is a lot. For example in a 1vs1 situation if you have your level 3 ultimate activated then for every round of attacks the spirits would do 43*23=989 damage! Don't forget it lasts for 30 seconds. Not only does it have high damage but when it ends it heals Krobelus for 25% of the damage dealt up to a maximum of 1000. This makes her a great pseudo-tank and carry late game, as she is very hard to take down. Enemies must be in a 700 AOE around Krobelus to be attacked by spirits. Getting closer to them will also result in faster attacks and more damage overall. Also if you target someone the spirits will also target that enemy.


    Since this skill is pretty complicated, this section is all about how it works and interacts with the game.

    • Spirits do 43-48 hero type damage.
    • Area of Effect specifies the area around Krobelus where spirits will choose new targets.
    • If a spirit gets 2000 range or more from Krobelus, it will be destroyed.
    • After the spell ends, the spirits will heal Krobelus for 25% of the damage dealt by them, up to a maximum of 1000.
    • If Krobelus targets an enemy directly, and if her spirits are in range of that target, they will focus on the selected target
    • The spirits have no HP or MP, so there is no way to kill them DPS-wise
    • If Krobelus dies, all the spirits die instantly.
    • The spirits are "marker" units of Krobelus, meaning that she owns them, so Blademail will return damage from the spirits and directly damage her.

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    [anchor=Skill Build]003[/anchor]

    1. Carrion Swarm
    2. Silence
    3. Carrion Swarm
    4. Witchcraft
    5. Carrion Swarm
    6. Exorcism
    7. Carrion Swarm
    8. Witchcraft
    9. Witchcraft
    10. Witchcraft
    11. Exorcism
    12. Silence
    13. Silence
    14. Silence
    15. Stats
    16. Exorcism
    17. Stats
    18. Stats
    19. Stats
    20. Stats
    21. Stats
    22. Stats
    23. Stats
    24. Stats
    25. Stats

    Reasoning: We try to max out Carrion Swarm first as it is our only farming tool, and that is what we will be trying to do early game. Take one level of Silence early for escaping ganks or any first blood attempts. Since Witchraft helps a lot, we take it as much as we can after Carrion Swarm is maxed out. Finish with Silence and then after that Stats. Take your ultimate whenever possible.

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    [anchor=Item Build]004[/anchor]

    Core Build

    [nqb]Early Game


    Grab a gauntlet, circlet, 3 branches and one set of tangoes. This should be enough for the laning phase. Later turn the branches into a magic wand, and the gauntlet into a bracer. After that buy a pair of boots. Now you are good to go to farm up your next item.

    Mid Game


    Once you have completed the items from the laning phase, it is time to concentrate on your next core item. I am still going to recommend the good old Bloodstone, as even after the nerf it is an extremely effective item for Krobelus. It allows her to spam her spells more easily, and she can gain kills pretty easily from Carrion Swarm + Exorcism. It also gives her some nice HP and MP that she needs badly. The other choice is to go for Shiva's Guard. It is also a great item for Krobelus, as it improves her mana pool greatly, fixes her armor problems, and adds more AOE damage. Its your choice and you must decide which one to go for. If you need more survivability and spammability then go for Bloodstone, if you need more AOE potential then go for Shivas. This is your basic core build for the game.

    Optional Core


    Bottle is ok for Krobelus, but since she doesn't gank much, she doesn't benefit much from this item. It is still a viable option for her though if you find that you are having to go back to base time and time again.


    With the recent addition to Witchcraft, I believe that Phase Boots are once again a viable choice for Krobelus. It provides great chasing with the ghosts. You can also later decide to upgrade to BoT later on if needed.


    This adds to her survivability but it really strains your mana. Its your choice if you want to go for this item or not, if you think you have enough mana to support it, then go for it.


    This item allows Krobelus to go into the middle of the battle and wreak havoc without getting disabled (which is what we want). The downside is that it delays your core and might not be needed in some situations. If the enemy team has lots of disables, I recommend getting this item.


    Eul's is also a great choice for Krobelus. It gives her some nice mana regen and move speed. It alos gives her a disable which can be used offensively and defensively.


    Krobelus does not want to be focused. That is what Blademail will help us do. Turn this on and enemies will think twice about attacking you.


    This item helps Krobelus tank more throughout the game. It also helps protect agaisnt burst damage making you harder to kill for some heroes.


    I really dont like vanguard on Krobelus, but it does help with her tanking so it is possible to get it if you need it.

    Luxury Items


    First thing is first. It's time to finish your boots on the best choice for use are Boots of Travel. It gives us much needed map mobility for easier pushing. After your boots are completed you have a choice of luxury items. Heart gives us HP and survivability allowing us to tank easier. Skadi gives us HP and MP and a useful slow that can be used for chasing with your ultimate on. Guinsoo`s gives us nice mana regen and a second disable. So it`s up to you again to choose which one will best be of use to you. Usually the game will end before or very soon after you finish one luxury item.

    Rejected Items


    DPS items are not a viable option for Krobelus, because of her fragile nature and very low agility. Seriously, there is no reason to take any of these items over let's say Heart.
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    [anchor=Gameplay and Strategies]005[/anchor]

    Laning: Krobelus is a viable hero for mid, however most of the time there will be someone else that will benefit more from soloing mid. If not then take it. Otherwise head bottom lane Sentinel or top lane Scourge. Last hit to the best of your ability and occasionaly harass with Carrion Swarm. Make sure that you don't have to go back to the fountain as this wastes crucial time and we need every second of last hitting and XP to be more effective mid game. By the end of the laning phase when people start to gank and push seriously, you should have finished your basic laning core items.

    Farming: Since Carrion Swarm is your only real nuke, this is the skill that we will be using to farm. 2 swarms will destroy a creep wave, but usually one together with your normal attack is enough. Remember we need to conserve as much mana as we can early game, and once we get enough mana and regen, then we can start spamming this skill to farm. So before you have the mana only use one swarm per creep wave, and last hit to farm.

    Late Game: Late game our job is to go around the map pushing, stopping pushes, and fighting in team battles. Since we should have BoT at this point of the game, those things are pretty easy for us to do. Go to one lane push one tower quickly, then switch over to another lane and push there. Since teams stick together at this point, it is also a good idea to stick with your team. Counter pushing is easy for us, 2 swarms take care of creep waves easily. So during this part of the game, you want to push with your team, push by yourself when not pushing with your team, and counter pushing the enemy team's pushes.

    Team Battles: Our role in team battles comes after the initiators. Once they go in and disable the enemy team, it is our turn to go in. First of all turn on your ultimate immediately. Then use your silence on the most heroes possible. After that you are free to spam swarm. Use one more silence if needed, but that really won't be necessary as the enemy team should be dead by then. So to sum it up, here is what we do in massive team battles:

    1) When the initiators on your team have disabled the opposing team, go in.
    2) Turn on your ultimate.
    3) Silence the other team. Always try to silence their most dangerous spell caster/disabler.
    4) Spam Carrion Swarm/use Shivas if you have it.
    5) Use Silence again if necessary/chase fleeing heroes down with ultimate turned on.

    Aiming Carrion Swarm: It may sound easy, but it can sometimes be tricky to do. Never aim at a hero or creep, always aim at the ground. Get used to doing this always, even when farming. First of all, here is the max range of Carrion Swarm:


    Whenever aiming Carrion Swarm, always try to aim somewhere in the middle of the max range (in the case of the picture, the marked spot). Aiming Carrion Swarm is similar to aiming Dragon Slave or Sonic Wave. The arrows signify where the spell will go and hit. The line signifies the max aiming range before you move, if you click beyond the black line, Krobelus will move in that direction and when she reaches the casting range, she will fire off a swarm.


    Carrion Swarm has a max range of 700. Anyone in a 50-100 AOE of the black line will get hit. Anyone that is inside the black line will get hit no matter what.

    Now we always want to maximize the damage by hitting the most enemy heroes possible at once. Always try to aim so that you catch as many heroes possible. Here is an example of how to aim Carrion Swarm to maximize it's potential:


    Quite clearly a large team battle is taking place, between me, Rylai, Seer and Void, Leoric, Balanar and Razor. Void just managed to chrono us, but he also chronoed Balanar, so NS dies from my spirits.


    Void killed Seer, but I managed to get a great silence off together with Rylai using her ultimate. How I have a choice of where to aim my swarm. If I aim to the left, I will surely hit Leoric and Razor and possibly kill the former. If I aim to the bottom-right I will hit Void, and I might but probably won't hit Leoric. So I decide to aim my swarm towards Razor.


    Success. I hit them both and Razor dies almost instantly. If I had aimed the other way, I wouldn't of it as many heroes, and Razor would of probably ran away or he could of continued fighting by using his nuke.


    Void manages to Time Walk away, and Leoric with his ultimate quickly falls twice to the swarm of spirits.

    Aiming Silence: Using Silence to it's maximum potential is similar to using Carrion Swarm effectively. Again it's important that you try to catch as many enemies as possible with your silence. If enemies are very spread apart, then try to silence the most dangerous spell caster that they have. Disables such as Reverse Polarity and Blackhole are excellent and allow you to place a perfect silence without too much problems. Here are some examples of using Silence well:

    Using Silence to Avoid Ganks


    Me and Leoric are very low on health and we are trying to defend a tower to the best of our ability. It turns out that Axe and Lion have come to gank us, but as we shall see things will not go so well for them...


    As soon as they are ready to unleash their disables and kill us, I cast a silence on both of them.


    With a timely stun from Leoric, Lion dies from the tower and Axe manages to run away. A well placed silence completely turned a gank around.

    Using Silence In Team Fights


    We just finished pushing down the first mid tower. The Sentinel were trying to defend it with fewer numbers, but now more of them come.


    They try to engage us. My main priority here is to silence Leoric, as he is the one with the main disable. Since we have a small casting delay I aim my silence so that when Razor enters it he will be silenced. Of course Leoric and Balanar will be silenced as well.


    Turns out that only Razor and Leoric were silenced, and Balanar avoided it by trying to be more aggressive.


    However he soon also gets disabled, and he falls quickly together with his team.

    Using Silence To Escape

    Most of the time this strategy is very easy to pull off. What you need to do is silence the enemy first, so no stuns come your way, and then simply TP out of there. If they have bashers then you are most likely out of luck. However most of the time, this method of escape works.

    Using Exorcism Effectively: Since there is no need to aim your ultimate, it is much easier to use than your other skills. However it is still important to know when to activate it. Always, always activate it whenever close or in a team battle. If the enemies focus you, then you can try silencing them, or just running around while your team attempts to rip them apart. Also when close to an enemy tower while pushing, activate your ultimate, and even if you don't manage to take the tower down, you should of dealed significant damage to it, so that you can come back later and finish it off. Your ultimate can also be effectively used for backdooring. This can only be done late game when you have enough health to take shots from the tower. Just turn on your ultimate and focus the tower down. If any creeps come, then level them with Carrion Swarm. Remember your ultimate has a very short cooldown so try to use it a lot! Here is a little backdooring trick:


    Another great thing about Eul's is that it helps us abuse our great backdoor ability. For example in the picture I notice that the creep wave had just passed the tower so I turn my ultimate on and go attack the tower.


    After I take some shots from the tower I cyclone myself to avoid taking more damage, while my spirits still attack the tower. This a good technique that can be used to maximize our backdooring potential. Note that this trick can be done with any self-disable such as Astral Imprisonment.

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    [anchor=Friends and Foes]006[/anchor]


    Massive AOE


    These guys synenergize very well with Krobelus. Massive AOE + Massive AOE usually equals in enemy team rape. These heroes together with some disables and Krobelus can easily wipe out an opposing team in a matter of seconds.

    AOE Disablers


    A long disable allows Krobelus to freely wreak havoc on the enemy team. They also help you land your Silence and Carrion Swarm. Not much more you could ask for?


    High-Burst Damage


    Since Krobelus is very fragile, these heroes just eat you for breakfast. Just try to silence them before they take you apart, and if not possible then just avoid them as best as you can.

    Silence and Disables


    A Krobelus that can't cast spells or do anything is just useless, and food for the enemy. Silencer is especially annoying, he screws up your nukes and even your silence! Beware of these heroes.

    Special Mention

    Nerubian Assassin


    Not only does this annoying bug have high-burst damage, he likes to gank heroes that farm. Try wards or sticking with your team to prevent him from killing you that easily. Late game you will easily be able to kill him, but we have to get there first.

    Doom Bringer


    Doom Bringer is a counter to any hero, as a hero that can't do anything is less useful than a creep. You go into the midst of battle ready to unleash your full force when you start spamming your hotkeys only to realize that you've been doomed. The next second your hp is in red and you die. Make sure to silence him always before he dooms you or one of your teammates, and try to kill him as fast as possible.

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    Krobelus is a great hero with excellent AOE and pushing capabilities. She should be played with great energy; you should never be just sitting around doing nothing. I hope that this guide has taught you a lot about Krobelus and how to play her.

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    1. Why not take stats over Witchcraft?

    The reason is that our passive helps us much more overall. For example lets compare 4 levels of withcraft, to 4 levels of stats.


    • Gives +8 to STR, AGI, INT
    • 152 health
    • 1.14 armor
    • 104 mana
    • +8 damage

    Stats gives us some minor survivability and a small amount of mana for more spammability. The +8 damage is negligible, since we will be farming with Carrion Swarm. When we get our first item that gives us some mana regen, stats become really unnecessary.


    • Reduces Carrion Swarm cooldown to 5(!), reduces mana cost by 20
    • Reduces Silence cooldown to 11(!), reduced mana cost by 30
    • Increases number of ghosts by 4,6,7(!!)

    Witchcraft adds overall faster and longer farming ability. It also improves on an already game-breaking silence making it even better. The best point of Witchcraft perhaps is that it works like a scepter and improves our ultimate. This is a very significant improvement even in the early levels of Exorcism.

    So it is your choice whether to take stats or not early game, but if was given choice, I would always go for maxing Witchcraft after Carrion Swarm.

    2. How bad has Krobelus been hit with the nerf to Bloodstone and Heart?

    Hard. Very hard. Before the nerf she had great tanking abilities. Now its significantly worse but still good. Not saying that Krobelus is bad now after the nerf, shes just a bit weaker than before.

    3. How well does a support/disabler Krobelus work?

    A mass AOE Krobelus is much more effective than a support Krobelus. However I guess that a support/disable build could work with the correct items. Still I see no reason to not go for a massive AOE damage build rather than support/disable. There are different heroes which are supposed to play that role, not Krobelus.

    4. Why isn't Krobelus seen in competitive play nowadays?

    She is still seen but very rarely. I think the reason is because her tanking ability got nerfed and that there are better heroes that do almost the same job as she does. For example Puck, has a nuke that works like a blink, a 3 second silence, an invulnerability spell and a great initiating spell. Very similar skills to Krobelus but better.

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    Date: 04/12/2009 15:43
    Patch version: 1.22
    Map: DotA Allstars 6.57b
    Game mode: Normal mode
    Game length: 44:17
    [sw]Winner: Sentinel[/sw]

    :es: Ks^Puppey
    :cm: Ks^Miracle
    [​IMG] Ks^LevenT
    :dp: Ks^joliE
    :tink: Ks^KuroKy

    :lina: MYM|Mlk <3 Axe
    :sand: MYM|MN
    :brood: MYM|Hanni
    :sa: MYM|PlaymatE

    Download Here

    First of all I apologize ahead of time for bringing you such an outdated replay. However a lot of it's contents still applies to the guide, and besides it is very hard to find a good competitive replay of Krobelus these days. Anyways in this game joliE shows us a great Krobelus, going for a build of Guinsoo and later on Hood.

    Date: 01/03/2010 15:56
    Patch version: 1.24
    Map: DotA Allstars 6.65
    Game mode: -ap
    Game length: 1:01:03
    Winner: Sentinel

    :cm: RoX.KIS.Santa, level 18 (Jungle), APM: 113
    :es: AEON.Vein, level 19 (Mid), APM: 110
    :dp: Iwin4AIDS, level 25 (Mid), APM: 125
    :wr: AEON.pgg, level 19 (Bot), APM: 97
    :vs: EG.Azen, level 21 (Top), APM: 101

    :storm: PokerIdol`JUtAh, level 23 (Mid), APM: 146
    :lock: Ben!SGate, level 19 (Bot), APM: 177
    :shadowpriest: KuroKy!SGATE, level 17 (Top), APM: 92
    :seer: Fear!SGATE, level 22 (Jungle), APM: 123
    :ursa: Miley!SGATE, level 22 (Top), APM: 163

    Download Here

    Heres a more recent replay of Krobelus. Great play by sentinel, and Krob tries to follow a typical item build in the 6.59 era. Anyways a recommended watch.

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    [anchor=Credits and Changelog]010[/anchor]

    Credits go to (in no specific order): Nored, DarkMedina, pipser, iKrivetko, xan029, RaistMagus, Pont
    Also credits to you for reading this guide. Thank You!


    • 25/11/2009 - First uploaded the guide
    • 27/11/2009 - Major updates to the guide content-wise
    • 28/11/2009 - Formatting complete
    • 31/11/2009 - Guide is almost complete, lacking some pics in Gameplay and Strategies section
    • 32/11/2009 - Guide is finished and gets published!
    • 04/12/2009 - Replay added, and some minor changes.
    • 08/12/2009 - Minor format fixes
    • 11/12/2010 - Updated to 6.69c

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    Vanguard is actually a pretty good item for Krobelus in the current metagame as it is one of the only real tanking items in the game, can beef you up a little, what may just mean you deal more damage and therefore have the time to get healed back from your ult instead of dying before it ends.
  8. Piejonk

    Piejonk Well-Known Member

    I hate vangaurd :S, but I guess you are right.
  9. pipser

    pipser Well-Known Member

    I believe in most situations leveling swarm at level 7 is not that great, a mere 50 damage for 25 mana as opposed to 75 damage for 20 mana in previous levels. A point in silence would be better, maybe even swap witchcraft for silence and go swarm/silence/swam/silence/swarm/ulti/silence.

    About bloodstone, bracers ,hood, shivas is not a bad alternative.
    With HoT/guinsoo/radiance as luxuries.

    Edit: oh and you can target exorcism :) and mention getting close to your targets for faster damage.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2009
  10. Piejonk

    Piejonk Well-Known Member

    Alright added most of that in, I'm currently thinking about the skill build. The spoiler box is screwed up for me, its not opening, i have to fix the first :(.
  11. TT_VbFF

    TT_VbFF Well-Known Member

    Bloodstone isn't really core anymore. The mana regeneration is a bit of an overkill. Vanguard+Euls/Guinsoo is what I go for with Krob. 6.59d was a long time ago.
  12. Piejonk

    Piejonk Well-Known Member

    Really? I still think bloodstone is a great item for Krob. It provides more survivability and spammabiltiy than vangaurd and euls put together. Just because it got nerfed, doesn't mean that its no longer a viable option. And if you don't like Bloodstone then you can go for Shiva's instead.
  13. Evil_Eyes

    Evil_Eyes Well-Known Member

    New Comment

    why isnt this guide published? it is far better than many published guides and besides, there are no published guides of krobelus...:(
  14. Piejonk

    Piejonk Well-Known Member

    Re: New Comment

    When I finish the two parts in the Gameplay section, it should be ready for publishing. Thanks for your support, the reason why I made this guide was because there was no other Krobelus guide that was published.
  15. iKrivetko

    iKrivetko Well-Known Member

    How do Blademail and Exorcism interact?
    Here are some more ideas for the items section btw:
    Ghost Scepter - prevents physical damage -> allows safe tower diving, backdooring etc.
    Eul's -> allows you to become invulnerable for 2.5 secs -> again, safe backdooring, pushing.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2009
  16. Piejonk

    Piejonk Well-Known Member

    What do you mean by interact?
  17. iKrivetko

    iKrivetko Well-Known Member

    Is the damage dealt by spirits reflected?
  18. Piejonk

    Piejonk Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure it is since the damage is physical and it's Krobelus' spirits. I will have to ask in mechanics how that works and if it damages her.

    Edit: Damage gets reflected back to her, so I guess it means that blademail is a semi-counter to Krob ?!?!
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2009
  19. iKrivetko

    iKrivetko Well-Known Member

    I guess so. In fact, it is a heavy counter, especially if you are being chased.
  20. FlamingFist

    FlamingFist Well-Known Member

    New Comment

    witch craft's color at item build are hard to see