Legion Commander, what do?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Combaticus, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. IHateLeavers

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    Roflmao. If your free farming mid get's less farm than jungle LC than he's simply bad at last hitting.

    In low mmr Lothar is better, because it also gives dmg and attack speed, so you dont have to really as much on your dumb teammates dps to win the duel. In higher mmr dagger is better, because teammates will react faster and enemy supports buy more sentries/detection so Lothar become weak as initiation tool compared to dagger.
  2. mapdesigner

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    and you are saying this based on what?

    LC can farm blink + stout shield in less than 8 minutes.

    for lanes, every creep wave have 159 gold. This means that creeps spawning at 7:30 will give you 2385 gold, provided that no last hit was ever missed since the first creep wave

    now it is not realistic assumption to say that mid laner got all creeps. also he has to wait the 7:30 to reach the lane. on the other hand he can get lucky with bounty runes.

    so in the end LC farms as fast as mid lane. At later stages, LC can farm jungle even faster.
  3. vijju1234567890

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    AGH lc isn't that good. Atleast not in pubs where your lina was thinking of laguna blading the enemy to "help" you.
  4. IHateLeavers

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    Not every creep wave give 159 gold, there's rng involved: http://dota2.gamepedia.com/Gold#Lane_creeps

    I realize how LC can farm but lane will always give more gold + kill opportunity. You dont have to worry about your camps getting blocked or bh/riki's stealing your farm and XP.

    While in lane you can lose XP from creeps getting denied or if you get zoned it's still not as bad as having invisible leecher running after you from camp to camp.
  5. Nicolas_Cage

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    Any jungler can farm as fast as her while being immersely more useful later in the game.
  6. mapdesigner

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    LC can handle Bh pretty well as far as I tried (or maybe bh in my 3k mmr are noobs). he has so low dmg and can run out of mana pretty quickly.

    riki, however, is pain for LC cuz he is perma invis