Legion Commander, what do?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Combaticus, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. yui92

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    More like, i got that from all my hours in this forum reading bullshit things people write about hero balance and pickrates in competitive games.
  2. redivider

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    rly good vs the zet mid spammers
  3. GeneralH

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    jungle legion is great. her perfect position really. you get to attack move around the jungle, don't have to think or try much. you get to flame your team for losing 4v5 and for not warding against that bh or riki whos taking everything from you. then you get your blink and use it to farm some more or steal a kill to pad your stats before you lose. very relaxing gameplay.
  4. JDF8

    JDF8 Well-Known Member

    you can jungle or farm safe or mid

    talon treads blink blademail bkb every game ->>> probably ac or abyssal
  5. Anti-Xenophobe

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    Instant repick tier
  6. Nicolas_Cage

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    Agha LC is fucking terrible on LC just like any of her other builds. The hero is pretty much at a shit tier so deep that it's not even funny.
    To enable Agha builds like all the theory crafters here said, you need Treads, Dagger, MkB and Agha. That's a total of whooping 13k golds. If you're somehow a LC god who can afk flash farm with the unreal number of 600 gpm with a hero who is incredibly terrible at flash farming with the item progression without any mana regen, you will be able to go online at 20 minutes into the game. With all those items you could kill or disable a singular enemy for 8 seconds and then become a sitting duck waiting to be kited because you have no disable nor slow. Not to mention you would need around 15 duel victories to have the same amount of raw damage as a Sven who press one button and that Sven could out dps the LC with the same amount of golds thanks to cleave and have no trouble being kited because of low cd stun.
    Not to mention that you need to wish your opponent not getting Linken sphere or else you will have no way to pop it and have to rely on your teammate to innitiate, which cost you the element of surprise, and you also need to hope that your enemy won't counter pick you since it only takes 2 braincells to rub with each other to make a fully fledged list of LC's hard counters. And in the end, fucking doom can disable a target twice as good as LC, has less problem against linken sphere, does not afraid of disable at all while doing all that with minimum farm from just devour alone, allow you to have an actually functional carry. And even doom isn't that hot in this meta neither.
  7. BornFromAGrave

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    Duel should disable passives again...
  8. DasKobold

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    I checked her dotabuff today, am I the only one that thinks those LANE PRESENCE percentages are weird? 55.69% jungle is a lot, was she always like this? I am pretty sure that it was not like this a few months ago.
  9. WuzuIII

    WuzuIII Well-Known Member

    theres no point in picking LC over bat/axe. #1 Pos LC is full garbage tier too
  10. fireblaze762

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    As an initiator LC is pretty bad, but LC still has certain niches in terms of excellent wave clear and PtA being great for high ground sieging (dispelling initiation attempts on your dragon lance carry and increasing damage output)
  11. JDF8

    JDF8 Well-Known Member

    jungle lc is not bad if not contested. I pick it late so I don't see the common riki/bh and try to ban them out as well

    talon into treads blink (start doing things for ur team as early as treads + tp, definitely do shit when you get blink) then blademail, bkb, AC can win you a shitton of games if you play properly.

    LC is very strong at just saying "fuck you" to that one guy and killing him no matter what, so she excels against filthy slark pickers and antimages that aren't good at antimage (see: all of them)

    her big weaknesses are bkb penetrating stuns because then you don't get duel kills and slows/stuns outside duel

    her siege damage is absolutely ridiculous, she just rapes buildings with her massive damage that she otherwise has trouble leveraging outside of duel

    ps. when you jungle lc go e w q q q r q please. if you go e w e w e r ur losing ur team the game for 0 reason

    ps. aghs on lc is garbage. deso on lc is almost always unneeded
  12. enrico.swagolo

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    LC could go mid with bottle to spam OO and gank sidelines after 6. OO can be an absurd nuke when maxed early, but ofc people who go jungle LC do not help their teams and max e-w-e-w-e-w-e-w. :facepalm:The only saving grace of jungle LC is that if uncontested, she can farm a very fast blink and come gank at 7-8 mins. I have done it several times recently, going Deso as a second item to make sure I get those duel wins. If you are getting super fed, it's best to go tanky and just never die and win the game.

    Don't buy this garbage item blademail on her.. just build damage because you aren't looking to duel carries early on. You collect ez damage stacks from dueling squishy supports, and only go on carries when the kill is guaranteed.
  13. renge

    renge Well-Known Member

    Picking LC is situational at best. Usually people looks a hero only in 1 dimension, or only his Duel ability.

    Let's look at what this hero offers:

    - OO : a big nuke AoE damage that scales when many creeps or heroes in the AoE, with icing on the cake bonus movement speed. When you pick this hero, you have to abuse these fact. This skill alone rekts brood, furion, chen, PL or whatever illusion heroes in the game.

    - PtA : a STRONG dispel. This makes batrider, mirana's arrow, or any spell that BKB can remove irrelevant. If you use this skill only for a mere 300 heal, or aspd, you are doing it wrong.

    - MoC: Icing on the cake. 2 points here and Talon enable LC to jungle infinitely. Not really a flexible skill but alright at destroying tower.

    - Duel: Hard disable. Hard countered by Linken's. This is abusable. The fact that you forced enemy hero to buy a situational item is great.

    - 320 ms: become 385 ms with wind lace and phase boots., and 477 ms uninterrupted ms for 2.5 sec. That's a free 2 hits on fleeing enemies.

    From those facts, I conclude that LC is not that good of an initiator, she is a second initiator at best. Her 1st skill makes her good at chasing down fleeing enemies, the 2nd skill makes her good at purging slows and stunned allies. She is VERY GOOD at chasing. Buy movement speed items and durability for her, don't try to initiate team fight with duels, let the other initiator to run in first, un-debuff him with PtA, OO as many heroes as possible, chase them down, and lastly you duel the remaining supports.
  14. Fixthemix

    Fixthemix Well-Known Member

    I was doing LC quest, and got owned bigtime by a Pudge. He didn't kill me much, but whenever I duelled a target, he hooked them far back, effectively saving them.

    I don't think she's too bad in jungle, I usually have blink+boots before 10 mins.
  15. HolyBob

    HolyBob Well-Known Member

    pretty much this
  16. ratovicius

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    Well, a lot of things said so I won't talk about core LC. She has some potential as support IMO. Sure, she's not that great as Oracle, SD, Dazzle, etc to save an ally, but she has something they don't and it's the potential to have decent physical dmg mid-late game. Sometimes when I random her I go for tranquils + SR while maxing OO and PTA for obvious reasons. You lack dmg early so why bother maxing MoC? You max either OO or PTA depending if you need dmg/antipush or the heal. Obvious extension is blink and you could get an aghs eventually... Yeah, I like unorthodox builds and I'm not that good of a player, so maybe it works on my MMR while in higher it doesn't. Anyway I tried it a couple of times before Lanm drafted support LC for himself (which IIRC failed or just was a non factor due to stomp).

    Edit: Just searched for it and this could be an interesting game: http://www.dotabuff.com/matches/2109829139
  17. Undead_KIng_

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    Actually this hero is approaching cancer tier status fast. She is buffed for like 10 versions straight. Also blink + blade mail is all she needs to kill anyone regardless of networth is damn ridiclous. Coupled with insane fast jungling bar fucking none and you got annoying piece of shit hero capable of solo killing any enemy regardless of networth with just blink and blade mail = 4450 gold. Usually almost every game i advise going this build after these 2 you can go whatever you want. ( ofc sb can sometimes replace blink but only as first item as a suprise cuz legion can farm it in like min 8 which is insane if you ask me)
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    I think it has been like this for a year

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    Even if contested, LC can handle BH pretty well. Maybe even riki. Just try not go for hard camps straight away

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    I usually avoid maxing OO if my enemy is ember or am. It lowers my chances to win duels against them (fir shield blocks all dmg but ew never getts blocked)

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    I pick him everygame
  19. Cesaille

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    Agree, she jungles too fast/cheaply. Doesn't even need a stout and rarely more regen than the initial tangos. Maybe this is a case of "situationaly OP depending on bracket" but the point still stands, left alone she gets more than a freefarming mid, with the only investment being an iron talon which is a bit skewed (think huskar pre resistance nerf for example). Not easy to truly interupt her jungle either. Not saying she needs a real nerf or something. Rather, make MoC worse against neutrals - essentially make some changes that takes her out of the lvl 1 afk PvE nonsense.
  20. Patrek16

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    What do you think is better? Dagger or Shadowblade for LC?