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    Learn English Language
    by Facebook

    Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial on the highly argued subject of the slight downfall of the English language. But before I go into the specifics, let's talk about why you should even bother reading this big junk of grammar, spelling, letters, and words you don't understand. Most people say, "we no n33d t00 sp3k da engrihs in teh interwbez." Well guess what buckaroo, YOU DO. Why?

    1. It earns you respect among a community of highly intelligent members.
    2. Even if you're dumb, people will get a better perception of you by how you speak.
    3. It makes it easier for others to read your posts and/or questions.

    It is also very important that you can read what you wrote, so when people answer to your statement, you know what they are replying to.[/nqb]
    The alphabet is where all the words starts in the English language. It provides you with a very convenient and easy way to spell words. The alphabet in order:

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z​

    These letters are brought together and connected to make such words as congruent and sympathetic.[/nqb]
    [nqb]Proper Usage
    To show how to speak correctly, I will use a very good example of NOT using proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. I will be correcting it for an example.

    Original Article
    We had a assembaly to day and we go in the gym because our school can fit in the theater. Well this kid was siting behind me and his friend was infrount of my so he left his stuff behind me. BTW he is a new korenan student dont know if he is a exchange student.well the dumb jocks opened his bag and took out 2 book and a $100+ dolor grapyhing calculater. Thy through 1 book in the ile an then they like destoy the pages of the other book. then i noticesd that it was his stuff and had 1 of the books retored and the only part of the calculater retuned was the cover. (i dont know what happened to it happened to it i was wathicng these 2 chicks fighting in the middle of the gym in musical chair.. IT WAS SWEET THE WHere on top of each other with short skirts.. it was AWSOME!! wheel back to the fight. Well at the eng of the assembaly the got up his friend held him back. then all of a sudden he like shot behind ,me and started beating the crap out of the kidd that brok his calulater and slammed his head in the bleachors and when he was done fighiting the kids he when down a few rows and jumped over the safty rails (he jumped like 15 feet) then he got on my shuttle bs to the other school and he told me that the dumb kids got sespended and the school will pay for the calculater and books.

    Now, as you can see, it is very poorly written and deserves some proper work. This is what it should look like:

    Corrected Article
    So today we had an assembly in the gymnasium, and some crazy stuff happened. So there was this new Korean kid sitting just behind me, right? So he saw some of his friends sitting in front of me so he went to sit with them, leaving his stuff behind. A few minutes later a couple of jocks came over and started rustling through his bag. During this process they took out two books and a highly expensive graphing calculator (worth well over one-hundred dollars, I believe). They then threw one of the priceless books into the isle, while ripping the other’s pages into shreds. I suddenly realized that it was the Korean kid’s stuff that they were vandalizing, and looked into his bag. Just but one book was returned (half destroyed at that) and the cover to the calculator. I had not taken much notice to this for the fact that two girls had been fighting in the middle of the crowd during musical chairs (What the Glob?). It was very tempting considering the fact that they had been all over each other, and to top it off – they were in short skirts. It proved itself a quite pleasing experience. Now, let’s return to the upcoming fight. At the end of the assembly, the Korean kid stood up to face these jocks, yet his friend held him back with all his might. His quickness and ninja skills proved to be too much of a challenge for his comrade, because before you know it he was behind me opening a can of whooper on the jocks. Then, out of sheer anger, took the kid that had demolished his calculator to a nearby bleacher, slamming the kid’s head against it with all the strength he had. After about five minutes of brain kicking, he went down the bleachers about five rows, and proved his ninja skills to me once again. He had jumped over the safety rail that must’ve been at least a tremendous 15 feet high. Later that day, after school, he showed up on my shuttle bus going to another school in the district and sat next to me. He told me that the jocks had been suspended for the grave injustice they had committed, and the school would pay all fees for his calculator and books. The End

    Notice that I:
    - Removed uninteresting information and added more stimulating phrases and information as to make the article more enjoyable.
    - Moved around the sentence structure for clearer reading.
    - Corrected any mis-spellings
    - Corrected any grammar mistakes.
    - Broke the article into short paragraphs, making for an easier read.
    - Added more substance to run-on sentences and fragments.
    - Punctuation

    Now that we've seen an example of correct english, let's move deeper into the use of the language, shall we?[/nqb]
    One widely ignored mistake is that of the use of commas, especially in such places as the internet. Commas are breaks in the sentence shown by this symbol (,). Commas are used to break up ideas and subjects within the body of a sentence -- both lengthening your speech time, and not having to use a period for this purpose. It also can be used in listing nouns (Example: I had the wonderfully filling dinner of pasta, chicken, steak, ice cream, and cake. *You must have an 'and' before your last noun, but the comma before is optional.*) and adjectives (Example: He was thought of as a mild mannered, extraordinary young man. *Between adjectives that modify the noun must be a comma to break the ideas apart.* While having three adjectives: He was thought of as a mild mannered, extraordinary, and exorbitantly tall young man). Commas can also be used thusly: He could not see the screaming female, yet he could still hear her bone shattering scream above the whistling of the wind.

    Periods are used to end the sentence.

    - The dog ran.
    - The dog saw another dog.
    - The dog is happy
    - The dog found an another dog
    - The dog is stupidly happy again

    Apostrophes have two distinct uses. They are used to shorten two meanings into one word, while still keeping the same definition. Not and have are the two most widely accepted words for the correct use of an apostrophe.

    Would + Not = Wouldn't
    Could + Not = Couldn't
    Have + Not = Haven't
    Should + Not = Shouldn't
    Do + Not = Don't
    Will + Not = Won't
    Can + Not = Can't

    Would + Have = Would've
    Should + Have = Should've
    Could + Have = Could've

    Apostrophes are also used to show possessives. If you are trying to make a statement about Sally and her dog that she own, it would show as following:

    Sally's dog ate some food.

    More examples:
    Bob's eyes are big
    Katherine's mother said "no"
    The president's keyboard is broken

    The use of slashes are really simple. They indicate the other meaning of the word or gives choices and an another use is they can subititute for the word "or". To make it simplier, they shorten the sentence by replacing the word "or" with "/"

    - They showed her passing/failing marks.
    - You just have to answer yes/no.
    - I don't remember if the dog ran away/hid in the house.

    The first person pronoun called "I" is sometimes mistakenly written. The pronoun "I" is always capitalized.

    - I saw the dog thief.
    - I called the police.
    - I called the police that I saw a dog thief.

    Same as "I" rules. The only difference is that "Im" is a combination of "I" + "am". "Im" is always capitalized.

    - Im the only one who saw the dog.
    - Im the police here.
    - Im the only police who saw the dog.

    There are two types of Nouns, and that is Common Noun and Proper Noun.

    Common nouns doesn't start with a capital letter

    Proper nouns start with capital letter

    Examples of Common noun:
    - pencil
    - bottle
    - cellphone
    - dog
    - web
    - tape
    - card

    Examples of Proper Noun
    - Leslie
    - Patricia
    - Larry
    - Perone
    - Windows XP
    - Dota2
    - Playdota.com
    - Facebook
    Articles show either the specified or unspecified thing. There are two articles:
    - Indefinite ("A" / "An")
    - Definite ("The")

    Indefinite articles show that it can be anything.
    Definite articles show that it is exact thing.

    The "A" article is added when the next word starts with consonant
    The "An" article is added when the next word starts with vowel

    Now for some Examples:
    - The policeman took off my bag.
    - A policeman took off my bag
    - An inspector took off my bag.

    - The dog bit me.
    - A dog bit me.
    - An ant bit me[/nqb]
    Thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial.

    Feel free to PM me with any corrections, additions, or faults you see with this tutorial.[/nqb]
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    "Common nouns doesn't start with a capital letter"

    Yes, there is no "." either, I didnt make it up.

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    How does this apply to game strategy??
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    It's Miscelleneous guide. It never said specifically for anything.
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    Just read the guide, though I'm(Im) not sure if your "Im" is correct. I was taught by my teachers and grew used to using I'm instead of Im.
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    Re: New Comment

    Also, it should be "Common nouns don't start with a capital letter."

    Ya dangus.
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    I think "I'm" is correct instead of "Im"
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    It's "I'm".

    The apostrophe replaces one or more letters and combines the words.
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    It's amazing how the pretension shows even if the vocabulary is limited.
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    It's a Miscellaneous guide. I never said it is specific for anything.
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    It's "I'm", not "Im". Also, if I were you, I'd probably write something about the differences between the "s" used in words such as "dogs", "Ben's ball", "the butcher's", "my parents' house", "my name has two M's" and so on.
    You might also point out the words people tend to write wrongly ("alot" instead of "a lot", "your" instead of "you're" and vice versa, "there" instead of "they're" and "their"...).
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