Last Movie you have watched and Rate it 1-10

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by †GodKing†, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. RisaStoleMyHart

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    It's true. I don't know anything about Egyptian mythos, but i have my doubts about a 30 foot tall old white guy engulfed in terrible fire cg on his space boat, holding a spear that shoots fireballs onto a big space worm.


    And Ra and Set in their Egyptian iron man suits duking it out.

    $140 million budget and in some scenes the cg looks like it's on par with the Mummy Returns cough* waterfall scene. Shit acting, shit cg, and fucking 127 minutes long.
  2. JicktheDog

    JicktheDog Well-Known Member

    I mean you'll appreciate(understand) the story... not the visual shit and aktaurs..
  3. Ostarion

    Ostarion Well-Known Member

    Don't respond seriously to the obvious troll. Being familiar with ancient Egypt will make this ''movie'' even worse, not better.
  4. JicktheDog

    JicktheDog Well-Known Member

    I guess we just have different opinions... #subjectives
  5. iser

    iser Well-Known Member


    rotten tomato


    the story could not be told effectively without the medium which it was presented in. well done, kaufman. another kaufmanesque work from charlie kaufman.

    do not expect a satisfying ending. i've been wrestling with it for the past 3 days, but that's when you know a movie is great.
  6. FaultLess

    FaultLess Well-Known Member

    My P.S. Partner

  7. FaultLess

    FaultLess Well-Known Member

    Miracle in Cell No.7


  8. iser

    iser Well-Known Member

    synecdoche, new york


    one of my favorite movies of all time now.
  9. A5G_Reaper

    A5G_Reaper Well-Known Member

    Pan (2015)


    It's like the writer find as many stupidity tropes as he can, then cram it ALL into the movie. Everyone's taking turn to grab the idiot ball by the dozens at least.
  10. TheImperial

    TheImperial Well-Known Member

    Batman v Superman: 6.5/10

    Definitely not as bad as everyone says it is. I don't like that all colours are bleak. And that ending is... the fuck?
  11. Ety

    Ety Well-Known Member

    Batman v Superman - 7.5/10

    I had quite low expectations after the trailers showing too much and then even the reviews were pretty harsh. I almost ended up not seeing the movie. And it turned out it's nowhere as bad as some people claim. I actually liked most of it, except the first part which dragged a bit too long. It's only in the last 30 minutes when the action really happens, which is pretty f*cking short for a 2.5h long movie.
  12. duble_dragon

    duble_dragon Well-Known Member

    Frida - 8.5/10

    Honestly I was blown away by the soundtrack. The movie focused on her life a lot more than the art that was a part of it. It shows you where her inspiration comes from, but moves very quickly over the process of the artwork. Chavela Vargas's song La Llorona is bone chilling, to say the least.

    HHHNNNGGG Well-Known Member

    Agreed. I put it a 8 or 8.5/10 actually, since the figure of both main heroes has very huge impact. Frankly, I haven't seen any superhero movie with such impact-ful figures. You can 'feel' when Superman hovered in the air with his cape fluttering in the air, and the Batsuit is damn awesome. It makes other superhero figures I have seen from other movies quite pale in comparison.
  14. Greaves

    Greaves Well-Known Member

    Batman v Superman, 4/10. I went in with no expectations at all, seen no trailers, only the past Batman movies and Man of Steel. This movie made no sense to me, and i regret giving them money.
  15. RisaStoleMyHart

    RisaStoleMyHart Well-Known Member

    Batman v Superman 6/10
  16. Saved

    Saved Well-Known Member

    The Guest - 7/10. Kept me on the edge of my seat.
  17. NraYZdgeurL

    NraYZdgeurL Well-Known Member

    The Holy Mountain(1973) 7/10
    first 20 minutes were kinda...woah
  18. ZealotCatfish

    ZealotCatfish Well-Known Member

    Case 39


    Saw hornets crack a guy's spine.
  19. TheImperial

    TheImperial Well-Known Member

    Zootopia: 9/10

    Wow that was very good for a kids movie.
  20. Greaves

    Greaves Well-Known Member

    Cpt. America - Civil War, 7,5/10. Enjoyed it but nothing too special.