Last Movie you have watched and Rate it 1-10

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by †GodKing†, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. †GodKing†

    †GodKing† Well-Known Member

    Beowulf - 2/10

    I can't really say whether I have watched a movie or played some game with crap graphics and totally poor storyline. This movie seem to be one of the worst movies I have ever watch. Im so excited when i saw Beowulf in HBO but the time I began to see its 3D graphic like characters, I conclude it would be an epic fail. There is no sense in the main plot nor even kick ass fights not including Beowulf riding on the wyrm's back maybe.
  2. MurazorOFAngmar

    MurazorOFAngmar Well-Known Member

    The last movie I watched was the movie 9. I'd give it a 6/10. Great effects and all that but the story was lacking and it was a bit slow.
  3. AmtsboteHannes

    AmtsboteHannes Well-Known Member

    Well, actually both, Reich and Fu(e)hrer are somewhat related to Hitler, especially if you´re not German and don´t know the meaning of those words. Of course that doesn´t mean you´re a racist, but I think it does mean this wasn´t the last time you´ll be accused of being one.


    Cloverfield 7/10
    It definitely looks great. The idea of the movie is that one of the characters is carrying a camera with him and you´re getting to see what´s on the tape. And that´s really well done, he behavior of the camera looks very realistic (shaking when he´s running, sometimes it´s not recording correctly, etc.), which makes the effects even more impressive.
    But it has the same problem as many other movies with great effects: the story is only average. It´s nothing special, sometimes I even found it a bit predictable, but not to an extent where I could have told what happens next for the entire movie.
    Overall it was an entertaining movie, especially if you watch it with soem friends.

    This post got longer than I expected it to.
  4. dixing

    dixing Banned

    You can also call yourself Nazi and claim you just like the national socialist party. You might not be racist but lets just say this name isnt the most considering.

    Anyway on topic last movie I saw was Inglorious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino - 8/10 .
    The movie is definitely a Tarantino movie, lots of blood and cool dialogues, but at times I thought it lacked something, dunno what, also I think it went a bit too long and dragged itself in several occasions. Overall still a great movie and one of Tarantino's finest!
  5. yorro

    yorro Well-Known Member

    Shinobi: Heart Under Blade 7/10
  6. †GodKing†

    †GodKing† Well-Known Member

    District 9 - 8/10

    Everything what I expected from the trailers. Peter Jackson did another great job here. Hehe
  7. ChiefThief

    ChiefThief Well-Known Member

    The Hangover - 10/10.
  8. †GodKing†

    †GodKing† Well-Known Member

    Death Note: L change the World - 8.5/10

    Same epicness seen in the anime adaptation except the characters are much better in Anime ofc.
  9. 12 angry men 12/10 and peter jackson does not direct district 9.
  10. †GodKing†

    †GodKing† Well-Known Member

    Cloverfield - 6/10

    Nice prologue but fail epilogue.
  11. Dreadhawk

    Dreadhawk Well-Known Member

    I am Legend

  12. deadlyg

    deadlyg Active Member

    District 9 - 8.5 / 10
  13. yorro

    yorro Well-Known Member

  14. yorro

    yorro Well-Known Member

    Rewatched The Dark Knight , 10/10
  15. spedmunki

    spedmunki Banned

    Apocalypse Now Redux 10/10
  16. AduhAwas

    AduhAwas Well-Known Member

    Pandorum 7/10

    Some fun moments but very disjointed.
  17. yorro

    yorro Well-Known Member

    Star Trek(2009) I'd say 9/10. I did not gave it a perfect score because it wasn't nostalgia for me(I ain't a hardcore fan)
  18. AduhAwas

    AduhAwas Well-Known Member

    Thats funny I thought the Star Trek movie was kinda boring. It had some really nice bits but all in all it was a pretty meh movie.
  19. yorro

    yorro Well-Known Member

    Hurt Locker, gave it 7/10
  20. †GodKing†

    †GodKing† Well-Known Member

    HellBoy II the Golden Army. 7/10

    Kick ass elf prince but story plot fails.