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  1. :p You should try to elaborate more on the ''dark'' part. You know I like dark stuff (I actually love anything that goes well).

    MDNA was out. Downloaded it ;). I only listened to ''I'm Addicted'' and it's really because I was addicted to it since the preview. The synth is a killer, especially the one at the bridge.

    TTT remix would be horrid tbh. WFL/WHBY already sounds like a remix, and the other songs aren't dance-pop enough for a good remix imho.
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    The darkest for Katy is kind of The Fame Monster's Monster, which isn't that dark compared to any track of Born This Way.

    I'm thinking of downloading MDNA (Deluxe Edition), I really liked Give Me All Your Luvin' (feat. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.) & Give Me All Your Luvin' (feat. LMFAO & Nicki Minaj) [Party Rock Remix].

    Rated R was a pure R&B album and it got #6 debut dance album that was really cool. Rihanna can do a step like Ke$ha's "I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance", I mean she could release a remix album for both Loud & Talk That Talk.

    Here is the video of the song you got addicted to once.
    Dev is awesome ♥
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    Can't wait for a next LG's album
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    ^^ You gotta stick to Born This Way until she release a new album.
    Katy Perry released an official version of the remix with some scenes that we never saw before:
  5. She looks hideous tbh. The video is really boring, but the effects and progress is cool :rambo:. The song chop at the end is horrendous.

    Aren't we all ;)?

    I just listened to Starships. I love the dance-break. So does Pound The Alarm's break <3
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    I was about to troll with something like that but you were faster than me.
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    Hopefully i'm gonna watch it when it gets released.

    Congratz for Madonna's #1 debut for MDNA.

    from #31 to #7? wow. take a look
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    A single? nah.
  9. Lady Gaga‏ @ladygaga


  10. And the awesomeness truly begins.


    BTWBall Stadiums
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    The Videos and the stadiums are awesome! but seriously who will send a picture of Gaga's dresses? idk but it's weird.

    Anyway, on MDNA, i liked Girl Gone Wild, but it sounded like Gaga's Money Honey. I Don't Give A was great but Nicki ruined it with saying "There is only one queen and it's Madonna.... BITCH!", I think she is saying this for Britney/Gaga. And I already said what I think about Give Me All Your Luvin'. Other tracks didn't appeal to me from the first listen.
  12. I think it's a cosplay >_>?

    I'm over MDNA. I'm into Nicki's at the moment. Roman Holiday, Starship, Pound the Alarm, Whip It \m/
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    ^ I suggest you to listen to Automatic if you like those songs.

    I liked Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, but it's shit compared to Pink Friday. Minaj is so contradicting herself in the songs, she makes fun of people who want her to move to pop (Roman Reloaded by saying "Nicki pop, only thing thats pop is my endorsement") and then she sings Pop (Starships and other songs). What's wrong with her?

    Anyway wanna watch a porn movies featuring Nicki Minaj?
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    Uhh, NO. (S)he's way to mainstream! :D
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    I think that I don't Give A last words ( there is only one queen and that's Madonna. BITCH)
    is 100% adressed to Lady gaga. Madonna don't like Lady gaga, see the interview, where Madonna says it.
    Maddona was a queen, but not nowadays, now the queen is Lady gaga but now she is sleeping =(
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    Lulzyeah's life is complete


    Madonna is still the queen for me, Britney is the princess, Gaga can be queen after a several years but not now.
    Madonna and Britney gave a huge push to female pop industry, without them there will be a slight female pop nowadays and maybe there will be no Gaga/Katy/Ke$ha...etc.
  17. :> It's hard to say when Madonna is being subtle, and her credibility is highly accepted by the public. Anything, Madonna usually gets off from being labeled as the bad guy.

    Oh yes! WHYB will get a pop release on May 8th IIRC!

    That doesn't justify much, even though Gaga did get influenced by Britney/Madonna. Besides, Gaga made a huge push herself too.
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    Yeah agree, she did a huge push to pop industry.

    Did u see Lady gaga's boyfriend. Who is that? Maybe someone know him. Just saw his pic
  19. Taylor Kinney. The one who fuck her mermaid self in the You and I video.

    Her previous boyfriend was Luc Carl. The song You and I is for him.