Krobelus item/skill build

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by menke51, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. menke51

    menke51 Well-Known Member

    I played Krobelus in a pub today and had really no idea what to build after early game.. I looked for a guide but didn't find one. I ended up making Linken's/BoT/starting guinsoo. Any other suggestions?

    For skills I went

    Is that a correct skill build or should I get more silence earlier?
  2. swindx

    swindx Well-Known Member

    i like some tank itens on her, i really like shivas, linkens and sometimes even blademail is great as it gave some int and return is awesome depending on situation.
    i think she is versatile can go to lots of diferents item and skill build but i usually lvl up wc to 2 and then go max silence.
  3. Hadockz

    Hadockz Well-Known Member

    Skill build is correct.

    As item build I recommend rushing a Void Stone, in order to spellfarm like no tomorrow,
    then Shiva's Guard.
    Int and armor boost is always welcome for her,
    and Arctic Blast has great synergy with Exorcism.

    After this, it pretty much depends on what you or your team need the most.

    Mass HP and HP regen? -> HoT

    Disable? -> Guinsoo (DON'T if you're squishy)

    HP/MP regen along with some raw HP? -> Bloodstone

    LATE LATE game with at least HoT and Shiva's in the inventory or wanna
    troll/stomp? -> Refresher then proceed with your team to mass raxing with double Exorcism.
  4. Flyingpigg

    Flyingpigg Well-Known Member

    Linkens, Travels, and guinsoo are all good items on him (although these 3 items are good on everyone...).

    Do not get bloodstone or rush a void stone. If you want early mana regen, either get a soul ring or abuse bottle. Don't get arcane boots either, you'd be better off getting a staff of wizardry for eul's, dagon (if you're owning them), or necro, or a perservance to build into linkens.

    If you're not doing so well, you can get an eul's for the cyclone and extra movement speed. Lothars is decent on him since your ghosts will still attack even while you're invisible so you can just follow them in invis. Although this won't as well against good players since they'll get dust immediately. Necro will make you even better at pushing (get a jango if you get necro). You need to be pretty tanky to help push and silence, so if they have a lot of spellcasters, get a pipe, and shiva/vanguard to deal with physical damage. Don't ever forget about blademail and ghost scepter too if you think they're necessary. If no one on your team has it, mek is also pretty useful.
  5. thekodobeast

    thekodobeast Well-Known Member

    I usually go max Witchcraft after level 3 Carrion. It gives way too many bonuses to ignore (movespeed, reduced mana cost and cooldown on Swarm, more ghosts for her ultimate, and eventually boosting Silence).

    Items are either Phase or Treads, Janggo, Mekansm, Magic Wand, Linkens, BKB, Shivas, Soul Booster / Bloodstone, Hood / Pipe. Depends on the game. Janggo + Phase + Witchcraft is a particular favorite of mine, giving her tons of mobility, physical damage and all-round stats.
  6. aestropher

    aestropher Well-Known Member

    lol. And Soul Booster is really great on her after the recent regeneration buff. It basically gives you a free preserv, along with good HP and manapool that Krob needs a lot. You can get Soul Booster alone and never make it into a Bloodstone... But if you are owning, why not and get some free charges?
  7. Abdulink

    Abdulink Well-Known Member

    Skill build is fine.

    I prefer PT Int/Str, Urn, Meka, Bloodstone

    Lux: Hex, BoT, HoT

    Optional:Euls(for imba ms)

  8. phwaxr

    phwaxr Banned

    Skill build looks fine.

    Items, get Meka/Vanguard/Hood->Pipe as your first item, pick the one which suits the game the most and which is more appropriate. Then items like Soul Booster->Bloodstone, Shivas and possibly a Guinsoo.

    You basically are just a tank semi-carry, not a support, just make sure you can survive and use your ultimate effectively before getting items like Guinsoo. Unless its something you really need.

    Items like ghost scepter can be nice against DPS carries if you think you need it, grab one!

    Edit: BoT is pretty much vital, grab an early Arcane, break that for a Soul Booster, but always get that BoT by 30-40 minutes. And an early Urn is great too.
  9. SirIsaacNewton

    SirIsaacNewton Well-Known Member

    There are many item build that works.

    Starting items would be basi, wand, bottle if you solo mid.

    Against a heavy magic damage team a good build would be arcane, point booster, followed by hood, and then vital booster, and complete the soulstone by disassembling the arcane. Follow up items could be meka, sheep, shiva.

    Against a dps line up, go arcane, meka, followed by soul stone, ghost staff, shivas, sheep.

    Soul booster is extremely good since arcane is very good for her in the beginning, and in the mid game, you can turn 2300 into 450 hp (much better than vang which only gives 275 hp)

    Skip the blood stone. If you have a soul booster, it is much better to use that void stone for sheep, and RoH for hood/pipe.

    Situational item: Blademail, either gives you 4 for your ghost to hit your opponent, or your opponent eats 2k pure damage for killing you.

    I have discovered recently that ghost is extremely imbalance for her if the enemy team is Skeleton King, Mortred, Sniper, Clinkz, Viper. Ghost + TP (and maybe a silence to stop the stormbolt) means you are unkillable, and that 3.5 sec could allow you to just destroy towers, heroes ect.
  10. phwaxr

    phwaxr Banned

    With what Isaac Newton said, in low level pubs where no one gets dust/gem/sentries Lothars can work too, extreme lulz when they die to a non agi carry and think OMG IMPOSSIBRU
  11. Leebus

    Leebus Banned

    What you wanna do is, bash stackers. Yes that's right, bash stackers.
  12. turtle.slayer

    turtle.slayer Well-Known Member

    basilus , pt , blink, bkb , manta.
  13. hajasmarci

    hajasmarci Well-Known Member

    rob treads urn vang hood euls
    rob arcane urn mek hood guinsoo/shivas

    stuff like that. cheap tanking/utility items.
  14. Fixthemix

    Fixthemix Well-Known Member

    Please don't forget about Urn. It is almost made for Krobelus.

    Personally, I would go for something like Urn + Arcane Boots, and perhaps Stick/Wand.

    After that you disassemble Arcane Boots and make Soul Booster. This is the core for me.

    After this it really depends on your opponents and allies, but some good choices would include;
    Shiva's / Blademail / Ghost Scepter / Plate Mail if physical damage dealing heroes make your life miserable.
    Hood / Cloak / Pipe if recieving spell damage is the main concern.
    Guinsoo if you think the game will last long enough to complete it and you need disables.
    Boots of Travel is often the best choice after getting one additional item, after the core.
    Bloodstone I rarely find necessary, but it's by no means a bad choice.
  15. Abdulink

    Abdulink Well-Known Member

    Like Troll are stacking themselves on Play Dota.
  16. rakmaninoff

    rakmaninoff Well-Known Member


    switch up silence with any witch if needs be
  17. Correct skill build. The best skill build.

    I like Phase Boots on her. It gives a great mobility + Witchcraft's passive MS. You need to go tank build since you will be focused a lot, so Vanguard gives a good choice.

    Euls is also a great item on her. It just works perfectly for mind-game with your ultimate.
  18. Flippad

    Flippad Well-Known Member

    Rob, phase, soul booster, GS, bkb, travels, treads, plate male, hood, VG, meka, urn, wand, BM, shivas etc....

    I usually aim for phase, rob, SB, plate male, hood and a tp.
  19. sunnymarcell

    sunnymarcell Banned

    get pt, linkens/bkb, shivas, heart. after i got linkens or bkb i go euls and lothar for teh lulz (your spirits are still active while you are cycloned or lothared, just like razors ulti)
  20. Rivirland

    Rivirland Well-Known Member

    Play her like Necrolyte. Go tanky, your spells will do the damage. Bloodstone is better on her than on Necro - it's really worth considering. Another item that deserves special mention is Eul's. The regen and ms are great to have and the active, your ult and your tankiness just own hardcore.