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    Keiko, The Doll Sorceress
    STR Hero.
    Good Starting STR, good starting INT, ordinary armor, ordinary movespeed, half good STR, AGI and INT gain, ordinary starting armor, ordinary turn rate, attack and cast animations, normal sight, melee range (150).

    [​IMG] Cilicing Unrest
    Gains much attack damage, but all your attacks damage you back.
    Instant Ability.
    Gains: 50/65/80/95 attack damage.
    Lasts for: 5 seconds.
    Costs: 55 MPs.
    Cooldown: 16/15/14/13.
    - Vanishes if you attack five times.
    - Damage is physical.
    - Does not pierce magic immunity.
    - Dispellable.

    [​IMG] Lifeless Breathing
    Toggles on and off, and consumes mana while on. Makes the Doll Sorcerer immune to killing damage, her HPs cannot drop bellow 1. She won't regen HPs while with this toggled on, but all HPs that should've been regenerated during it will burst in a heal when this is toggled off.
    Toggling Ability.
    Extra HPs regen while toggled on: 3%/4%/5%/6% of your max HPs.
    Costs: 50 MPs to activate, 50 MPs / second while active.
    Cooldown: N/A.
    - Protects you from killing damage like Shallow Grave.
    - It's visible having this ability toggled on.
    - It toggles off if you go out of mana.
    - Undispellable.

    [​IMG] Tac Ticks
    Spread many explosive clay ticks that will instantly burrow and hide. The ticks can be blast with a single hit, but they will unburrow, seize and bite anyone who steps too close. Once attached to a unit, the ticks can only be killed by attacking the Doll Sorcerer, each attack kills a couple ticks. They will slow the target, and explode if the Doll Sorcerer damages the carrier, otherwise they will dismiss.
    Point Target Ability.
    Affects Enemy units.
    Cast Range: 500.
    AOE: 200/225/250/275.
    Number of Ticks Spread: 5/8/11/14.
    Movespeed Slow per Tick Attached: 4%.
    Tick Explosion Damage: 30.
    Ticks Last: 60 seconds burrowed, 12 seconds attached.
    Costs: 110 MPs.
    Cooldown: 22.
    - Ticks are invisible while burrowed.
    - Unattached they die with one hit.
    - The search radius is of 100.
    - Every attack from the carrying unit dismisses two attached ticks.
    - Others cannot attack attached ticks.
    - If attached ticks suffer damage from you, they explode.
    - A single unit cannot be affected by more than 15 ticks.
    - Damage is magical.
    - Does not pierce magic immunity, but the ticks will attach to magic immune units.

    [​IMG] Nuclear Deterrence (ULTIMATE)
    Activate to start a few seconds countdown. All damage you take during this downtime will accumulate into a final big burst, the blast stuns you (does no damage to you thou), grows in radius every second, and blasts in area all damage you suffered in the time between. You can blast yourself any time during this countdown.
    Instant Ability.
    Affects Enemy Units.
    Damage: As much as you suffered (after reductions).
    AOE: 250 radius, +50 for every second passed before exploding.
    Max Duration: 4/6/8 seconds.
    Costs: 120/160/200 MPs.
    Cooldown: 80/60/40.
    - Damage is pure.
    - Cast again to explode before its max duration.
    - The explosion causes a 0.1 seconds mini-stun to all enemy units affected.
    - The explosion stuns you for half the time you waited for it to blast.
    - Pierces magic immunity.
    - Undispellable.

    "Who's the queen of pain now?..."
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    Cilicing Unrest is a little bit unclear and I think the mechanics are wrong, having bonus damage generally doesn't get influenced by magic immunity and I don't think there is any reason why this should be any different here. Then I wonder if the bonus damage is reflected onto yourself or your complete damage. I think the first but the next makes me think the latter.

    Lifeless Breathing is extremely OP. It does way too much, it has better effects for yourself than oracle provides with his ult. The manacost should be higher but I don't think that is the solution to the imbalance here.

    I think tac ticks is confusing and the slow isn't doing enough to force a fight. It has a high potential of not dealing any damage.

    The ultimate is pretty interesting if it would instantly deal the damage, now, especially on higher levels it get's too easy to even damage him and walk out of it.
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    Wow this Hero is awesome. I thought she's a spellcaster (hinted by her title Doll Sorceress) at first, rather she's a survivor-hitter like Templar Assassin.

    I just think you should clarify some of her skills' details, notes and other interactions.

    Her skills are incredible (they are synergic to each other) you dont have to replace any of them IMO, just adjust the numbers.

    1st skill, the self damage is physical isn't it? so it is blocked by her 2nd skill and ultimate, right? but why not pierce magic immunity?

    2nd skill, I dont see other problems on it except for the fact that it makes her virtually immortal if there's no limiting factor on it like activation delay, on/off mini cooldown and the like.

    3rd skill, I am little confused on how the ticks can be destroyed. Please correct me if this is wrong: the carrier can destroy it but it explodes, other units can not destroy ticks not attached to them but if they attack HER a couple will be destroyed, SHE can also destroy her own ticks exploding it to their carriers. If possible add more effects or damage on your ticks.

    Ultimate, wow, except for the self stun. Does it block damage or not? If not, you should remove the self stun IMO. If it blocks, I think a self slow is enough for a counterbalance.

    Overall, I like your concept. I like her very much more than I like TA or Weaver. Just dont make her really fragile or too low on mana. BTW she's the first female STR hero in DotA I think.

    PS: Please dont review my heroes right now, I still need to update them.
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    Thanks folks. I'll do some adjustments later.
    The ticks can be destroyed while burrowed with a single hit but after attached to an unit they can only be destroyed by the carrier by attacking the Doll Sorceress, one attack destroys two ticks. A tick explodes when destroyed causing damage, but slows your target while attached and it has synergy with Lifeless Breathing and with Nuclear Deterrence.
    I will change some numbers and adjust some descriptions to make it easier to be understand.
    Thank you, any heroes you want me to review back?

    Found some extra art
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