Discussion in 'Remakes' started by ark-eXodia, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. ark-eXodia

    ark-eXodia Well-Known Member

    hey i was thinking about jinada buff.
    is it too imba if jinada give a critical and stun at the same time so we replace the slow with stun.
  2. SpiderPig

    SpiderPig Banned

    jinada doesn`t have stun ,gondar`s only stuning skill is Shuriken Toss
  3. ark-eXodia

    ark-eXodia Well-Known Member

    yeah i know that, but the toss mini stun is to short, so adding stun and critical is unique i think.
  4. Smaragdos

    Smaragdos Well-Known Member

    What's wrong with Jinada now? Besides, Gondar's fighting style depends on chasing, not disables. Slow is fine. It lasts longer and it fits his theme as a ninja~