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  1. ark-eXodia

    ark-eXodia Well-Known Member

    so what;s his build ? i really boring to play as carry,tanker,etc and want to play ganker or supoort also iniater with this hero.
    i think my build is kinda supoortive like
    3.optional(of the enemy, maybe like buy BM,ghost,staff,taras,or etc)
    4.phase or arcane boot

    and for his skill, i think that ice path is kinda weird and really have bad rescales
    (1,133,1,66,2) and his ulti is can easily be dodged and the damage is kinda low(75 at lvl1 meaning only 375 damage if enemy get hit by 5 seconds and not only that the damage is reduced by armor resistance too) and only have 125 damage at lvl 2, 175 damage at lvl 3..
  2. Drickosh

    Drickosh Well-Known Member

    try necro & forcestaff, always make game more interesting~ dagger could do if you want to place a good icepath+ulti, but I usually bought it after agha/shiva. pipe/mekans depends on your what your team (and hell, you must always try to support your team)~

    Yes, Icepath had a strange scaling but the cd scale too with each level, use ulti to disturb enemies position in clash~
  3. ryhu

    ryhu Well-Known Member

    more push oriented build (where jakiro excels at)
    1. bottle, optional urn, wand
    2. bot
    3. necro/shiva/hex
    4. w/e

    9.ice path
    10, 11. macro
    12-14 ice/stats
    16. macro
    17-25 stats/ice
  4. ark-eXodia

    ark-eXodia Well-Known Member

    maybe his ulti are really good when combines with some aoe hero like tauren or DS vacum, and i don;t know why ice not buff him in this 69(ice path of course,for his ulti i think it is good but maybe increase it damage by 5 or 10 is still balanced)So his ulti need a good positioning and you must have a disabler or stunner friend if want to do it.

    jakiro with agha;s?i think it was good but maybe the cool down is kinda long(60 seconds)maybe ice can reduces it by 5 or 10 seconds......why?cause his ulti need friend to succesfully hit enemy(for 4 or 5 seconds)and really easy to dodged like enemy can walk away from his ulti aoe that only have 200 aoe ( using some item like force staff or have some skill to run like blink and using bkb or pipe).Compared it to akasa that have 40 seconds cool down of wave with instant damage and really hard for enemy to dodge it
  5. GoD_Tyr

    GoD_Tyr Well-Known Member

    Jakiro is strange for a INT hero, but pretty useful I think. He probably have biggest starting HP and STR growth from all INT heroes, which makes him endurable (his mana pool is also relatively high). His armor is pretty low, thus requiring Basilus for start game. My common item build would spin around Ring of Basilus, Meka, Arcane boots. Those 3 items greatly increases his team presence, makes you almost invincible to solo/2 man gangs. Later, just proceed for Guinsos, Shivas, Pipe etc etc or any sort of lategame item which fits your team. Yeah, he`s an awesome pusher, and team clash support, and he should be build that way.
  6. FruitLord

    FruitLord Well-Known Member

    Soul Ring works very well for him, I find. Lane with another aggressive hero and push.
  7. ulzimate

    ulzimate Well-Known Member

    Urn, Euls, Aghanims for ganking and teamfights.

    Euls -> ult -> Ice Path -> Double Breath -> urn

    Any type of boot will work for Jakiro, and late game just buy whatever you want.
  8. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    force, meka, basi are items i almost always buy on him.. he doesnt really NEED blink but has a hard time keeping up the chase for a follow-up slow/stun, force helps with that - and also with getting focused bc despite his high hp hes quite susceptible to focus (low armor, ms, unreliable disable, no esc). other than that just get whatever team needs, usually a hex.

    i wouldnt get agha unless you have sth to keep them in it, his stats are good enough already and his ult is just not very good.

    E: guide not not exactly up to date :/
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  9. deaded

    deaded Well-Known Member

    this is pretty much the best thing for jakiro.

    The only time ive found his ulti good was after a well placed void ulti, so agahims is worth getting with heroes like enigma, magnus, roof etc.
  10. watery

    watery Well-Known Member

    I thought int hero with most hp is ogre magi?
  11. ztrnxz

    ztrnxz Well-Known Member

    ^ he said PROBABLY...and hes definitely on the top of the list with high base str and str growth