Items on Tiny?

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  1. thepretty6432

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    I mostly play Garena pubs. I can do really well most games, but I feel I can't get the real potential out of Tiny.

    This is the build I have been doing lately for Tiny:

    [​IMG]3/4 Branches
    [​IMG]1 Salve
    [​IMG]2/3 Clarity
    [​IMG]Animal Courier/Courier Upgrade

    Why: 4 Branches lets you do Toss + Avalanche at level 2. 3 Clarities gives you an extra cast. Tiny has enough HP that in my experience, you won't die while waiting for Bottle. Then I ask for Courier Upgrade and occasionally somebody does.

    Early Items:
    [​IMG]Courier Upgrade
    [​IMG]Boots of Speed
    [​IMG]Magic Stick
    [​IMG]Magic Wand

    Why: Wand and Bottle give you the HP and Mana you need to start ganking, as well as the rune factor. I usually get Bottle, then Boots of Speed, then Magic Stick and Magic Wand at the same time. I would get Magic Stick first first if I was getting a lot of spells spammed on me.

    Mid Items:
    [​IMG]Energy Booster
    [​IMG]Kelen's Dagger of Escape

    Why: Arcane Boots to give yourself (and team) the mana you need. Dagger is a key item, since it lets you chase, gank, surprise, and even escape. Dagon increases Tiny's huge burst.

    Late Items:
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Dagon + Dagon + Dagon + Dagon
    [​IMG]Ethereal Blade

    Why: These items further increase burst. I have only got Ethereal Blade a once, when my team had Lina, but most often I just add to the Dagon since by the time I have it the game is over. I have tried for Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse a few times but I never got close to completed it so I just stopped trying to build it.

    So here is my trouble. I feel like I am not getting Dagger fast enough. Yet if I drop Bottle I feel like I can't gank enough early. Magic Wand saves me / gives that extra burst of mana often enough that I don't think I can lose it. As for Arcane Boots, the mana is a must-have from my point of view.

    The guides I read say 2-3 Nulls or Bracers and Power Treads (even the ones newer than Arcane Boots) are best, but IMO they cost too much, don't give enough mana, and Tiny doesn't need the HP.

    So can anybody help out? Does anybody have that magic formula for Tiny? Or do I just have to last-hit better, get more kills, bottle-crow better, etc? Maybe suggest better items after Dagger?

    What builds do you use for Tiny?

  2. SuperSheep

    SuperSheep Well-Known Member

    Aghanims is pretty under rated. If you want pushing power it's a good choice and it has a really easy build up. For focusing on ganking dagon is better and if you want more AoE damage go Shiva's or smthing.
  3. uchin4X

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    Mask of madness, assault cuirass, butterfly, power treads, buriza. Proceed to pew pew!

    For the standard build, I prefer buying Arcane Boots first, that way I will have enough mana to farm and kill always so dagger will come fast enough. Or if you are pr0, bottle crow may work for fast spellfarm. Try to stack medium creep camps so you can kill them all efficiently.
  4. kingtipop

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    Yeah arcane+Dagger+bottle is pretty much all he needs now.
    Arcane boots, bottle first and you can already do your combo easily.
    Dagger can come after, don't worry too much about how soon etc.
    I like to get a ton of mobility items, so Euls+Force staff. Makes tiny super ninja and hard to kill.
  5. Bullseye-_-

    Bullseye-_- Well-Known Member

    I usually go Phase, Buriza, BF, HoT, Linkens and agha, makes wonders.
  6. killergeist7

    killergeist7 Well-Known Member

    I was in joy.
    Till I saw Dagon. 5.
    If you get Stick/Arcane Boots, there is no need for Bottle imo.
    Either go agha for ending the game faster, because ur combo lose its effectiveness thorughout game or go dps stuff.