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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by physics223, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. physics223

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    I've been playing Eredar for three times already, and while I think he's not as powerful as Thrall or Gyrocopter, I think he is a fun hero to play. I don't really use the second skill as much, and while I do see the power of the first skill, it looks better on paper than in action. I was actually thinking 6.5 seconds was amazing in a team battle, but in reality it's just too short a time to really have any major effect in a team battle.

    I tried Blink Dagger on him and tested whether it will work after Disruption, but it doesn't. If you were damaged by an enemy hero, even with the 2.5 seconds of Disruption, you wouldn't be able to blink. I tested that against a real opponent.

    The second skill is also situational at best, although it will also aid in team clashes. The only skills I really respect and use a lot are his third skill and his ultimate, which really helps during ganks. I think Eredar should be played as a ganker, but since it's not really that easy to farm with him (he's a very potent lane hero, but after the early game I think he has to roam rather than farm to maximize his effectiveness) with his role, I think relatively cheap items should be attempted. Guinsoo is pretty difficult to attain, in my experience.

    Dagon is one of the items I would get on him. It's very effective with the poison stacking and the Purge, and Dagon's a great way to reduce the enemy hero's life so that Purge and Poison can do their damage most effectively.

    What items have you gotten on him?
  2. Njaard

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    I'd say dagger is a must. It worked after disruption for me when I tried it, and dagger really does solve his main problem: mobility. After that it's all pretty open, you could go for DPS through armor reduction. Deso and AC would obviously be the logical choice for this route. You could also go for a more support-ish route with the previously mentioned guinsoo. Euls also fits nicely into this role. Orchid is a very nice choice for both routes, since it synergizes well with your ulti, gives you a semi-disable, and also improves your dps by a lot. I usually find myself going for the DPS route. The ideal final itembuild would be: BoT, AC, deso, Orchid, Manta, and depending on your enemies Shivas (armor reduction guys), Guinsoos (nasty dps carry owning you in spite of disruption), or a final dps item for the squishy guys.
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  3. LoKi_

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    i like sheepstick along with PT and stick. dagger sounds good.
  4. paranoia718

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    mostly survival items at first, very squishy. his 2nd skill is in my opinion his most powerful spell. and his 1st skill is a placing spell at early game, and anti-carry at late game. 3rd skill is a unique dot with exponential damage growth more powerful than bb's if properly casted. and of course a better version of purge.

    he is a very broken hero, and most his spells have very low mana cost. all he needs is proper survival gear. vanguard, meka and arcane boots is my usual item build, with magic wand and some tp's
  5. darxide

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    -i would orchid if ever using disruption on yourself is used to push, using the silence and extra damage to amplify your skills further, and extra aspd.
    -sheepstick for obvious reasons
    -dagon maybe? for the extra kick into the nukes
    -shivas(?) armor and nuke
    -skad maybe? for more slow and easier to land spells [especially shadow poison]
    -treads for boots. stats help him better than the replenish from arcane. you could sell treads for BoT later.

    many other items would be great but these were the first to come to mind. they ARE expensive but im guessing your question implies the 'dream build'

    e: how is he broken?
  6. physics223

    physics223 Well-Known Member

    Dagger aids in the placement of his ultimate. I think he's better off not close to the clashes, since his poison has great range. He could spam his poison during clashes away from danger after he Purges the carry or an important enemy hero. What I meant was doing Disruption on yourself during enemy ganks. It doesn't work, although I really don't know why. When you come out from the Disruption, the dagger is still disabled (even though it shouldn't).
  7. darxide

    darxide Well-Known Member

    dagger has a 3 sec cd after being attacked by heroes. its not a matter of leaving the map. Puck's phase shift lasts 3 seconds which is why you can use dagger immediately. OD's banish lasts 1/2/3/4 seconds so it can also be used by level 3 to dagger out.
  8. physics223

    physics223 Well-Known Member

    I'm going to try it again tomorrow and see if that works. It should, but it didn't work for me today.

    Maybe it was just the lag. Can someone try it with friends and verify whether this is true? I was actually thinking of Blink as a first item of mine because of its mobility and aggressive ability, but it didn't work then.

  9. Njaard

    Njaard Well-Known Member

    It works, I've allready done it several times. the only time it failed was when I faced off against viper, and that was because of his ulti.
  10. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    how bout euls
  11. sndwch

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    Why do people want to get Dagger? Disruption is incomparable to Phase Shift. Phase Shift has 6 second cooldown, Disruption has 16 second cooldown. It's not meant to be used on yourself to escape, it's meant to be used on enemies for extra DPS with the strongest illusions in the game. All his skills have ridiculous range, so there's not reason you should be in the middle of a battle.

    For me, I just rush a Guinsoo, but I always get it on casters that I'm not really sure what to get. The void stone helps with his mana problems early-mid game a lot.
  12. bountyface

    bountyface Well-Known Member

    i fucking hate playing against this motherfucker
  13. Sinisterz

    Sinisterz Well-Known Member

    Just make sure U disrupt yourself after being attacked like 0.3-4 sec

    to ensure an escape
  14. Repeats

    Repeats Well-Known Member

    Imo eredar is the fairly underpowered in comparison to the other 3 heros introduced. His skill set for the most part seems randomly put together without any sort of "synergy" besides being able to use to spam them. This hero looks tough on paper, but he lacks a "disable" and has problems staying alive. i dont see him joining any kind of line up soon.
  15. Taranus

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  16. Bltz.Akiza

    Bltz.Akiza Active Member

    i would go for:
    guinsoo- self explanatory
    Linken - to solve his survival ability problems
    Dagon - for some skill-combos
    Orchid - for some Amplified-Skill-combo
  17. Force Staff is an absolutely good item on him. Purge + Force Staff bam.
  18. physics223

    physics223 Well-Known Member

    I tried Blink Dagger once more. Coupled with Dagon, my run with Eredar was amazing. I could chase enemies with Purge, and I could escape with Disruption. I finally broke my string of mediocre games with a 20-2 K/D ratio.

    I do agree he has the weakest synergy among the four heroes, however. I realized Io was a damn powerful hero when I played with a capable user of him. He's balanced, but by God he's one of the best support heroes I've seen. Eredar is somewhat the questionable hero in this release (Gyrocopter scales decently, and Thrall is just a great hero), but he's fun to play with. He won't be used in competitive gaming since his two skills are very situational, but he's a fun hero.
  19. Aca29

    Aca29 Well-Known Member

    You guys are obviously playing it wrong because from the new 4 heroes only wisp is more powerful then him.Srsly how can anyone say that he doesn't fit in any lineup when he can fit in ANY lineup.Disruption as his main spell which makes him so enjoyable to play can be used in so many situations that i cant even begin to recount them.Thrall, while may seem good on paper is actually complete garbage(kinetic field actually have a 1.2 sec time until it activates and its so easy to run out of it).About Gyrocopter, the fail wannabe carry, he is a mediocore ganker but not even near a carry(in a real game)

    My build is Dagger,Guinsoo,Manta and with this i can pretty much support and carry (even initiate if needed!)
  20. Niaz

    Niaz Well-Known Member

    In pubs I normally go AB->(bracer)->Dagon->dagger/Hex/Deso/Skadi depending on how well it goes.