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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by mattimias, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. mattimias

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    Usually whenever I pick or get randomed Zeus, I get tangoes,clarities,2 nulls and boots if I can. Then I get dagon, soulbooster. Usually around this point it's mid-game and I get aghanim,and finish my bloodstone. I don't level my dagon and I don't upgrade boots.

    Could someone please criticize (Constructively) this item build and offer some suggestions on how I should modify it? One of the questions I have is that should boots be upgraded? Or should they just stay as boots?

    Should I level my dagon? And what items should I get if I already have all the above and have spare money in the late-game? Thanks for comments.
  2. badmafa

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    You shouldn't be getting Dagon at all. You should be addressing Zeus's survivability. Force Staff would be a much better purchase. You should definitely be upgrading Zeus's boots, if only for the extra movespeed. Arcane can usually be justified, but if you're doing well, Travels are also an option.

    I wouldn't recommend Aghanim's.

    If you're going the Soul Booster road, don't finish Bloodstone. Get that Void Stone and instead work towards Guinsoo's. If you only invest in magic damage (like buying Dagon/Aghanim's), your enemies will all buy Hoods/Pipe and your usefulness plummets. Guinsoo's ensures that you have a real disable that doesn't care about magic resistance.
  3. Thephoniex

    Thephoniex Well-Known Member

    how can you live as zues with your only survivability comming from base move speed? anyone with a slow kills you.. and that includes OOV... what do you do against someone who gets a hood? not leave the fountain?

    zues items
    -urn- you need some hps
    -bracer-> janggo- hps and speed
    AB- you need mana to spam
    force staff/euls- both are good, i perfer euls because you can remove debuffs on yourself with it. Euls also combos well with lighing/chain.. hit um twice then euls them.. then hit um twice again and ult.. can be deadly.

    dagon should never be gotten.. if you really want to get a high end item, get refresher.. for 1k more gold you get double damage from your ult, which is more than what your ultstick gives.

    Sheep is great and so are bot's.. midgame upgrading AB to bot is good if you have the gold. getting sheep is also great if you have the gold. I personally would perfer linkins for suriviability over soulbooster/bloodstone.

    dagger for positioning is also super useful.
  4. woozie how

    woozie how Well-Known Member

    1)Arcane OR Phase boots
    2)Urn+basilius OR Soul Ring
    3)Force Staff

    And that is all you need to be awesome.
  5. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    start - magic stick, 3 branch, tango, potion

    core - wand, arcane boots (str treads if you are getting most runes), cloak/hood/vanguard, blink, bottle

    luxury - hex, scepter
  6. HonorGuard

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    Zeus is one of those early-mid game nukers, and late game disablers, except unlike heroes like rhasta or puck, he doesn't have any disabling skills. The only thing going for him late game is the hp loss from static field, and thats about it.

    What you need in your build is survivability, as many above have said. However, you also need to work towards farming up that guinsoo for the disable, as well as for the spamming of your spells, to the static field effect.

    Normally, late game i don't even bother using the Bolt, because they just get the hood. Start bolting creeps for the money, and static field and arc lightning will handle the rest. Late game, you need a blink or some kind of re-positioning tool. You also need the disables.

    There are very few ways to play zeus, so I believe that only slight deviations may be made to the item and skill build.
  7. mattimias

    mattimias Well-Known Member

    After comparing lvl 1 dagon and force staff, I find force staff to be slightly better. However, I can't seem to find any use for the ability of force staff, other than providing a boost.

    So your saying that i should replace one of my nulls with the items needed for arcane boots eventually? Or something like that? The mana boost is helpful. Hmm...

    No Aghanim? That's odd. Wrath causes 570 dmg. with scepter. It's useful for Zeus. Why not?

    It sounds reasonable, and I think I can do without perseverance. Guinsoo is expensive though, I don't know if i can even complete it in most games. If I don't forgo Aghanim, that is.
  8. cro.pwr

    cro.pwr Well-Known Member

    guinso/euls/blink/survivability items

    basicly, you want him to have disable for late game, and he needs survivability since hes paper nuker (linkens, bloodstone, bla bla bla)

    e: ninjad 5 times xD
  9. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    get a stick and upgrade it quickly for merlini action. they'll be wanting to kill you once you hit 5. after that i find pretty much any of the usual stuff works.

    dagon is a very bad idea. if you really need damage you can go for EB.
  10. mattimias

    mattimias Well-Known Member

    And please don't provide an entirely new item build, I just want to modify my current build.
  11. HonorGuard

    HonorGuard Well-Known Member

    Why don't you like your build? Why is it weak to you?

    If your playstyle suits your build, then why not continue with it? Sure there might be more effective ones, but if you're not compatible with them, how are you going to pull them off?
  12. Chefsache

    Chefsache Well-Known Member

    Get just Wand/Boots instead of Nulls/Boots, then go for a quick Pointbooster and Agha, one of the escape-items before finishing Agha if they really want to hold you down.

    BoT after.

    Get rid of Dagon and Bloodstone.
  13. start: ring of protection + 6 clarity + 1 tango
    ```hope for a chicken```
    nuke creeps with chain and use clarity until you get 600 g > bottle
    blade of atk x2
    if you happen to have a lot of gold from spam/gank/tower > blink dagger > euls
    else > euls parts > euls > blink
    situational: ghost scepter / guinsoo parts
    eth blade
    sell phase > bots
    buyback gold
    chain > static > bolt > bolt > bolt > ult > bolt > static all the way > chain all the way> stats all the way
    Brain: use it to the max
    fingers: click very fast but don't break your mouse
  14. Chefsache

    Chefsache Well-Known Member

    Why buy a RoP if you don't plan on getting the Sobi for RoB after?
  15. Heroico

    Heroico Well-Known Member

    Simple, he forgot. Finish the RoB. Anyway I don't like that build.

    Some build:

    Sobi or RoR, tangos, claritys, branches, etc.
    Finish Soul Ring.
    Another Sobi.
    Void Stone.
    Finish Eul's.

    Throw in a Point Booster or an Ultimate Orb (depending on your money) in between, before or after the Eul's.

    Finish Guinsoo or Aghanim (depending on what you bought).

    You can make Arcane Boots, but you won't need that much mana (Eul's+Soul Ring is more than enough). Make Travelling boots if you want, or better yet, finish the major item you didn't finished before (Aghanim or Guinsoo)

    Throw in some Bracers if you feel you don't have enough HP. Or just place some stats points instead of leveling up Arc Lighting.

    Possible late game items:
    Soul Ring
    Point Booster
    Scroll of Town Portal

    Skill build:
    1. Arc Lighting
    2. Static Field
    3. Lighting Bolt
    4. Lighting Bolt
    5. Lighting Bolt
    6. Thundergod's Wrath
    7. Lighting Bolt
    8. Static Field or Stats
    9. Static Field or Stats
    10. Static Field or Stats
    11. Thundergod's Wrath
    12. Static Field or Arc or Stats
    13. Static Field or Arc or Stats
    14. Static Field or Arc or Stats
    15. Arc or Stats
    16. Thundergod's Wrath
    17. Arc or Stats
    18. Arc or Stats
    19+. Stats

    Explanation: 1 level of Arc early for last-hits and Static abuse. Bolt is maxed first of course. Take Wrath whenever you can.
    After that, you can max Static if you're doing well, or 3 levels of Stats if you're doing poorly.
    If you opted for maxing Static Field, then you can take 3 levels of Stats or max Arc Lighting. If you opted for 3 levels of Stats (8-9-10), then max Static now.
    Max Arc if you haven't done it yet. Maybe you will want to not level it to 4 and leave it at 3. Why? because it has A LOT of jumps at level 4 (9 at 3, 15 at 4), and it will cooldown before it actually finishes (you can't use it while it's still jumping), so you're wasting the great late game potential of Static Field.
  16. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    pretty much this. urn/basi/bottle are also pretty nice on zues, dagger too (although force-staff is arguably more versatile on zeus, he doesnt really need precise positioning, benefits from the int and the fact that he can use force after getting dmged). euls is also ok but i kinda hate its build-up.
  17. midgtwitafidgt

    midgtwitafidgt Well-Known Member

    Many teams have been playing him as more pure AoE damage nuker, putting him in a tri-lane with Bracers. All he has to do is survive and dish out nukes. Even with tanking items, he does ridiculous AoE damage. Lesson being: SURVIVE. That's pretty much all you need, and a little boost for your mana pool. Agha is not a bad item, because it gives you Stats, but in many cases there are more pressing needs that your team needs and you can fill (Force Staff, Eul's, etc.).
  18. MikeTAR

    MikeTAR Well-Known Member

    You should really read Merlini's guide to Zues. (notice in dota when you pick/random zues his name sometimes switches to Merlini) nuff said
  19. sd19

    sd19 Well-Known Member

    As for me my core items for Zeus are:

    Boots/Arcane Boots - IMS is always good and the mana recovery is a plus.
    Soul Ring - More Mana.
    Force Staff/Euls - Utility items are always welcome.
    TP - No need for explanation.

    Other items to consider:

    Guinsoo - Well, since Zeus will not be farming the whole time, you cannot get this item every game.

    Boots of Travel - Frees up a space in your inventory and the almost global teleport is always good.

    Shiva's Guard - Gives a little survivability against physical attacks and the additional damage and slow always come in handy.

    A.Scepter - If you're gold doesn't reach 1.5k consider this than forcing yourself for a Guinsoo.

    That's it. For me positioning and timing is the key whenever you play Zeus. You stay behind casting spells non-stop. Then Ulti-ing before team fight for anti-dagger/map awareness/roshan fights.
  20. jijer0711

    jijer0711 Well-Known Member

    well....dagon isnt a gud item on zues..
    i usually get arcane boots,bottle,2x bracer, scepter and guinsoo...
    Replace arcane boots with BoT if the game lasts long...