Items for Thrall

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Xlng, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Xlng

    Xlng Member

    Hiho everyone

    Have a question: Wich item would you buy for Thrall?

    I´m going to buy these items:
    Null Talisman, Bracer, Arcane Boots, Dagger, Force Staff, Bloodstone OR Linken´s Sphere and Daggon OR Orchid Malevolence.
    What you think?

    Greetz Xlng
  2. zscrotum

    zscrotum Well-Known Member

    euls is freaking great on him
  3. xExtravagante

    xExtravagante Member

    I use Soul Ring -> Boots -> Dagon 2 -> BoT -> Hex -> Situational stuff

    Seems to work well for me.
  4. Morlic

    Morlic Well-Known Member

    he has decent int and low mana cost on spells. An Urn early on should be enough for him to spam spells/gank. Maybe add a bottle.

    I would not go for either SR nor AB.
  5. Bender

    Bender Active Member

    Urn, Bottle, Dagon, Guinsoo. Treads or BoT. Tested and worked (14-0).
  6. Xlng

    Xlng Member

    OK thx to all
  7. Agalloch

    Agalloch Active Member

    Good call.
  8. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    not exactly itemdependant, euls, HP and other utility stuff seems like a good idea
  9. Zephirdd

    Zephirdd Well-Known Member

    nobody talks about necro3?

    I'm amused.
  10. Redleader134

    Redleader134 Well-Known Member

    Necro is mainly for people with auras to boost the necro dudes. Its a waste to buy it on Thrall, since the best he can do to help them is trap the enemy in a small area.

    Lycan and Rexxar are suited for Necro a lot more.
  11. OrNy

    OrNy Well-Known Member

    I think Mekasm works well on him . Since he can be a really good support hero .
  12. galuf

    galuf Well-Known Member

    and lion/rhasta/enigma/atropos...

    all disablers are fine with necro and basicaly every hero except blinkers can have nasty use of it...

    With kinetic field, the necro book is a good choice, and it give movement, truesight, good for a supporter/ganker like him... Except for nuke necro>dagon in everything, for this hero it's better than dagon because he is not an instakiller...
  13. Zephirdd

    Zephirdd Well-Known Member

    Qop is awesome with necro actually.
  14. galuf

    galuf Well-Known Member

    Why making necro with QoP when you rely on mobily and nukes to kill...
  15. GoD_Tyr

    GoD_Tyr Well-Known Member

    I`d suggest building him support in game. He already dishes alot of damage with his spells, Meka + Euls and later whatever you want to fill up the gaps.
  16. JLa15

    JLa15 Well-Known Member

    Thrall is a Gladiator. He is supposed to kick the other guy's ass in the arena (Kinetic Field) and they are supposed to cry for mercy!
    Some Bracers/Nulls -> Wand -> Treads -> Mjollnir/Desolater/Orchid/HotD

    Ok, seeing as that probably won't get anywhere outside of pub stomping...

    Euls seems to be a great item on him. Some mana, mana regen, ms, and a guaranteed KF on an enemy. Guinsoos is always good. Shivas could be a nice choice. Fairly item-independent, so just grab some HP and mana.
  17. winddragon

    winddragon Well-Known Member

    Imo dagger is core and necro is pretty good. He needs some survivability too tho, which can come with a mekansm. Bah, so much farm you'd need.
  18. sd19

    sd19 Well-Known Member

    I rush Necro on him. ;)
  19. chuavechito

    chuavechito Well-Known Member

    I have played him arround 10 times. Atm my build is:

    0/1/2 Bracer


  20. ololo1

    ololo1 Well-Known Member

    imo dagger works well on him...