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  1. melody10511

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    Feb. 24
    -Lowered the percentage of Thunder Strike for ranged heroes.
    -Changed cooldown from 15 to 20.


    Bought From:
    Enchanted Artifacts

    Sword that possesses the power of thunder. Gives the user the ability to instantly move near the enemy, shocking it with thunder. Also gives the ability to slow the enemy and reduce the armor of the enemy by chance.

    +26 Strength
    +10 Agility
    +10 Intelligence
    +10 Damage
    Thunder Dash(Active)
    Thunder Strike(Passive)

    Thunder Dash
    -Instantly moves the user to the target hero, slowing its movement and gives the user a damage boost by 50 for the first strike.
    -Slows by 20%.
    -In-game, when the spell is casted, the user will be move to the target hero, with the effect similar to Time Walk. Then a lightning will strike the target hero, and purge effect will appear on the target hero.
    -600 range.
    -Lasts 3 seconds.
    -80 Manacost and 20 seconds cooldown.
    -Can only target enemy heroes.

    Thunder Strike
    -Has 30% chance to happen for melee heroes, 15% for ranged.
    -Initially slows the target by 10%, and reduces its armor by 2. When the skill happens again, the target will be additionally slowed by 5%, and have the armor reduced by 1.
    -The cap is 30% slow and -6 armor.
    -Lasts 4 seconds.
    -Orb Effect and Buff Placer.

    [​IMG] 2250 Gold
    [​IMG] 2100 Gold
    [​IMG] 500 Gold

    +Another recipe for Sange.
    +Great upgrade from Lesser Maim.
    +Exact same recipe style of Manta Style.
    +Gives strength heroes more mobility.

    -Orb Effect and Buff Placer.
    -I don't see anything else.
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  2. xbox619

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    Cool item,but too imba.Should make it for melee heros.gives them the advantage.=)
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  3. melody10511

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  4. davicim0

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    It's kind of a cool alternative to a blink dagger/force staff for melee initiation and chasing. I like it, but I don't really like the fact that the recipe is so similar to manta.
  5. Audacious

    Audacious Well-Known Member

    Does way to much. The item is way to good.
  6. melody10511

    melody10511 Well-Known Member

    Your comments are appreciated but I would want more comments with suggestions. Please elaborate specifically things that should be changed.
  7. davicim0

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    I don't know how much more specific I can be besides saying "change the recipe." My reason for not really liking it is that the recipe is too similar to the manta style, not because of any stats it gives. Off the top of my head, I can't think of two recipes that have almost exactly the same components. If you are wondering what kind of items might better be suited for your recipe, think about what kind of heroes would use this, and then what kind of items would supplement those heroes.

    EDIT: On a side note, some people might like the fact that this recipe is sort of a twin brother of the manta. My comment wasn't really as much of a suggestion as it was an opinion.
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  8. melody10511

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    Sorry if you thought I ignored your post.

    Well my point of making the recipe very similar to Manta Style was because Yasha and Sange are like brothers. Yasha was used in a recipe other than S&Y, so I thought making a recipe same as Manta Style, but instead using Sange, just to make the concept clearer.
  9. Audacious

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    It is an overall way to good item because:

    Stats are just overall perfect which is fair.

    But the passive and active are way to good. Cooldown is really low and I like that but for a short cooldown it does way to much.

    You slow so much that it seems almost unfair.

    It is a blinkstrike with slow. Unlimit purge?

    Imagine that you have this item and any speed item. Such as manta? There is no stopping you.

    One thing is being a little faster with manta and having illusions but slowing people is a totally different story. It is way better.
  10. talkingmuffin

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    Blink Strike item with a slow attached. Obviously overpowered... imagine heroes like VS, Pudge, Mirana, etc. with this...
  11. コクーン

    コクーン Banned

    Too imba.
  12. Thunderstyle

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    the blink has low range but manacost and cd should still be put a little higher imo.
    T-UP on concept! and name, lol!
    Also make it unusable on heroes like VS and PUDGE, just like dagger.

    Alsooo I have a recipe change in mind: make it sange+dagger+staff of intelligence+blade of alacrity.
    That would make it cost a shitload but it would justify the imba bonuses aswell :D
  13. melody10511

    melody10511 Well-Known Member

    I was trying to avoid using dagger in the recipe cause, you see, I think it would be over-priced, and it's not worth it. The original blink from dagger has higher range, shorter cooldown, and more over, can target anywhere unlike this blink, where it has short range, and can only target ENEMY HEROES.
  14. archeus

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    but manta isnt too imba
    make the recipe price higher
    and the blink range lower
    and yeah ban some heroes from using it
    but fucken awesome idea lol
    might wanna change the name, wow might get pissed at you for copyright :L

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    wait forget what i said about the copyright
    i just made the stupidest comment ever
  15. Thunderstyle

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    If the range is less than 600, whats the point of getting it at all?
  16. trouador

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    OK! Overall I enjoy the concept, so T-up. However, balancing wise I feel some change is needed.

    Suggestions for Thunder Dash:

    So it's pretty much blink strike. OK, cool. I'm not sure if that's the way to go though.

    -Remove the damage boost effect.
    -Make it damage every hero and creep that he comes within an AOE of 200 during the Blink effect for (50?).

    This keeps Blink Strike more 'unique' to heroes but also making the item fit the theme better (in my opinion).

    My next thought is Thunder Strike:

    This one is hard to think about balance wise, since it is a random, stacking effect. Overall, I wouldn't suggest any changes to it yet.

    It really balances itself by using both Buff Placer and Orb and also by being random (you can't guarantee this going to be at full power before the target runs away, dies, etc...)

    Another thing is the name/icon:

    Sange & Yasha (as you said earlier) are brothers. If you are trying to continue that theme, how do Thunderfury and Manta Style relate? This isn't a huge deal breaker for me, but still. Something to think about.

    Overall, a very nice concept and it would make the duo feel more complete. Again, t-up.
  17. liamblade

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    Lol, you could make thunderfury&manta, like S&Y. Blink to opponent & create one/two illusion(s) of you/them, and slow.

    Seriously, cool item. good we've established that it is not blink. I really like it, T-up

    Wait up, you could get both these items in a different inventory slot, then you'd have S&Y, but with + 60 stats and real good effects. Bloodseka for example could blink and slow other people, and illusion, but still have his favourite orb item(s)(ish). Is this quite imba, or is the additional 5200 gold too much?

    Oh well, if you did combine them, it would be imba.

    And if you're going to make it a twin brother of manta, why not make the icon an axe? Or better yet, make manta a sword icon. That would seem like super S&Y.
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