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    Please give comments and suggestions :

    The Rho Aias is a legendary shield used by a mythological Greek hero Aias. It is a large bronze shield coated with 7 layers of tanned ox hide that is said to block attacks especially from ranged weapons. This shield is known for having exceptional and unsurpassed resistance against all types of spears.

    Its about time we have an anti range item ^^​


    • Deflect: Rho Aias Deflect blocks the damage from piercing attacks but not from range or casted spells.
    • Deflect: means the hero will receive 0 damage from piercing attacks, no damage reflect will occur.
    • Deflect: will not apply to tower damage. Towers will still deal the same damage to the hero while the skill is on.
    • Deflect: Any toggle range skills that belongs to "piercing attacks" are blocked.
    • Deflect: Cost 50 mana and have 30 seconds cooldown.
    • Damage Block : Passive that Gives a 80% chance to block 30 hero damage if wielder is melee, or 80% chance to block 20 hero damage if wielder is ranged. Gives a 60% chance to block 20 non-hero damage if wielder is melee, or 60% chance to block 10 non-hero damage if wielder is ranged.

    • Changed Sobi Mask to Helm of Iron Will added stats +5 armor and +4 HP regen. Increased cost to 3550
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  2. cp14

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    i am the bone of my sword, LOLS

    anyway why include an uber sobi mask?
  3. xbluejob

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    Steel flows through my body, and fire is what courses through my blood.

    for mana regen hehehe .. change sobi to helm of iron will
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  4. Padsoldier

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    I'm afraid its not codeable, and it would be quite OP, imagine what OD could do when you block his orb :)
    But useful for countering ranged heroes.
  5. xbluejob

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    • Changed the active skill description. It will only affect piercing damage type range attacks (same as Ladder footman's defend skill).
    • Included effect on towers.
  6. xbluejob

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    changed numbers on Damage Block
  7. justsightseeing

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    the only piercing dmg source in DOTA is necromacer/druid of talon, heroes, no matter how much range they have is having hero dmg type, which i consider make this item almost useless..
  8. baddyboy

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    Name : T-Up
    Recipe : T-Up
    Effect : T-Down
    Stats : T-Down

    Sorry but I'll have to say no to this one. Imagine Vanguard and this item together....a melee hero would be unstoppable.
  9. LEM0NS

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    Not really since there are only 4 or 5 units that are ranged and have the piercing attack type.